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If you’re in the market for a new or used car, we’re sure you’re not looking forward to the car-buying process. The entire endeavor is nothing to look forward to, and most buyers are exhausted by the time they complete their purchase. Fortunately, consumers can now rely on a more traditional route that eliminates all of these inconveniences.
Sellers like are looking to revolutionize the industry, and there are a number of reasons why you should consider opting for their services. We’ve compared a traditional dealership like Toyota Direct vs., a modern online car-selling service. When you’ve finished reading how these two sides compare to each other, you’ll understand why you should ditch the traditional route…





Ultimately, as a prospective car buyer, you’re looking for the most convenient car-buying experience possible. The endeavor is usually grueling, and it usually isn’t possible to avoid these hassles when you pursue a car from a traditional dealership. However, if you opt for a more modern route like, you’ll find that convenience is maximized.

Considering drivers can complete the majority of their purchase from the comfort of their own couch, there’s no denying that proves to be significantly more convenient than the traditional alternative. However, consumers may be unaware of all of the convenience factors provides to their customers.
As we mentioned, the majority of the transaction can be completed from your house. This includes the initial inquiry. Customers simply have to submit a request to, specifying any specific attributes that they’re actively pursuing (whether it be a specific year, mileage, price, make, model, color, transmission, or trim). will then dive into their nationwide database to find an applicable hit, increasing the chance that you end up with your picture-perfect ride.

Toyota Direct

Similar to most traditional dealerships, there are few convenience factors when it comes to the buying experience. Ultimately, customers are going to have to spend hours looking through Toyota Direct’s inventory. Even if you zero in on a particular vehicle, you’ll still have to spend hours negotiating with the sales team. Ultimately, shopping for a car proves to be a multi-day endeavor.
Furthermore, by shopping from a traditional dealership, you’re limited to that particular business’s selection of vehicles. Instead of finding your picture-perfect ride, you’ll be forced to settle for a car that you’re not all that in love with. Why would you ever opt for a car that isn’t your cup of tea?




AAt the end of the day, you’ll mostly be focused on the car’s value during your pursuit. While traditional dealerships will try to entice their customers with gimmick sales, the customer probably isn’t opting for that good of a deal. However, provide their customers with an array of financial incentives that help confirm why you should be opting for their services.

It might be hard to believe when you consider all of the accompanying convenience benefits, but also provides their customers with a number of financial incentives, as well. For starters, the business offers a $500 lower-price-guarantee on all of their vehicles. In other words, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find a better deal elsewhere. Meanwhile, promises to deliver your recently-purchased vehicle free of charge. This isn’t an opportunity that’d be available from a traditional dealership, as they’d surely require the customer to cover the delivery costs if they’re sourcing a vehicle from an out-of-state dealership.
For those with a poor credit standing, is also an excellent way for you to acquire a vehicle. Often times, those with a struggling credit score are forced to settle for a Buy Here-Pay Here dealership, as they’re seemingly the only business that’s willing to provide the necessary amount of financing. This results in incredibly high-interest rates, which never work out in the customer’s favor. Fortunately, since is searching for vehicles from a number of different dealerships, they can leverage this advantage and find the optimal financing deal for you. In fact, is so confident, they promise that you’ll be approved regardless of your financial situation.
Finally, if you’re in the market for a vehicle, are you also looking to rid yourself of your current ride? Well, even provides their customers with the opportunity to trade in their current car. The company will offer you an instant quote, meaning you won’t have to wait around in pursuit of an offer. If you accept their offering, you can then receive a check for the car, or you could instead use the value towards another vehicle.

Toyota Direct

Plenty of traditional dealerships try to entice their prospective customers with gimmick sales or deals. While these “temporary” offerings may seem alluring, it’s easy to assume that you’re not going to be saving that much money at the end of the day. These businesses tend to still be seeking a specific value for all of their vehicles. While these various rebates or deals may make the price look more affordable, the dealership is still securing the deal they would have accepted in the first place.




There seems to be a bit of risk that accompanies the online car-buying route. Fortunately, has accounted for all of these apparent “issues,” providing their customers with a host of protections in the event that they do run into any unforeseen issues. Sure, traditional dealerships may include some types of warranties, but it’s not like these services aren’t available from online sellers.

Of course, one of the biggest risks of pursuing a used vehicle via the internet has to do with the customer’s inability to inspect the car before committing to the purchase. One of the most important aspects of the car-buying experience is the test drive, and purchasing a vehicle online eliminates this step.
Fortunately, accounted for this, and that’s why they’ve included a number of protections to their vehicles. For starters, the company promises that their customers can easily return their recently-purchased vehicle within three days or 150 miles, meaning they won’t have to settle for a lackluster ride. Furthermore, also included a free lifetime mechanical warranty, so you won’t be forced to pay out of pocket if you come across any issues. Of course, that’s unlikely in the first place, as the company includes a CARFAX Vehicle History Report with each of their rides. Therefore, if there are any issues, you’ll surely know about them ahead of time.

Toyota Direct

Sure, traditional dealerships like Toyota Direct do offer customers that chance to access service and parts departments, meaning customers won’t have to look elsewhere if their vehicles run into any issues. However, there’s no guarantee that customers will have access to a dealership-issued rebate, meaning these customers will have to pay out of pocket if they come across any problems. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that these dealerships will be especially receptive to the idea of trading in a lackluster vehicle. if you realize that your recently-purchased car isn’t a proper fit, there’s a relatively good chance that you’re going to be stuck with it.


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