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Are you fed up with the traditional car buying experience you get when you head to an in-person dealership like Jeff Wyler Nissan? While this Cincinnati-based new and used car dealer may have great intentions, the truth of the matter is – consumers are sick of the entire car buying process. If you feel as though your feelings of dissatisfaction are only yours to bear, a recent study conducted by Harris Poll and published by PR Newswire says otherwise.



American Car Buyers are Ready for Something New


Car shoppers are sick of the traditional approach to car buying. Fortunately, there is a new approach to the car buying process, and its name is This revolutionary new way of locating and buy new and used cars is taking the Cincinnati area by storm.

The 2016 Consumer Automotive Index is a national survey which was conducted entirely online by Harris Polls in April of 2016. What the study found was what dealerships have known all along – Americans hate the process of buying a new or used vehicle at a dealership. The traditional car buying experience such as the one at Jeff Wyler Nissan, leaves car shoppers with a bad taste in their mouths, for a wide variety of reasons. 2,135 American adults participated in this anonymous poll, which revealed that three out of five Americans feel as though they have been taken advantage of by car dealerships in the past – a staggering 61%. On top of that jaw-dropping statistic, the same poll found that over half of Americans feel anxiety and discomfort during their visit to a car dealership.

If the outcome of this nationwide poll is accurate, then there is a good chance that you fall into the category of consumers who have felt negative emotion towards the traditional car buying process. Local dealerships, such as Jeff Wyler Nissan, may or may not realize the astounding number of buyers who are dissatisfied with the in-person dealership experience, but is the first local dealership to actually do something about it.

When a nationwide poll is released saying that most millennials would rather endure a root canal, clean their house, wait in line at the DMV, and do their taxes, than negotiate with a car dealer – it may be time to shake things up. Rather than perform any of these unsavory tasks, including going down to a local dealership like Jeff Wyler Nissan, you can head online and begin your next car buying process from the comfort of your own home with


Skip the Root Canal and Jeff Wyler Nissan with


If the study conduced by Harris Polls tells us one thing, it’s that car shoppers here in Cincinnati need a car buying service that goes against the traditional in-person dealership grain. has successfully tapped into the most common grievances of car shoppers, and provides a solution that is not only practical, but enjoyable. 24% of Americans between the ages of 35-44 years old stated in the Harris Poll that they would rather have a root canal performed, than be subjected to in-person interactions with a dealership like Jeff Wyler Nissan.

If you find yourself preferring a painful dental procedure over a visit to your local dealership, it’s time to head over to the website, and discover the innovative way Cincinnati residents are buying new and used cars. Our process was designed to meet the needs of every car buyer, by addressing their main concerns and complaints about the traditional in-person dealer experience. We haven’t only heard your grievances, we have acted on them in order to bring you a superior solution to car buying. By filling out a simple online form, car shoppers will have the opportunity to begin their new or used car buying journey from the comfort of their home or office. gathers information, including what is most important to our clients regarding their new vehicle, so that we are better able to find the new or used car, truck, or SUV that best fits their unique lifestyle.

While car shoppers at local dealerships like Jeff Wyler Nissan are subjected to the tactics of commission-driven salesmen for hours on end, customers take as little or as much time as they need to let us know what is important to them in their next new car. Once the online form is submitted, our team goes to work, searching through more than 100,000 vehicles from dealerships across the nation, to find the perfect vehicle that perfectly fits our client’s individual criteria.

The attention to detail with does not end once your online form is submitted to our team. We will diligently work until we find three great vehicles for you to choose from – all of which are sure to fit your picture perfect idea of the next new car you have envisioned driving for so long. The team will e-mail you the three vehicle options we find, and you have the chance to explore all that they have to offer from the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

At an in-person dealership, you will spend hours searching through rows of inventory, before settling on a car that “sort of” matches what you had in mind. The process is archaic, and is obviously no longer working for the majority of American car shoppers. On top of the hours of time you will waste at a local dealership, car shoppers find themselves feeling pressured into making a purchase decision that they aren’t comfortable with. The 2016 Consumer Automotive Index survey confirmed this suspicion, finding that 62% of women felt pressured by a salesman at a dealership to buy a car in haste, while the same sentiment was felt by 50% of male buyers. This number is obviously high, but in our opinion, it should be non-existent. In-person dealerships who pat themselves on the back for pressuring less than 50% of car shoppers into buying a car they don’t want, is like throwing a party for a criminal who passed up the opportunity to rob a bank. No one should feel pressure when it comes to making such a large financial decision, and with – they never will. isn’t the Future – It’s the Present


Imagine having more than 100,000 vehicles to choose from, rather than be limited to what Jeff Wyler Nissan and other local dealerships have on hand. Imagine never feeling pressured into buying a car you don’t want, and envision what it feels like to actually enjoy the car buying process. It’s extreme, we know – but when you give the chance to show you the new side of car buying, these simple pleasures will no longer be trapped in your imagination.

The last, and likely the most telling, revelation from the Harris Poll, finds that more than half of Americans would love the ability to buy a car without ever having to leave home. While the process still requires that buyers test drive their car prior to purchasing it, our virtual dealership is changing the way Cincinnati, OH residents locate and buy their new or used vehicles. We at have heard your concerns loud and clear, and are here with a real solution that we are confident you will be satisfied with.


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After comparing Jeff Wyler Nissan vs, we invite you to give a try. It is financial- and obligation-free to get started, so discover the future of car buying with, today.

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