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We understand if you’re comfortable with the traditional way of doing things, including buying a car. However, when it gets down to it, traditional dealerships like Borcherding Buick GMC don’t provide you with that many advantages. Meanwhile, modern car sellers like are looking to revolutionize the entire industry, and a big reason for this sentiment can be attributed to their incredible convenience, monetary, and protective incentives.

Below, we’ve compared Borcherding Buick GMC vs to provide some clarity on the two options. Before long, you’ll understand that you should be siding with the traditional route…




When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, we’re all pursuing the easiest possible car-buying experience. Well, that’s not possible when you’re shopping at a traditional dealership, as the standard procedure requires customers to dedicate hours to the endeavor. However, by opting for a business like, customers can capitalize on a stress-free buying experience!

Predictably, buying online leads to one of the most convenient car-buying experiences possible. is focused on optimizing the entire ordeal, allowing customers to actually enjoy the process (instead of stressing out and fearing it).
It starts with their array of convenience factors, which customers will recognize right off the bat. All these individuals have to do is send an inquiry to, specifying any specific attribute they may be after (including make, model, year, mileage, price, and any other specific characteristic). The business will then dive into their vast nationwide database to find an applicable hit. Once they’ve landed on your picture-perfect vehicle, you’ll move on to the monetary aspect of the transaction. In other words, you can complete the majority of the experience without even having to leave your house!
This convenience even applies to those who may be looking to sell their vehicle. Thanks to their ability to dive into that previously-mentioned database, has the ability to provide their customers with an instant quote. As a result, prospective sellers won’t have to wait around aimlessly waiting for an offer. The company even promises to pick up the vehicle directly from your house, thus maximizing convenience.

Borcherding Buick GMC

When you purchase a vehicle from a traditional dealership like Borcherding Buick GMC, you’ll capitalize on few conveniences (if any). Ultimately, this business provides a similar process to any other similar dealership. They’ll require you to spend hours searching through their inventory, and they’ll then require even more time as you negotiate the financial aspects of the transaction. In this case, you’ll surely be unamused by all of the time you’re wasting.
Furthermore, you’re forced to revolve your schedule around the dealership’s inflexible hours. With, you can send in an inquiry at any time of day. However, with Borcherding Buick GMC, you’ll surely have to miss some work time in order to visit the premises.




Besides conveniences, customers are usually seeking some type of savings during their pursuit of a new car. While traditional dealerships like Borcherding Buick GMC may offer “exclusive” sales, the savings aren’t all that unique. However, when you consider’ $500 better price guarantee, you’re assuring that you’ve opted for the best possible deal.

Surprisingly, despite the incredible convenience factors that the business provides, customers can also anticipate some monetary incentives, as well! For starters, offers their customers a $500 lower price guarantee, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal elsewhere. They also offer to deliver your recently-purchased vehicle directly to your house, free of charge, regardless of where the vehicle is coming from. Normally, if you were purchasing a vehicle from halfway across the country, you’d have to pay an arm and a leg to have it delivered directly to your house. even provides an opportunity to those customers who may be struggling with poor credit. If you’ve found that it’s difficult to secure financing through a traditional lender or a dealership, you won’t have to look any further than this innovative business. In fact, thanks to the company’s ability to pull from the nationwide database, they promise to pre-approve their customers, regardless of their financial situation. They’ll also be able to find you the best possible rates, meaning you won’t have any apprehensions about whether you’re actually securing the best possible deal.

Borcherding Buick GMC

Sure, a dealership like Borcherding Buick GMC may try to get customers into their business with phony sales or gimmick discounts. However, at the end of the day, these savings don’t knock a whole lot of money off the dealership’s targeted value for a specific car. In other words, even if there is some exclusive “sale,” it’s unlikely that you’re saving a whole lot of money by purchasing a car from that specific dealership.
However, it is notable that dealerships like Borcherding Buick GMC have a finance department, which then provides an opportunity to those who may be struggling with their credit. However, this benefit isn’t all that unique, and you’ll surely be able to find a fair share of traditional dealerships (or modern sellers like that offer a similar service.




Now, it’s important to remember that most car sellers are reputable, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find that you’ve purchased a lemon after the fact. Furthermore, considering all of the online resources at your disposal, it’s unlikely that you find that you don’t like your selection after the fact. Either way, traditional dealerships like Borcherding Buick GMC won’t help you in this scenario, while modern sellers like will.

There is a fair share of risks that accompany purchasing a vehicle online. In particular, consumers won’t have an opportunity to view their vehicle before committing to a purchase. As a result, this individual might find that the car has some worrisome mechanical issue, or maybe they simply discover that the vehicle isn’t a proper fit. In this scenario, you’d be forced to tolerate your purchase until you can afford a replacement.
Well, accounted for these issues, and that’s why they’ve provided their customers with an array of notable protections. Regardless of the logic, the company allows customers to return their vehicle within three days or 150 miles with no questions asked, and you won’t have any financial penalties for your decision. Therefore, if you find that you may have opted for the wrong nameplate, you won’t be regretting your decision for the next several years.
Of course, customers shouldn’t worry about any mechanical issues when it comes to their recently-purchased vehicle. After all, the brand accompanies their vehicles with a CARFAX vehicle history report, allowing you to anticipate any potential problems ahead of time. If you do run into any issues, you can turn to the company’s free lifetime mechanical warranty. Thanks to this inclusion, you’ll never have to dig into your pocket for any repairs or maintenance. Rather, has you covered!

Borcherding Buick GMC

There’s no way to sugarcoat this one. Traditional dealerships like Borcherding Buick GMC may offer their customers warranties, but that’s the extent of the protections that they’ll provide. Ultimately, if you purchase a vehicle from this dealership and subsequently find that you made the wrong choice, there’s no return policy that will save you. Instead, you’ll be forced to tolerate the vehicle until you have enough dough to afford a replacement.

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