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McCluskey Chevrolet is a dealership here in Cincinnati that has been successful in providing area residents with high quality new and used vehicles for over forty years. As a top choice for car shoppers in the tri-state area, McCluskey Chevrolet began to recognize that drivers were itching for a different way to get into the new or used car of their dreams. After listening to the specific needs and desires of drivers, McCluskey Chevrolet and the McCluskey Automotive Group came up with a solution that is changing the way Cincinnati residents locate and purchase cars. Lets compare McCluskey Chevrolet vs. is the Solution


As committed as McCluskey Chevrolet is to their customers, they found themselves unable to fulfill the needs of local shoppers without creating a brand new process from the ground up. Not only did McCluskey Chevrolet listen to the changing needs of their customers, they provided them with a real solution that is revolutionizing the future of car buying. McCluskey Chevrolet is still very much able to meet the needs of buyers who prefer to purchase their vehicles the traditional way, right here in Cincinnati. For car shoppers who prefer to purchase their new and used cars with minimal time and effort, the McCluskey Automotive Group created

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the McCluskey Chevrolet dealership here in town, then you were able to experience first hand the quality customer service that they offer. As far as in-person dealerships go, McCluskey Chevrolet is the very best that this area has to offer. The same top notch service and dedication to customer satisfaction that McCluskey Chevrolet has been providing for decades, has translated seamlessly into the new virtual dealership.

Take a look at some of the main concerns McCluskey Chevrolet customers had regarding the automotive buying process, and how is the solution to each of these common car shopping woes.

Not Enough Selection:

While McCluskey Chevrolet boasts one of the largest inventories of new and used vehicles in the tri-state area, buyers were ultimately limited to what the dealership was able to keep on their lot. With, customers are able to find the perfect new or used car, from any automotive manufacturer in the United States. Thanks to a patent-pending vehicle search database, is able to locate the perfect new car, by searching through over 100,000 options. As large as the vehicle inventory at McCluskey Chevrolet may be, there is absolutely no comparing the unlimited potential that is able to provide.

I Don’t Have Time:

There is nothing quick about the traditional car buying process. As much as McCluskey Chevrolet wanted to get customers in and out within the time frame that was most convenient for their schedules, it was a difficult and unpredictable task. No two transactions are exactly alike, and while one new car purchase could take a few hours, the next could eat up an entire day. Between a demanding work schedule and a busy social life, car shoppers found it impossible to commit extensive amounts of time to finding a new car. McCluskey Chevrolet recognized and solved this common issue with the creation of The web-based solution to new and used car buying takes only a few minutes to begin, so that you can go about your busy life while the team gets to work finding your next new car. If you don’t have hours of time on your hands to waste at a car dealership, simply visit the website and discover how easy and quick buying a car can actually be.

I Can’t Find a Babysitter:

Right along with not having extra time to take out of your day, car shopping is also limiting to those with younger kids. Even with McCluskey Chevrolet’s fun children’s area, some parents are unable to fully focus on a new vehicle transaction with their little ones in tow. While some buyers are able to find a sitter who can watch after their kids while they look for a car, others simply cannot. Rather than waste your date night budget on a sitter so you can spend hours at a dealership, give a chance. Whether your kids are tucked into bed, or playing with their favorite toy at your feet, you will be able to begin your car buying process with, babysitter-free.

I Am Not Sure I Want a Chevrolet:

McCluskey Chevrolet is a great local dealership for drivers wanting to buy a new Chevy car, truck, or SUV – but the fact of the matter is, not everyone wants a new Chevrolet. When you fill out the short form on the website, you will be able to have our team search for new or used versions of vehicles from every automotive manufacturer. Whether you prefer a Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, or any other vehicle brand – has you covered. Changes Everything


If you want something different out of your next car buying experience, we invite you to give a try. Created by the McCluskey Automotive Group, is as focused on high quality customer service as McCluskey Chevrolet itself. For drivers who have found the same issue with in-person dealerships as those listed above, is the solution.

Saying that the buying process is easy is an understatement. Once you fill out the short form on our website, the team goes to work finding you the exact vehicle you have always imagined yourself driving. As a part of our dedication to exceeding your expectations, won’t just provide you with one car to check out, but with THREE exceptional options. You can explore these three vehicles online from the comfort of your own home or office. will provide you with extensive information on all three vehicles, including dozens of pictures, a detailed CARFAX history report, and what the actual estimated value of the vehicle is determined to be. Once you narrow in on a single car, can have it brought directly to Cincinnati for you to take for a test drive. If the car meets all of your expectations and you want to purchase it, will seamlessly complete the sale of your new vehicle, allowing you to continue on with your day. is the best solution for car shoppers who simply don’t have the time to spend at an in-person dealership such as McCluskey Chevrolet. Our revolutionary service is completely free of charge, and you won’t be obligated to buy a vehicle through us if you aren’t satisfied with your options. The only time will ask you for money, is when you request to have a vehicle shipped to Cincinnati. This completely refundable deposit will ultimately go towards your purchase of that same car, if you do decide to buy it. If you change your mind after seeing the new or used vehicle in person, will hand you a check for your deposit on the spot. We won’t charge you for shipping, or for utilizing our service, guaranteed.


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The change that is making in the world of new and used car buying, is truly revolutionary. Rather than sit at a dealership for an entire day, sit at home and take advantage of our technologically-advanced world with

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