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The car-buying process can be tedious, and the majority of car buyers are surely disappointed with the inventory, incentives, and offers that are at their disposal. Fortunately, there’s now an alternative route.

online.cars relies on a vast nationwide database to find a vehicle that fits all of your needs and wants, and their various warranties and monetary offers additional incentives for pursuing this route. Instead of opting for a traditional dealership in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, see why you should start comparing Walt Sweeney Ford vs online.cars.





Traditional dealerships like Walt Sweeney Ford advertise their sprawling car lots, touting that their massive inventory is unmatched. This sentiment may be true… but only when it comes to traditional dealerships. When you start to consider online.cars’ ability to search for more than 100,000 different vehicles, you’ll realize that the traditional dealership’s inventory is actually rather limited.

Walt Sweeney Ford

If you visit both the Glenway Avenue and Harrison Avenue locations, you’ll find that Walt Sweeney Ford has more than 400 new and used cars sitting on their lot. This is rather impressive for a traditional dealership, and customers could realistically spend hours exploring each individual vehicle.

However, that’s the extent of Walt Sweeney Ford’s offerings. If your ideal vehicle isn’t sitting on either of the two lots, then you’ll have to settle for a car that you weren’t actually pursuing. If you’re purely seeking a beater vehicle, then this is fine. However, if you were planning on dishing out money on a car that included a specific paint job, a certain transmission, or exclusive features, then you’ll surely be disappointed in the long run.


If you thought Walt Sweeney Ford’s inventory was impressive, wait until you get a load of the number of vehicles that online.cars has access to. This “dealership” utilizes a nationwide vehicle database, allowing the staff to zero in on a vehicle that includes all of the attributes, capabilities, and features that you’ve been seeking. Instead of having to settle for an alternative vehicle, you can actually be cruising in the car that you’ve been dreaming of.

When a customer initiates the car-search, they can focus on a number of different aspects as they target their picture-perfect vehicle. Potential car-buyers can search for a specific year, mileage, price, make, model, trim, color, and transmission. If there’s a matching vehicle out there, online.cars will surely be able to find it.




Every car seller is going to attempt to entice prospective buyers with gimmick sales and offers, and this game plan usually proves effective. However, as you’re about to learn, it’s important to remember that these offerings aren’t exclusive to traditional dealerships, as buyers can expect similar incentives from online.cars.

Walt Sweeney Ford

There are a number of ways that Walt Sweeney Ford attempts to entice prospective buyers to visit their dealership (and subsequently make a purchase). For starters, the finance department works directly with the customer to determine a fair and realistic payment plan, assuring that the customer won’t end up in financial turmoil. Of course, once you start exploring rival dealerships, you’ll recognize that this service is essentially offered everywhere.

The same logic applies to the Service, Parts, and Collision department. It’s certainly helpful that the dealership has an in-house team of mechanics who can fix up your recently purchased vehicle, especially if that car is a Ford. After all, these technicians mostly work on the brand’s vehicles, so they’re effectively experts when it comes to these specific repairs. However, much like the service department, you’ll quickly learn that this offering isn’t exclusive to Walt Sweeney Ford.


These various services and offerings aren’t solely offered by traditional dealerships. Rather, those living in the Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, Lexington, or Louisville area will be able to capitalize on all of the other incentives that online.cars provides their customers.

Normally, you wouldn’t be particularly trustful of a vehicle you’ve never seen, as you’ll naturally question its mechanical and performance integrity. That shouldn’t be a worry when opting for any of online.cars vehicles. After all, the business provides a useful free lifetime mechanical warranty, providing plenty of protections if you do actually run into any issues.

If a driver ever happens to come across any problems with their newly purchased vehicle, they can visit the trusted and experienced technicians provided by online.cars to repair any issues. Best of all, the relevant service departments are open seven days a week, so you shouldn’t have too many difficulties carving out the necessary amount of time to visit the mechanic. Of course, it’s important to remember that mechanical issues should be rare if you pursue a vehicle from online.cars, especially since customers have access to a clean CARFAX Vehicle History. In the event that the vehicle had been in previous accidents, the customer will certainly be made aware.

If, for any reason, you don’t end up liking your latest vehicle acquisition, you won’t be stuck with the vehicle… as you surely would be if you bought a subpar vehicle from Walt Sweeney. Rather, online.cars provides the opportunity to trade in that car for a replacement. As long as it’s within three days or 300 miles of purchase, drivers can easily swap out their vehicle with no financial penalty.




online.cars provides their customers with so many benefits, it’s only natural that these potential car buyers will assume that this dealership charges more for their vehicles. However, once you start comparing the monetary incentives, it makes more financial sense to opt for online.cars over a traditional dealership like Walt Sweeney Ford.

Walt Sweeney Ford

This dealership has a long list of monetary “specials” ready to attach to several of their vehicles, further incentivizing this route. These offers will surely account for a solid portion of the final asking price, but it’s important to remember that most of these financial incentives come from the individual brand… meaning you’ll surely be able to find this deal at another dealership.


When you consider everything that this dealership delivers, you’d probably assume that the customer won’t be receiving any financial incentives. However, online.cars provides several monetary reasons why opting for their vehicles is a good choice.

For starters, buyers are unlikely to find a better deal elsewhere, as online.cars promises that their vehicle’s values will top the competition by $500. As a result, you’ll be wasting your time searching through the internet and newspaper classifieds to find a less-expensive, similar vehicle. Customers can save an extra chunk of money thanks to the free delivery services provided by online.cars. Instead of having to dish out extra cash (which many traditional dealerships often require) to get your vehicle shipped directly to your house, you won’t have to pay extra for the convenient shipping.

Finally, purchasing a vehicle via online.cars is an excellent way to improve your credit score. Assuming you can make all of the monthly payments in a timely manner, you’ll see minor improvements to your rating over time. While this might not have an immediate impact, you’ll surely appreciate the benefits down the road.

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