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Are you beginning the process of finding a new or used car, and find yourself researching tips regarding how to approach local dealerships like Kings Kia? The fact of the matter is, car shoppers are uncomfortable and hesitant when it comes to buying their next vehicle from a dealership. Unfortunately, despite these feelings of negativity, drivers still frequent Kings Kia and other local dealerships because they feel as though they have no other options. Aside from going down the dark path that leads to shady deals with private online sellers from Craigslist, Cincinnati area residents feel that their car buying options are severely limited. As the bearer of great news, we are here to tell you that if you live here in the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Columbus area – you have another car buying choice, so lets discuss Kings Kia vs.



First There was the Old Way…


Imagine for a moment that you are walking into the Kings Kia dealership here in Cincinnati, with the intention to buy a new Kia. As you approach the main building, you can’t help but notice that the sheer size and drab concrete structure more closely resembles a prison, than a friendly neighborhood car dealership. Despite your hesitation, you press on, opening up the main door to the bright and airy showroom. You notice on the door that the dealership is open seven days a week, and think to yourself how convenient their flexible hours are for your schedule. As you begin to quietly peruse the few models that sit on the showroom floor of Kings Kia, you are almost immediately interrupted by a salesman. He automatically assumes you want to buy the first car you see, and invites you to sit down with him so that he can discuss pricing and monthly payment options. You feel trapped by his abrupt approach, but insist that you still want to look around. The salesman is noticeably discouraged, but nods to show you that he understands. After being left alone in order to check out what Kings Kia has showcased on their showroom floor, you walk back outside to look through their inventory of new and used Kia vehicles. Standing in the shadow of the large concrete building, you barely have a chance to catch your breath, before the same salesman comes up behind you, chattering away about their current deals and offers. At this point, the salesman at Kings Kia has a persistence that has beat out your resistance, so you reluctantly agree to let him join you. The Kings Kia inventory seems as though it has a nice variety of different models from the brand’s lineup, but you aren’t seeing anything that truly catches your eye. The first vehicle that causes you to pause in order to view its window sticker is the moment the salesman has been waiting for. He quickly jumps in, interrupting your internal thought process, and runs inside to grab the keys for a test drive. Before you know what is happening, you are back at his plain metal desk, signing paperwork and discussing what your trade-in is worth. As you leave the plain building, you notice a clock that alerts you of the hours that have gone by since you first drove onto the Kings Kia lot. The new Kia you purchased seems nice enough, but deep down, it isn’t what you had your heart set on buying. Feeling defeated, you drive home in the car you bought from Kings Kia, playing the last few hours back in your head, trying to understand how you bought a car you didn’t actually want.

If you have been through a similar situation at a local dealership, then you know all too well that this scenario can happen to even the most level-headed individual. For those of you who have not been on the wrong-end of this type of car buying experience, count yourself lucky – but don’t get too comfortable just yet. A simple online search reveals that entire websites are devoted to filing complaints against local car dealers for these types of antics, and hundreds of blogs exist as a way to warn you of these unethical sales techniques. Despite the number of blogs and websites out there, the fact of the matter is car buyers are unhappy. There is a major disconnect that exists between local dealerships and car buyers, and Americans are desperate for a solution.


…And Now The New Way


Allow us to introduce you to The online car buying solution to your traditional car buying anguish – is setting a new standard that local Cincinnati residents can cling to with confidence. Now that you have imagined the old way of car buying, envision what the experience looks like with

You wake up on a Sunday morning and, as you slowly sip your coffee, you reflect on your earlier intention of finding a new car for your family. Local dealerships have hours today, but even Kings Kia doesn’t open until noon, and you want to get this item checked off your list before breakfast. You get out your iPad, and navigate to the website within seconds. You begin to fill out the secure online form, which asks what you want out of your next car. After filling in your name, e-mail, and phone number, you move on to the fun part. You select the “New” option under which type of car you want, and continue down, filling out the empty blanks along the way. After selecting color and trim level preferences, you leave a personalized message that will better help understand what you need out of your new car. Your hands move across the touchscreen keyboard with enthusiasm, realizing that you are not limited in the amount of characters you can use to describe your dream car. After a few minutes you are finished, and click the “Let Us Find It” button, with a satisfaction you haven’t felt in years. Rather than wasting hours searching through a limited inventory at a dealership, you were able to spend a few minutes on the website, free to spend the remainder of your day however you want.

With, you are not limited in your car search, because we have access to a nationwide database of over 100,000 new and used vehicles from every major automotive manufacturer. After submitting your online form, the team does the rest for you. Once we find a few great options, we send them to you via e-mail, where you can check them out from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. If you find yourself interested in one of the three cars locates, then we will bring it here to Cincinnati for you to test drive – obligation free.


Never Feel Rushed with Logo

When you head into a dealership’s showroom, such as the one at Kings Kia, you will feel a sense of urgency to buy a car that you will never experience with Our process is designed around what local residents have expressed as missing from local car dealerships, and delivers an experience unlike any other car shopping endeavor you have embarked on in the past. Don’t let another commission-focused salesman convince you to purchase a vehicle you don’t want. Instead, head to the website and be a part of the future of automotive sales.

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