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It’s time to move on from traditional dealerships. Companies like are revolutionizing the entire industry by providing customers with a number of services that traditional car sellers simply can’t offer. For instance, when customers pursue a vehicle from, they can anticipate incredible convenience, surprising monetary benefits, and a number of protections. In other words, you’ll soon be wondering why you never considered this route in the first place.

Using a traditional dealership like Bachman Chevrolet vs (a traditional car seller), we’ve compared the two routes. In no time, you’ll be sending an inquiry to to initiate the buying process…




At the end of the day, when it comes to the car-buying experience, we’re all seeking the most convenient process possible. This isn’t possible when you pursue a vehicle from a traditional dealership like Bachman Chevrolet. However, thanks to their modern approach to the industry, customers can surely anticipate convenience when they shop for a vehicle from

One of the major benefits of pursuing a vehicle via revolves around their unmatched convenience. Ultimately, the company is looking to provide their customers with the best possible car buying experience, and that will be more than possible thanks to these various factors.
Specifically, customers can complete the majority of their purchase from the comfort of their own couch. All these individuals have to do is submit an inquiry to, requesting any specific attributes they’ve been seeking. Whether you’re looking for a specific model, year, color, or mileage, there’s a good chance that the company will find a proper match after digging into their vast nationwide database. Once the company has found a logical target, you’ll move on to the financial phase of the transaction.
This convenience doesn’t only apply to those who are hoping to buy a new car. Rather, also helps those who are looking to sell their current ride. Thanks to their ability to dive into that previously-mentioned nationwide database, can leverage these various dealerships and find you the optimal deal. In fact, the business will provide you with an instant quote, meaning there won’t be any meaningless waiting around. They even offer to pick up your vehicle directly from your house, thus maximizing convenience. Then, once you’ve found a deal that’s to your liking, you can accept a check or use the value towards another one of’ vehicles.

Bachman Chevrolet

Traditional dealerships can entice customers with free cookies and lemonade, but they still won’t match the conveniences that provides. This sentiment applies to Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville, Kentucky.
Ultimately, customers will have to expect the same time-consuming endeavor that accompanies any traditional dealership. They’ll be forced to search through the business’s inventory, and they’ll then have to commit time to negotiating with the sales team. This entire experience includes its fair share of inconveniences. The only thing that’s for sure is that customers will be stressed during the endeavor, emphasizing why is the superior choice.




Besides convenience, customers are generally looking to secure the best possible deal on their car. Surprisingly, provides everything they could want from a financial standpoint. The business guarantees the best possible prices for their rides, and they even offer to help those who are struggling with poor credit. These aren’t opportunities that Bachman Chevrolet provides to their customers.

Considering all of the conveniences that provides to their customers, you might not expect a whole lot of financial incentives. However, isn’t like your typical online car seller, as they also offer a number of monetary benefits, as well. For starters, the company has a $500 lower price guarantee, essentially assuring that you won’t be able to find a better deal elsewhere. They also offer to deliver your recently-purchased vehicle directly to your house free of charge. Normally, you’d have to pay an arm and a leg for this specific service.
The monetary benefits don’t end there. Rather, also provides a unique opportunity to those who are struggling with a poor credit score. Normally, these individuals would find that it’s particularly hard to secure the necessary financing through a traditional lender. Well, thanks to’ ability to utilize that nationwide database, they’ll be able to leverage these dealerships and find you the best possible deal. In fact, is so confident in their ability that they promise to pre-approve you, regardless of your current financial situation. This isn’t an opportunity that you’ll find elsewhere.

Bachman Chevrolet

Traditional dealerships tend to entice customers with gimmick sales and discounts. However, these offerings aren’t all that exclusive. At the end of the day, these businesses are still looking to secure a specific value for their rides. While promises a price that’s $500 better than the competition, that ultimately won’t be the case when you visit Bachman Chevrolet.
Of course, it’s worth noting that the dealership does having a financing department, providing an opportunity to those who are struggling with bad credit. However, since you’ll solely be negotiating with the single dealership, you can’t guarantee that you’re opting for the best deal. On the flip side, thanks to’ ability to pull from a nationwide database, you’ll be assuring that you are in fact securing the best financial deal.




You’re surely worried about all of the risks that accompany purchasing a vehicle online. However, accounted for these issues, and that’s why they’ve provided their customers with a host of protections. On the flip side, Bachman Chevrolet presumably won’t help their customers due to buyer’s regret, only emphasizing why you should be turning to

There’s a considerable risk when purchasing a vehicle online. Particularly, customers don’t have the chance to actually view the vehicle before committing to a purchase. This means the buyer may come across any worrisome mechanical problems (or any specific attributes that they’re not a fan of) after they’ve made their purchase. Normally, customers would be stuck with their ride, and they couldn’t pursue a replacement under they have the financial wherewithal.
Fortunately, accounted for these risks, and that’s why they’ve provided their customers with an assortment of protections. Specifically, customers won’t face any negative repercussions if they wish to return their vehicle, as long as it falls within their three-day, 150-mile window. Of course, it’s unlikely that you come across any issues in the first place. After all, the business provides their customers with a clean CARFAX vehicle history report, allowing them to anticipate any issues ahead of time. In the event that you do come across any issues, you can depend on the free lifetime mechanical warranty to handle any maintenance or repairs.

Bachman Chevrolet

Yes, this traditional dealership does have a service department, meaning you can turn to them when you come across any problems with your ride. And yes, the dealership is required to inform their customers if there are any problems with their targeted ride, thus allowing these buyers to avoid a lemon.
However, the dealership doesn’t provide their customers with any protections after they’ve made a purchase. If you complete the transaction and find that the ride isn’t what you expected, there’s little chance Bachman Chevrolet will accept a return. Rather, you’ll have to tolerate the ride until you can finally afford a replacement.

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