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What makes a great car dealership? Is it the people who make up the sales team? Is it the convenience in hours and location? Perhaps what is most important to car shoppers is the number of available vehicles listed for sale. Regardless of what you consider the most important attributes in a car dealership, it is true that, as a car shopper, you have a certain level of expectation, regarding your car buying experience. Whether that expectation lies within the dealership itself or the process as a whole, new and used car buyers are unhappy with the automotive marketplace and their available options. Unfortunately, there is not much room for change in the archaic and outdated dealership business model. On the bright side, however, the internet is providing businesses with the perfect opportunity to change the car buying process entirely, thanks to the power of connectivity.

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Joseph Chevrolet is a new and used Chevy dealer located in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a well-reviewed dealership, Joseph Chevrolet seems to offer local residents a good solution for finding reliable used cars to purchase. With a high rating on reputable review websites, Joseph Chevrolet appears to be a reputable dealership that customers have grown to trust and rely on for their car buying needs. Aside from looking at these review sites in order to gauge just how reputable a car dealership like Joseph Chevrolet actually is, it is important to look at the bigger picture as well. Check out a few of the things you should consider when opting between a physical dealership location, or an online car buying solution like


Responding to Negativity


While the majority of Joseph Chevrolet’s customers leave positive reviews, there are quite a few unhappy clients from as recent as one month ago. Any business will have its fair share of negative reviews, particularly with the anonymity that online review sites offer. Rather than focus on the negativity, it is important to pay attention to how the dealership responds to those poor reviews. This not only gives potential customers a feel for how they handle bad situations, it also allows them to see how much the dealership values what their past customers have to say about the time they spent on location. When a dealership like Joseph Chevrolet receives poor reviews, the fact is made worse by their lack of response to the situation. As much as a dealership may be highly reviewed, it is just as important to keep an eye out for a lack of response, or a poorly executed one. When it comes to turning a bad customer experience around, it seems that Joseph Chevrolet is sorely lacking.


Providing Flexibility to Buyers


There is nothing so frustrating as carving time out of your busy schedule, only to find out the dealership you want to buy your next car from isn’t even open. Joseph Chevrolet may offer more liberal sales hours than most other area locations, but those hours are still limited and inflexible. As much as physical in-person dealerships want to make everyone happy by providing great hours, the reality is that it is impossible. While dealerships can rectify poor customer experiences, they can’t possibly stay open around the clock in order to accommodate every potential buyer’s schedule. The only way to fully realize true car buying flexibility, is to head online and utilize for your next new or used car buying experience. Because is based entirely online, shoppers can begin the process of securing their next vehicle from the comfort of their office or home, at any time of the day they want. No more restrictive sales hours, or rushing out of work to get into the showroom before the doors lock for the night. With, the only doors you will see are the doors on your newly acquired car, truck, or SUV.


Offering a Versatile Inventory


Another downside to buying your next vehicle at a place like Joseph Chevrolet, is that your options are severely limited. All too often, car buyers make the wrong car buying decision when they are faced with a limited in-stock inventory at a dealership. Full of the excitement that new car shopping entails, these shoppers become desperate to leave in a new vehicle, whether or not it’s the one they intended to purchase. This not only leads to severe buyer’s remorse, but also anger at the dealership and themselves. Don’t let anyone talk you into buying a car you aren’t completely head over heels in love with, not even a sly salesman with slicked back hair and a plaid jacket. If the dealership you visit does not have the car you want, don’t settle! Leave immediately, and head online to begin the car finding process with With a nationwide database of more than 100,000 new and used vehicles at our fingertips, the chances of finding that exact car you have been dreaming of owning are not only high, but certain. Even the best reviewed in-person car dealership is limited by the available space they have for vehicle inventory, so don’t let five stars steer you into a bad purchase decision. Take a moment and tell the experts at what you want in your next new or used vehicle, and they will take over. Let us deal with the parts of car shopping that are tedious and not at all exciting. You can simply show back up when we get to the fun part.


When you choose for your next new or used vehicle purchase, you aren’t just choosing a website over a dealership. Backed by the McCluskey family name, is the result of a longstanding and reputable force in the Cincinnati automotive marketplace. Offering buyers what they want out of their next car buying experience, by taking out all of the unnecessary and boring aspects, is the solution for car buyers who are fed up with in-person dealerships, their sales “strategies,” and pushy tactics. has redefined how car shopping should be, and invites you to be a part of that redefinition. The only person who is stopping you from realizing your true and complete potential as a car buyer, is you. Don’t sell yourself short by feeling like you need to “put up with” shady salespeople with twisted agendas in order to get a good deal on a new-to-you car. Put yourself back in the driver’s seat, and allow to help you find that car you have been dreaming of owning. Turn your dreams into reality by choosing Get started quickly and easily today, from wherever you have a good internet connection and a wi-fi enabled device. What are you waiting for? The team is standing by, and ready to help you get started on the right path to new car ownership. is easy to access, easier to use, and the best option for turning your car buying woes into car shopping wows. Say goodbye to the traditional route to car buying, and say hello to the new way of finding and securing your next new-to-you vehicle. Don’t be fooled by dealerships with great reviews, flashy signs, and promises of low vehicle prices. The only way to escape the issues you have had with past car buying experiences, is to change course with

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