Jake Sweeney Mazda vs. online.cars

Many car buyers are used to the outdated car-buying process: they visit a dealership, they target a particular vehicle, they negotiate with the seller, and they complete the purchase.

However, times are changing, and online sellers like online.cars make the entire car-buying endeavor significantly easier and more convenient. Best of all, they also provide an unmatched inventory, and their financial incentives put them over the top.

If you’ve been considering opting for this unconventional route, dive into the comparison between Jake Sweeney Mazda vs. online.cars. Before long, you’ll understand why you may want to ignore the traditional route…





There’s no denying how stressful the car-buying process can be, and some consumers surely value convenience when looking for the ideal dealership. Predictably, there’s nothing more convenient than purchasing a car from an online seller like online.cars. Sure, traditional dealerships like Jake Sweeney Mazda may be able to tout their convenient location or hours, but it still doesn’t come close to matching the incentives that accompany online.cars.


Online car buying is obviously as convenient as it can possibly get, as customers can complete the majority of the car-buying process without even leaving their house. However, online.cars recognized that they need to separate their company from the rest, and this resulted in array of convenience factors that will surely be embraced by any potential car buyer.

For starters, the dealership promises that customers can return their recently-purchased vehicle within three days or 150 miles. This completely eliminates the risk of online car buying, with many pundits often pointing out the fact that buyers rarely get to see their vehicle before making the purchase. If you’ve received the car and realize that it actually isn’t a proper fit, you won’t be forced to keep the vehicle for years. Instead, you can easily return the vehicle and opt for a more appropriate replacement.

Meanwhile, online.cars also attaches a free lifetime mechanical warranty to each of their vehicles. Therefore, you won’t be forced to dish out additional money on your vehicle, as the company will pick up the tab on any basic maintenance or repairs. Of course, online.cars also provides their customers with a guaranteed clean CARFAX vehicle history report, meaning you’ll be able to anticipate any issues with the vehicle before it’s even purchased.

Jake Sweeney Mazda

It’s naturally going to be difficult for those traditional dealerships to match the convenience factors that accompany online.cars, and this sentiment is especially evident when you explore the “convenience incentives” provided by a dealership like Jake Sweeney Mazda.

Sure, the dealership is relatively easy to find, as the premises are located particularly close to Interstate 275. Plus, Jake Sweeney Mazda does an adequate job of assuring that customers will always have an opportunity to visit their physical dealership, regardless of their restrictive schedules. The dealership is open at 9:00 am from Monday though Sunday, and they’re open until 8:00 pm during the week (6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday).

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the convenience incentives that accompanies buying a car from Jake Sweeney Mazda, giving online.cars an obvious edge.




At the end of the day, prospective buyers just want to purchase a vehicle that contains all of the capabilities and amenities that they’ve been seeking. Well, their selections will be limited when they opt for a traditional dealership, as you’ll have to choose between the cars currently sitting on the lot. With online.cars, you can instead refer to a nationwide database as you search for your ideal ride.


There’s truly no limit to online.cars’ available inventory. When shopping at a traditional dealership, customers are limited to the vehicles that are currently sitting on that particular lot. Thanks to online.cars’ ability to pull from a nationwide database, your list of potential targets will surely be increased.

Best of all, customers can request a vehicle that contains every attribute they could possibly seek. When you submit an inquiry into online.cars, you’ll have the opportunity to ask for a specific year, mileage marker, price, make, model, trim, color, and transmission offering. When shopping at a regular dealership, you’ll surely have to forgo one of these traits. With online.cars, you won’t have to settle for anything less than your picture-perfect car.

Jake Sweeney Mazda

If there’s any reason why a customer may prefer to pursue a vehicle from a traditional dealership like Jake Sweeney Mazda, it’d presumably be the opportunity to see their inventory up close and in person. However, when you compare their limited warranty to the nationwide database that’s provided by online.cars, you’ll realize that the traditional route is a bit underwhelming.

After all, Jake Sweeney Mazda has less than 300 new cars currently sitting on their car lot, and they have less than 230 used vehicles. While this may seem like a relatively impressive number, it still means that customers will likely have to settle for a vehicle that doesn’t necessarily include all of their requirements. If you truly want to purchase your ideal vehicle, it’s better to opt for the online dealership that’s able to access a nationwide database.


Financial Incentives


Monetary benefits tend to be a tie-breaker when consumers are trying to choose between a pair of car sellers. Traditional dealerships like Jake Sweeney Mazda generally don’t offer any unique or exclusive deals, while online.cars manages to provide their customers with many financial benefits. That’s a big reason why the online car seller may ultimately be the proper choice.


Surprisingly, in addition to the convenience that online.cars provides their customers, they still manage to present these prospective buyers with a number of financial incentives, too. For starters, the online dealerships promises that their prices will be $500 less than the competition. As a result, you won’t have to waste time shopping around for the best possible price, as you’ll surely be receiving the utmost value from online.cars.

Furthermore, the company also promises free delivery on all of their vehicles. Traditionally, if you’re going to purchase a vehicle from an out-of-state dealership, you’ll have to pay a sizable fee for shipping. Fortunately, online.cars completely eliminated this financial burden, as customers can have their recently-purchased vehicle delivered directly to their doorstep for no extra charge.

Perhaps best of all, online.cars caters to those with struggling credit. Typically, these customers would have to search high and low for a dealership that’s willing to take on the financial risk that accompanies your poor credit score. However, online.cars touts that their customers will get approved, regardless of their financial situation. If you’ve found that it’s difficult to secure the necessary loan to purchase a vehicle, then you might want to explore the opportunities that online.cars provides.

Jake Sweeney Mazda

Many of Jake Sweeney Mazda’s financial incentives aren’t particularly exclusive to this particular dealership, as consumers will surely be able to find similar deals elsewhere. For instance, the online payment calculator can certainly be helpful, but there are plenty of online resources that can provide you with similar levels of assistance.

For what it’s worth, many of these traditional dealerships (including Jake Sweeney Mazda) do have a finance department, and they’re willing to extend a de facto loan to any applicable customers. However, these dealerships will still refuse you if you’re credit score is dangerously low, while online.cars will actually work with you to find a logical deal that works for both sides.

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