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Do you absolutely dread the thought of buying a new car? When faced with the prospect of researching a new model, shopping around for a good deal, and actually heading into a dealership to buy their next car, more people feel anxiety rather than excitement. If you fall into this category of American car buyers, have you ever asked yourself why you feel the way you do? While most people simply dismiss these emotions and still head to a local dealership in order to buy their next new car, most people don’t realize that there is a better way – an easier way.



Kings Mazda vs


The traditional route to car shopping would be at a local dealership here in Cincinnati, such as Kings Mazda. As a whole, this dealer location seems to have it all. Sales hours seven days a week, a decently sized inventory of new and used Mazdas, and a good number of satisfied customer reviews. While all of these things add up and seem great, the underlying issue that car shoppers have with dealerships still remains. No matter how much a local car dealership tries and even succeeds at helping residents find their next new vehicles, too many buyers end up settling for a car they aren’t entirely happy owning.


New Car Shopping? Don’t Settle


If you like to cook and regularly try new recipes, imagine that you are heading to the grocery store and need a few peculiar ingredients. Tapioca flour is one, while the other is xanthan gum. You have at least heard of tapioca (in the form of pudding), but never xanthan gum. You found that you can purchase both of these ingredients online through websites like Amazon, but your heart is set on creating this particular recipe tonight. You head to your local grocery store and search for these foreign additions to what will surely be a dinner masterpiece. Not surprising, the local grocery store does not seem to carry either one. You are faced with a tough decision – make the recipe and substitute these two ingredients with something more widely available here in the Cincinnati area, find a new recipe altogether, or order the ingredients online and make this particular dish another night.

When you have your heart set on something, even as small as trying a new recipe, alternative options don’t seem worthwhile. Unfortunately, car shoppers are faced with a similar scenario nearly every time they head to a local dealership to buy a new car. If the inventory of a local dealership does not have what a buyer wants, they are expected to find a vehicle with acceptable “substitutions,” scrap their original choices and opt for a car they didn’t initially want, or wait it out until something better comes along.

Settling for a new dinner recipe is one thing, but spending thousands of dollars on a car that doesn’t fit the bill is another thing entirely.


Never Settle with is unlike anything else available to Cincinnati area residents. If you find yourself nearly settling on a car just because it is what a dealership like Kings Mazda happens to have on hand, stop what you are doing and back away slowly. Local dealers have great intentions, but no one should settle for a vehicle they don’t want. Buyer’s remorse is rampant among modern day car shoppers, and the only way to stop it is with

Finding the exact new vehicle you want, at a price you can pay, is usually easier said than done. The award-winning team behind the McCluskey Automotive family recognized this fact, and created a real solution in the form of This revolutionary web-based car finding service allows residents of the tri-state area the opportunity to find their new dream cars, trucks, or SUVs, from a nationwide inventory of more than100,000 vehicles. With virtually every make and model available, it doesn’t matter if you want to buy a new Mazda or a new Maserati – because can help you find it.

In the earlier grocery shopping scenario, an online marketplace like Amazon provided a solution to a rather common problem. Physical stores and local businesses don’t always have what we want or need on hand. If we are able to wait and order the items online, we can get the exact thing we need, and not be forced to settle for something we have no business buying. While you won’t be instantly gratified using an online commerce platform for things you need, the trade-off is what matters the most. Rather than make a recipe with substituted ingredients that turn your dish into something awful, you can simply practice patience and get the fullest possible gratification a few days later.

If you are a person who enjoys the feeling of instant satisfaction and thinks that settling for a vehicle that doesn’t meet all of your requirements will help fulfill you – think again. As soon as the thrill of new car ownership wears off, the inevitability of buyer’s remorse will set in, and replace any feeling of elation with regret. You can avoid this altogether, by taking the time to shop with, where you are guaranteed to find the perfect new vehicle simply and easily. is the Better Way to Buy a New Car allows car shoppers the ability to shop wherever they can use a connected smartphone, tablet, or computer, and begin the car buying process. A short form is all it takes to get started on the most enjoyable journey to new car ownership you will ever embark upon. After filling out the necessary information, the team will get to work. Searching through a database of more than100,000 new and used vehicles from dealerships across the nation, your new vehicle search will only be limited by your imagination, and not by limited local inventory. Once your designated representative finds a few great new car options, he or shewill send an email that goes into greater depth regarding each possible choice. You can take a few days to consider which vehicle best matches what you are looking to buy, and request that has it delivered to the Cincinnati area for a test drive. If the vehicle turns out to be everything you hoped it would, you can simply sign final paperwork at the end of your test drive, and head home in your perfectly equipped new car.

Where local dealerships are limited in what they can offer, believes in the unlimited potential of car buying. Harnessing the power of connectivity, is the best solution for all of the common car buying woes that car shoppers regularly face in America. On top of the fact that you will find a new car that you absolutely love, shoppers who utilize will also save the time and headache associated with doing business at physical car dealerships. Filling out the initial form takes less than three minutes, and does the rest. Car shopping shouldn’t be viewed as a dreaded chore, but rather a simple and easy process that results in driving home in the exact new vehicle you want, at a price you are happy to pay.

Never settle when it comes to car buying ever again. Head online and get started with today, and unleash the future of car shopping in America.

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