3 Areas Buyers Want Dealerships to Change, But Won’t

The most commonly known secret in America is not a secret at all – car shoppers are sick and tired of traditional dealerships. From the unavoidable pushy salesman who makes a living on the misery of others, to the time-suck whirlpool of price negotiations that leave even the most resilient person feeling defeated. No one enjoys spending their free Saturday at the mercy of a commission-driven salesperson with a defective moral compass, but year after year, buyers begrudgingly flock to dealerships across the United States in order to secure their new set of wheels. In a culture that seems to make less sense by the minute, the disgruntled car shopper finding her way to a dealership isn’t the most outrageous move seen this year – right, Hillary?

When it boils down to the moment of truth, car shoppers with seemingly no other choice swallow the uncomfortably large pill and head into their local dealership. The fact of the matter, however, is that car shoppers have options when it comes to how they locate and buy their new or used car. By making the right choice between Kings Kia vs online.cars, buyers can change the entire trajectory of an otherwise unsavory experience in the mere blink of an eye.


Top Grievances Car Buyers Have with Local Dealerships

Before we get into why outdated dealerships like Kings Kia are being overlooked for more tech-savvy options like online.cars, let’s examine a past study conducted by an industry authority, which details why consumers are vastly dissatisfied with local dealers.

In spring of 2015, Autotrader conducted a Car Buyer of the Future study, which surveyed more than 4,000 Americans in an attempt to find out why they are turning their backs on the traditional car dealership experience. Surprisingly (or in my opinion, not surprisingly), Autotrader’s study revealed that only seventeen of the 4,002 participants were content with the car buying process at dealerships. The overwhelming majority of Americans polled were fed up with in-person car dealers as a whole. The 3,985 disgruntled car shoppers who were surveyed by Autotrader, unveiled three key areas in which they were most hopeful for future change. Check out each one of these three categories below, and discover why a local dealership like Kings Kia will never be able to fully address the major concerns of car buyers.

  • Improved Test Drives: Let’s face it, buying a vehicle without first taking it out on the open road can prove to be an enormous mistake. Unhappy car shoppers named test drives as their number one complaint when it comes to the traditional dealership experience, and who can blame them? It can be difficult to get a good read on a new or used car with an over-eager sales associate sitting shotgun, or worse – back-seat driving. The Autotrader poll found that most buyers would prefer a more laid-back test drive experience, without the presence of a commission-hungry employee. Survey respondents further suggested that a “product specialist” accompany vehicle test drives, so that the focus would shift from making a sale to learning – actually learning! – about the vehicle itself. Not a bad suggestion, yet car dealers like Kings Kia seem keen on keeping things the way they are. online.cars, on the other hand, locates the vehicle you want online, and delivers it to Cincinnati for you to test drive, pressure-free. online.cars has conceived a solution for the number one dealership grievance, and local car shoppers are taking notice.
  • Negotiating Deals: Once you get that sales associate out of the car you want to buy and finally settle in for deal negotiations, the car buying process turns the corner away from excitement, and toward dread. No one wants to negotiate the price of a new or used car, but it seems that most dealerships aren’t ready to drop this outdated tradition. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of participants in the Autotrader study said that they would prefer to negotiate online, rather than in person. The actual study found that, “Consumers indicate that they would like to see a big change in the way they go about negotiating the deal structure. Of those who liked the idea of online deal building, over half, 56 percent, want the ability to start the negotiation on their own terms—preferably online—and 45 percent would like to remain anonymous until they lock in the deal structure.” Unfortunately, in-person dealerships thrive on this back-and-forth volley between customer and manager, and the only foreseeable solution is to head online and use online.cars for your next purchase. From locating your new or used car, to securing financing, to negotiating a price – online.cars provides a virtual alternative to fossilized dealerships. You can forget about the painfully uncomfortable negotiating process because online.cars already has.
  • Streamlined Financing Process: It seems that agreeing on a sales figure is only half of the exhausting long battle when it comes to buying a new car from a dealership. The same shoppers who are fed up with in-person negotiations and test drives are also speaking up, regarding how financial paperwork is handled. 72% of survey participants would prefer to complete the credit application process and financing online. Reasons for such a strong response include saving time and feeling decreased pressure from the sales and finance departments. online.cars realized this fact years ago, and didn’t need to conduct a study to come to the same conclusions. Car shoppers at in person dealerships like Kings Kia are spending upwards of six hours to buy a car, while the majority of the process can be completed entirely online. online.cars is the solution to this major complaint and is taking the car buying process online.

The vast majority of car shoppers are dissatisfied with the current buying process, but dealerships across the country seem steadfast in their resolve to stay the same, despite this growing problem. The bad news is that in-person dealer transactions are unlikely to change anytime soon, but the good news is that online.cars provides a real solution that addresses these most common car buying woes. 

Rather than give in to your stubborn local dealership, head online and discover how freeing car buying can be with online.cars.