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New car drivers have already made one seriously important choice – choosing to drive new. That choice is so important because it speaks to a greater understanding of what to look for in a great vehicle – quality construction, exceptional styling, and a storied reputation for crafting excellent automobiles that can stand the test of time. But for all the improvements and impressive advances we’ve seen the vehicles themselves take on over the years, one part of the new car buying process remains painfully unimproved, even all these decades later: actually buying one.

The truth is, most dealers still stay steadfastly committed to that same old, unsatisfying system of offering small inventories at high prices, and forcing customers to waste time and trust dealing with often pushy salespeople just to get a great new vehicle at a less-than-great deal. But fortunately for new car lovers everywhere, the old ways are changing as we speak – and it’s all thanks to a handy, helpful, and user-focused online shopping center called

There’s simply no comparison when it comes to pitting traditional dealers like Superior Honda vs. as to which is built to be better for shoppers regardless of what you may be in the market for. Between letting you shop from the comfort and convenience of your own home to offering a sure selection of standard quality and value guarantees, stands to take down traditional dealers as the go-to method for new vehicle lovers to find that next great new car. Rather than settle for the best of what’s around, why not choose the option that’s simply the best, period? When you choose, you know you’ve made the right choice almost from the very moment you get started.


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Say Goodbye to Compromising

If you’ve ever shopped for a new vehicle at a traditional new car dealership, you probably already know the frustrations it can cause – especially, it seems, the independance you give up the moment you walk in the door. That’s because shopping at a dealer basically requires that you put trust in their sales people – trust that’s not always so easy to give, and often even harder to keep in place once you’ve talked for a few minutes.

New car dealers have a tendency to be a bit pushy, offering a limited inventory at prices you can either accept, try to haggle down, or walk away from entirely. Your options tend to be the most popular models around, and may not necessarily have what you’re looking for – a natural product of a system built around optimizing sales, not around making you a happy driver.

For most shoppers, this system just doesn’t work. Whether it’s because you’re unsure about how to make a deal and don’t know when to put your foot down, or if it’s because you feel intimidated and always need to bring “backup” with you, there’s clearly something wrong with the current car buying system. For years, customers have been clamoring for an easier, less stressful way to shop for new vehicles, and is the answer we’ve all been asking for.

Find Your New Car on Your Terms

Today’s car shoppers are all too aware of the shortcomings inherent in the traditional car buying process, and was created expressly to make that process better. Drivers can find exactly the new vehicle they’re looking for at the very best price, choosing from a nationwide inventory, right down to the make, model, color, and added features. Waste no time running from lot to lot – you can do your searching from the comfort of your living room.

And since lets you shop completely online, you won’t have to deal with pushy salespeople or haggling for hours just to get within budget. Besides, comes with a huge network of partners and professionals for you to tap into, so you can be sure you’re getting just what you’re looking for at the deal that works best for you. There’s never been anything quite like, and there’s nothing that can compare when it comes to providing fast, easy new car shopping.

How Works

Helping you find the best new car option available isn’t just what does best, it’s also incredibly easy. That’s because is built for everyone, and you won’t have to be a computer genius to get started finding an excellent new vehicle for that blank spot in your driveway.

1. Sign On and Start Searching

Starting the search for your new vehicle on is as easy as getting online. Simply visit the website and start your search – no more wasted time driving from dealership to dealership, making small talk with dealers or feeling stressed. You can feel free to browse whenever you like, and for as long as you like, with no pressure and no limits. And since the inventory is so expansive, you can search for just about anything in one easy place.

2. Let Us Know What You’re Looking For

Say goodbye to limiting yourself to just one make or one manufacturer at a time. With, you can search from thousands of new and amazing vehicles, and you can filter your search down to just about any specific feature or added amenity. Need a specific color? Easy. Want the latest tech? Just search for it! Whatever you’re looking for, can help you find it.

3. Check Out Your Options

Once we have a good idea which vehicle you’ve got your eye on, we’ll send you a few emails. Most shoppers receive three options right off the bat, all selected to match your choices as closely as possible and filtered to get you the best prices out there. Browse what we’ve found and see if any suit your tastes – and then get ready to get behind the wheel.

4. Test it Out and Take it Home (If You Like It)

No smart driver makes a decision on a vehicle without taking a test drive first. That’s why lets you test out any vehicle you’re interested in at no cost to you – all we ask for is a fully-refundable down payment for security. We’ll ship the vehicle right to your local partner dealer where you can take a test drive and see how it feels.

If you don’t like it, we’ll send it back and refund your deposit – but if it’s a go, you can set up instant payments on the spot, and even use your refundable deposit as your down payment. makes it easier than ever to get your new car and get on the road, no haggling and no pressure necessary. – The Future of New Car Shopping

Buying a new vehicle is a huge decision, and it shouldn’t have to come with the stress or dissatisfaction so commonly associated with new car dealers. Instead, opt for – the one-stop shop for easy, no-pressure car shopping where you’ll find the best new vehicles at the very best prices. That’s the value of a huge inventory and a user-friendly design. Try for your next new car shopping experience, and get ready to enjoy car shopping again.

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