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Beginning the journey to new car ownership is an exciting step, but all too often, that excitement quickly turns to frustration. Car shoppers who were once thrilled with the prospect, are now turned off from the entire process, usually thanks to in-person dealerships staffed by pushy sales people. Even high-end dealerships that represent luxury car brands are prone to this same cycle of shady sales tactics, and it seems there is no way to escape them. While luxury car buyers shouldn’t be treated differently than shoppers on a tighter budget, there is something to be said about higher quality service, for a higher quality product. When in-person dealerships aren’t delivering as they should, it is important to know that alternative options do exist.

Rather than spend your day at a physical dealership, consider the benefits of a web-based car buying experience. While most dealerships offer an online branch of their sales department, they still require you to trek down to the dealership to wrap up the transaction. is a web-based car buying service available to Cincinnati area residents, and it is changing the way people buy new and used cars. If you are considering a luxury vehicle purchase, read on to discover what makes the clear choice when it comes down to Performance Lexus vs.



Performance Lexus vs. – Convenience


There is nothing convenient about the traditional car buying process, and it has seen little to no change since the first dealership opened its doors more than 100 years ago. The typical in-person new vehicle transaction takes at least two hours to complete, and that number applies to buyers who know what they want, and have their financing in order, prior to visiting the dealership. For car shoppers who plan to peruse in-stock inventory, test drive multiple vehicles, trade-in their current car, and apply for financing at the dealership – the process is likely to take upwards of five hours or more.

Whether it takes you two hours or six hours to buy your next new car, we think it’s entirely too long. understands that not everyone has hours of extra free time to spend inside of a dealer showroom, debating the market value of a new or used car. Even those individuals who do have extended free time on their hands aren’t chomping at the bit to spend it sitting at the desk of an over-eager salesman. Dealerships like Performance Lexus may be open seven days a week, but those added sales slots don’t equate to a more succinct process. Whether you take advantage of their Sunday hours or visit Performance Lexus during the week, the end result is the same – hours of your free time, that you will never get back, spent at a dealership. When considering the convenience factor of Performance Lexus vs., the difference could not be clearer. When you make the choice to utilize for your next new car buying journey, your required time commitment is in stark contrast to the hours you would inevitably spend at Performance Lexus. The majority of the car buying process with is completed online, from the comfort of your home or office. The team goes to work for you, and searches through thousands of new cars until we find the exact vehicle you have been searching for. Why waste an entire day or more at Performance Lexus, when you can find that new Lexus model easily and more conveniently with


Performance Lexus vs. – Selection


Most new and used car shoppers value selection, especially if they are undecided on which vehicle they want to purchase. As vast as some local dealer inventory may be, it can’t compare to the nationwide reach of With access to more than 100,000 new and used vehicles from dealerships across the United States, is able to harness the power of connectivity to locate that perfect car you have been searching for. Performance Lexus may have a decent selection of Lexus models on hand, but what they are able to offer is ultimately limited. With, your eyes will be opened to an entire nation of new and used models from every automotive brand imaginable, from Chevrolet, Honda, and Hyundai, to Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and even Aston Martin. If you want access to an unlimited selection of high quality cars, trucks, and SUVs from every car manufacturer available in the United States, there is no question whether Performance Lexus or is the right option for your new car buying journey.


Performance Lexus vs. – Customer Satisfaction


Even the best in-person dealerships have at least one unsavory sales person, and getting stuck with him or her is as inevitable as choosing the wonky cart at the grocery store. No matter how many times you go, nine times out of ten you are fighting your way down the aisles with a cart that wants to go any direction but straight. Trading an untamed cart in for a better behaved model is easy enough to do, but the same can’t be said about your dealership sales person. By the time you realize who you are dealing with, it is usually too late to turn back and request a better behaved associate. Aside from it being borderline rude, the person you work with at a local dealership like Performance Lexus will end up with a commission based on the vehicle you buy. If you trade him or her in for someone you are more comfortable with halfway through the process, that commission is ultimately lost.

Rather than try and navigate through the politics of in-person dealerships, you can simply head online and give the team a chance to find you your next new car. With, you will never find yourself sitting behind the desk of a salesman who instills discomfort rather than confidence, because the entire process happens online. Once finds you three great options to choose from, our team will e-mail you detailed descriptions of each vehicle so that you can decide which one is right for you. After you make your no-obligation selection, will have it delivered to the Cincinnati area free of charge, and invite you to take it for a test drive. The bulk of any car buying process happens before you make a selection, and has found a way to virtualize it, saving you time and the hassle of appearing in person. When you choose for your next car buying transaction, you will have complete confidence knowing that your time is respected, and that your wallet is protected. Our team does not make a commission off your vehicle, and we won’t pressure you into buying a car you don’t want. When it comes to customer satisfaction from Performance Lexus vs., there is no contest


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Whether you are fed up with the in-person dealership experience or not, we invite you to take for a test drive. With no obligation to buy, and no outrageous time commitments, you really have nothing to lose. Twenty-four hours a day, seven-days a week – the team is here and ready to help you find your next brand new car, hassle free.

Even the best reviewed local dealership can’t deliver the promise of time savings, exceptional customer service, an incredible selection, and the ultimate convenience available with What are you waiting for? Try it out, today.

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