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When it comes time to purchase your next new vehicle, don’t settle for the old way of doing things, but rather embrace the technological age of car buying. Imagine having the opportunity to have someone find you the perfect new or used car, deliver it to Cincinnati for you to test drive, and purchase it – without ever setting foot in a traditional dealership. Local dealerships like Kings Honda vs.



Kings Honda vs


Local dealerships have been an important resource for individuals who are looking to purchase new or used cars for decades – but times are changing fast. With every new advancement in technology, our world is becoming better connected and more closely knit. Before, your vehicle search was limited solely to what in-town dealerships like Kings Honda had to offer – but not anymore. is THE solution to your past car buying woes.

Before you head down to Kings Honda, or another car dealership here in Cincinnati, discover why is the superior way to purchase your next new vehicle. Check out the most common issues local car shoppers have with in-person dealerships, and how is able to provide real and convenient solutions to those pesky complaints.

Complaint #1: There aren’t enough options here!

As you drive onto the lot of Kings Honda or any other local dealership, it is painfully obvious that the choice for your next new car is severely limited. While Kings Honda boasts a large inventory of new and used cars, your options are ultimately limited to what the dealer has in stock, or what they can order. If you drive on to the Kings Honda lot and see the exact car you want, more power to you! But the more common reality for car shoppers is that they are simply dissatisfied with what local dealers have available for purchase. Rather than settle for a vehicle you will be stuck with for years down the road, let find you the perfect car from over 100,000 options nationwide. Stop complaining, and start embracing the future of automotive sales with, today.

Complaint #2: I don’t have time to buy a new car!

This is one of the most common grievances that car shoppers have, and it is one that in-person dealerships are simply unable to solve. The truth of the matter is, if you want to buy a new or used car from Kings Honda, you have to spend at least half a day at the dealership. From searching through their inventory, to test driving a few contenders, to applying for financing, to filling out paperwork – the list goes on, and on, and on. What began as an exciting adventure, quickly turns into a full day of frustration. When you use for your next new vehicle purchase, you will be driving your new car before you know it – without ever having to waste an entire day of your precious free time.

Complaint #3: Car salesmen are all the same! They don’t care about what I want, they just want their commissions!

While this may not be true at all dealerships, all too often, buyers feel this exact same way when they go to purchase a vehicle. Kings Honda may have a great team of individuals working in their automotive sales department, but a good personality doesn’t change the fact that some drivers feel uncomfortable buying a car from someone who will ultimately get a bonus based on the amount of money their customers spend on a new vehicle.

Complaint #4: The hours at Kings Honda are so limiting! Don’t they know we have lives?!

Kings Honda may offer more flexible sales hours than most local dealerships, but even with later hours and business hours on Sunday, buyers are still restricted by their personal and professional schedules. With, you begin the car buying process when it is convenient for you. Whether that happens to be at three in the morning, noon, or five in the evening, is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. So while Kings Honda has better hours than most, the fact of the matter is, they cannot compare to the flexibility that offers all local car buyers here in Cincinnati.

Complaint #5: I don’t know what brand of vehicle I want, and Kings Honda only has so many choices!

Local dealerships are a great resource for buyers who know the exact make and model vehicle they want to purchase, but the reality is – not everyone is as confident in their decision. is the perfect solution to this common complaint, because buyers have access to every automotive brand that is available. Kings Honda might have a few used cars from other manufacturers, but their main inventory consists of vehicles from the Honda lineup. Whether you know the exact make and model you want to buy, or are still undecided – can help you uncover a great new or used car that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Solves Everything


Drivers are faced with enough stress during the car buying process, and is determined to change that. As a resident of the Cincinnati and surrounding areas, buyers are able to begin the car buying process online from the comfort of their own home. After filling out a short form, gets to work and finds you three great options that you can choose from. If one of those cars speaks to you, our team will bring it directly to Cincinnati for you to test drive. While traditional dealerships like Kings Honda requires buyers to be at the dealership for the entire process, that is not the case with In fact, the only time you will need to meet with in person is if you decide you want to test drive and purchase one of the vehicles that our team locates for you. Other than that, you will have the freedom to go about your daily routine, knowing that the team is busy finding you the perfect car for you to purchase.

Whether this is your first vehicle purchase or your fifth, can help you find the exact car you have been dreaming of driving home. is not just changing the way buyers look for cars, we are revolutionizing the entire automotive sales industry in order to better serve the needs of car shoppers. Rather than spend days or weeks searching for your dream car, before ultimately settling on a vehicle that you aren’t in love with, give the team a chance to help. With access to a nationwide database of over 100,000 new and used cars, you won’t have to settle for anything less than the car of your dreams – guaranteed.

We are very proud of our success rate, and have been able to perfectly match countless buyers with the vehicles they love, that they were unable to find at local dealerships. is the future of car buying, and Cincinnati residents have exclusive access to our revolutionary web-based system. Once you see how easy and hassle-free the buying process is, you won’t even consider traveling to a local dealer like Kings Honda, ever again. What are you waiting for?


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