What Are Some of the Best Used Ford Models?

A white Ford Flex parallel parking on a busy city street

If you’re currently shopping around for a used vehicle, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the various options that you have at your disposal. There are seemingly hundreds of options sitting on your local dealerships’ lots, and it can be tough sorting through all of the offerings and determining the ideal target.

Well, if you want to make your life a bit easier, you could decide to opt for any of Ford’s impressive used options. The brand’s pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs have all been commended for their reliability, making them perfect used options. Furthermore, these vehicles manage to provide their owners with a whole lot of features and optimal performance, only confirming why customers should be pursuing this brand.

Below, we’ve explored some of the most capable used Ford models. That way, you’ll already have a nameplate in mind when you start shopping for used Fords in Columbus


Ford Flex

This unique, boxy-looking SUV provides many of the attributes that customers are generally seeking as they’re shopping around for a used vehicle. While these prospective buyers may be enticed by all of the amenities that rival vehicles provide, the Ford Flex proves that it can easily keep up with the competition, even when its a couple years old.

Specifically, the 2010 through 2012 models make for perfect targets for customers seeking a used SUV. The nameplate is known for its reliability, and buyers shouldn’t expect too many trips to the mechanic when they opt for a used Ford Flex. The vehicle also manages to deliver some of the best cargo space specs in the entire class, and the comfortable, roomy interior leads to an enjoyable traveling experience. While the engines aren’t necessarily known for their mightiness, customers will also appreciate the excellent drivability of the SUV.

Perhaps best of all, 2010 through 2012 variations of the Ford Flex should be flooding used dealerships’ lots. While some rival models have proven to be more popular among consumers, you might even be able to secure a lower-mileage Flex. Furthermore, if you’re plenty savvy when it comes to car shopping, you might also be able to secure the best-possible deal among similar used SUVs.


Ford F-150

This beloved pickup truck has seemingly been on the market for years, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pursue a used version of the nameplate. While recent-year models have proven to be some of the most impressive offerings in the class, the 2006 through 2010 variations of the Ford F-150 are actually the ideal target for those seeking a used pickup.

During this five-year stretch, Ford managed to produce some of the most durable trucks on the road, leading to optimal dependability. Even if you pursue a used variation of the pickup that’s pushing ten years old, that doesn’t mean you should expect decreased power specs. While the engine’s capability will have certainly declined due to age, the unit should still be more than capable of cranking out a whole lot of horsepower and torque.


Ford Fusion

For those seeking a sedan, a used variation of the Ford Fusion is the perfect target. After all, during its prime years, the nameplate proved to be one of the most versatile offerings in the entire class. For starters, the exterior of the vehicle was plenty sleek, and although it wasn’t classified as a luxury vehicle, few consumers would be able to tell the difference. The attractive opulence also made its way to the interior, where the cabin was adorned with classy materials, comfortable upholsteries, and an array of technological features.

Perhaps most notably, the Ford Fusion was known for its surprisingly powerful driving experience. The four- and six-cylinder engine options managed to pump out a respectable amount of horsepower and torque, allowing drivers to keep up with their fellow drivers on the highway. Plus, despite all of this power, drivers can also anticipate superb fuel efficiency, especially if they come across a used variation of the hybrid model. This specific version of the Ford Fusion managed to deliver up to 39 miles per gallon when it was first released back in 2010.

If you’re looking to save a chunk of change, you could pursue any variation of the nameplate between 2007 and 2012. While these particular offerings may be getting a bit older, they also shouldn’t be hard to come across. Plus, it shouldn’t break the bank to purchase one of these models, allowing you to save some money (which we assume was your goal all along).


Ford Mustang

Finally, if you’ve been shopping around for a vehicle, you’ve probably realized that performance/sports cars are too far out of your price range. However, by pursuing a used version of one of these vehicles, you might actually be able to fit them into your budget. For instance, the 2007 through 2012 Ford Mustang GT is a perfectly logical target, as the vehicle delivers all of the amenities you’re seeking for a fraction of the price.

The Mustang GT still is one of the most impressive cars on the road. The accompanying V8 engine manages to deliver an incredible 300 horsepower, although this spec was later boosted to more than 400. With a long hood and sleek curves, the Mustang truly emphasize the sporty aspect of the car. Plus, the interior included a number of amenities that will help improve that entire driving experience. The cabin is surprisingly comfortable, especially for a sports car, while occupants will appreciate all of the random technological amenities that are included throughout.

Of course, best of all, customers will have the chance to save a whole lot of money on this particular sports car. While a new Mustang will tend to break the bank, a used variation of the nameplate should be more than affordable. Therefore, if you found that a new sports car may be slightly out of your budget, you can instead switch your focus to the perfectly adequate used Ford Mustang.