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Are you beginning your search for a high quality new or used car, but aren’t sure where to start, where to go, or who you can trust? Truthfully, you aren’t alone. More and more people are growing weary of the car buying process, and are fed up with dealership sales tactics that seem to benefit the dealer’s bottom line, and not the best interest of its customers. Unfortunately, buyers have not had much of a choice when it came to finding a new vehicle to purchase, that is, until now. Brought to you by the most trusted automotive group in all of Ohio, is the web-based car dealership with a small town feel. Backed by the McCluskey Automotive family, has revolutionized the car buying process for so many new and used car shoppers, and has quickly become the buzz about town.



Kings Volkswagen vs


With Kings Volkswagen vs, Gone are the days when you are forced to purchase your new car from a dealership you aren’t happy with. Thanks to the connected world we now live in, the reality of car buying is much simpler, and much more customer-focused than it has ever been before. There are a lot of reasons why local car shoppers dread the traditional dealership process, and not a whole lot of viable solutions. Fortunately, is changing the way Cincinnati area residents find, test drive, and purchase their new and used cars. Stop subjecting yourself to a routine you can’t stand, and unleash the total and complete potential that the online car buying service has to offer. Gives You Options


Whether you are searching for a brand new Volkswagen Tiguan, or a pre-owned Jetta hatchback, offers a better way. With an unprecedented reach to dealerships nationwide, is able to locate the perfect new car, truck, or SUV you’ve been searching for, from more than 100,000 new and used vehicles. With that kind of number, why would you limit your new vehicle search to an in-person local dealership that can’t possibly offer anywhere close to the same selection? While those other guys pretend to give you options, is the only place that delivers on the promise of a nearly unlimited inventory selection. Makes it Easy


Aside from a lack of inventory options, local in-person dealerships are sorely lacking in the user-friendliness department. Let’s face it, there is nothing streamlined about buying a new or used car – nothing. Not only do you have to carve time out of your jam-packed schedule, you then have to drive to the dealership you spent days researching, and spend at minimum three hours on location to finalize your new car deal. Just typing that is exhausting, let alone having to actually complete the tedious process. Where in-person dealerships are stuck with an outdated system that buyers are fed up with, is providing a solution unlike anything else in the history of car buying. To say that buying a car with is easy is an absolute understatement. Until you complete the process, you won’t fully comprehend just how easy car buying can, and should, be. Drivers who are interested in finding a new vehicle, can simply head online to the website and fill out a brief form outlining the type of car they are looking to buy. After providing some basic contact information, the team gets to work in order to find you a new car match. If you have spent your time daydreaming about how easy you wish car buying could be, you can finally wake up to the reality of The beginning of the car buying process can be completed wherever you have a Wi-Fi connected device, and takes care of the rest. Makes it Fun


As hard as it is to imagine, car shopping was once a fun experience that people looked forward to. Dull in-person dealerships have warped that sense of excitement over the years, and have transformed car buying into a tedious chore that is not only unpleasant, but boring.

After submitting your car shopping criteria to the team, you sit back and wait for a representative to get back to you. Typically within two business days, you will receive an email with three great vehicle options. searches through the exclusive nationwide database, until three cars are found to be a sufficient match for your unique criteria. Rather than spend an entire Saturday searching through rows of disappointing options, does the heavy lifting for you, so you can have all the fun. Simply click through each vehicle option, and decide which one you are interested in taking for a test drive. A detailed description of each potential candidate is included, along with vehicle history information, numerous pictures, and pricing. You can spend as little or as much time deciding which one may be the right fit, with an representative always standing by for your decision. is Hassle Free


The three vehicle options that arrive in your virtual inbox may be located down the street, in the next state over, or all the way across the country. Wherever your top choice car is, will have it delivered to the Cincinnati area so that you can take it for a test drive. While the service does require a deposit in order to secure and deliver your potential new car to the Queen City, it is fully refundable if you choose not to purchase the vehicle. Once your top choice car candidate arrives in Cincinnati, you are invited to come out and take it for a test drive. If the car is everything you hoped it would be, you can complete the final paperwork and be on your way in as little amount of time as possible. If the car ends up not fulfilling all of your requirements, will hand you a check for your deposit, and you can walk away obligation free.

Not only is a hassle-free way to find and purchase a car, it is also entirely free from monetary obligation – we told you is the better solution. is Here, What Are You Waiting For?


The revolution is here, Cincinnati. What are you waiting for? Stop giving in to shady dealerships that operate with their own best interest in mind, and put yourself first with There is no better way to search, find, and buy your next new or used car. Whether you live right here in the heart of Cincy, or somewhere nearby in the tri-state area, give a chance to change your mind about car shopping.

Buying a new car was meant to be fun, exciting, and hassle-free. While it may have lost its original appeal somewhere along the road, has revived the experience back to its original glory. Head online to the website today, and see how the future of car buying can change your perspective on an archaic tradition that is long overdue for change. With a knowledgeable team ready to help you around the clock, the best time to start the car buying journey with is whenever you have a moment to spare. Forget sacrificing your precious free time at a dealership, kick back on the couch and get started on your next car buying adventure with


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Head online today, and discover just how easy and transforming the web-based service truly is.

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