Why online.cars Provides More Advantages Than Traditional Dealerships

If you’ve been seeking a used vehicle in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, you’ve surely come across the selection of available vehicles at Superior Hyundai. This is a perfectly reasonable route, and that sentiment can apply to any other dealership in that surrounding area. However, none of the dealerships can provide the number of advantages that online.cars can deliver.

What is online.cars? This dealership relies on a nationwide database to zero in on your ideal used vehicle. You won’t be forced to settle for a used vehicle that doesn’t contain the features and capabilities that you’re seeking, and you can instead purchase your picture-perfect ride. Instead of debating Superior Hyundai vs. online.cars, let us tell you why the latter may be the best route…



Traditional Dealership

Customers may assume that since traditional dealerships don’t provide anywhere near the number of conveniences as online.cars, these businesses must entice customers with excellent prices. However, it’s important to remember that these businesses are competing with similar, nearby dealerships, so they aren’t inclined to provide any crazy deals.

Sure, you might be able to secure an advantageous deal from any type of ordinary dealership, even Superior Hyundai. However, it’s important to remember that these businesses are more focused on securing the best possible deal. When you really think about it, each vehicle is initially overpriced as the salesmen attempts to get the most lucrative possible sale. It’s partly on the buyer to negotiate a deal that is advantageous for themselves.



With online.cars, drivers will essentially be guaranteed the best possible price on their vehicle purchase, and that’s on top of all of the conveniences that accompany this option. online.cars promises their customers a “$500 lower price guarantee,” and as a result, you’ll have difficulties finding a better deal elsewhere.

online.cars also provides their customers with several additional financial advantages. For instance, if a former customer refers a friend to the business, they’ll receive $250 in M-Bucks. This “cash” can be used at McCluskey Chevrolet for new parts or any necessary services. Furthermore, purchasing a vehicle via online.cars is an excellent way for customers to build their credit. If your score is struggling, this could be a clever and effective way to realize subtle improvements.

Of course, perhaps the biggest advantage provided by online.cars is the free delivery. Regardless of where you purchase the car, there’s a chance that you might require this type of service. However, at a traditional dealership, it’s likely that they’ll want you to pay for any transportation fees. With online.cars, your recently purchased vehicle will be delivered directly to your front door for no extra charge.



Traditional Dealership

Often times, these standard dealerships will offer a handful of incentives in order to get a customer to opt for their vehicles. These offerings are often overly gimmicky, and they rarely provide advantages that can’t be found elsewhere. For instance, dealerships will often accompany their vehicles with some type of warranty, and they’ll refer you to the in-house mechanic whenever there’s an issue with your car.

Unless these benefits lead to some type of financial or monetary incentive, it’s unlikely that the offer is exclusive. In other words, these offerings don’t separate the dealership from any other type of car seller.



These advantages aren’t exclusive to traditional dealerships. online.cars also provides their customers with a number of offerings that surely further incentivize this route. In addition to the obvious convenience, these incentives truly separate this business from the pack.

Each of online.cars’ vehicles is equipped with a free lifetime mechanical warranty, meaning you won’t have to dish out additional money if your vehicle comes across any mechanical issues. Assuming you live within driving distance of McCluskey Chevrolet (the dealership specifically serves those who live in the Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, Lexington, and Louisville areas), you can take advantage of the dealership’s incredible service department.

Best of all, the service department is open seven days a week. Normally, car owners would have to shuffle their schedule in order to find the necessary amount of time to visit a mechanic. Thanks to these flexible hours, drivers won’t have any issues carving out the time to visit McCluskey.



Traditional Dealership

If you’re visiting one specific dealership, you’ll be limited by their available inventory. There’s absolutely zero guarantee that they’ll have you ideal model sitting on the lot, and it’s unlikely that they even have a car that contains half of your desired features. Even if you decide to shop around at multiple dealerships, there’s little chance that you’ll be able to come across your perfect car.

Instead, you’ll be settling for a vehicle that you’re not completely in love with. This isn’t a huge concern for those who are simply looking for a beater that will serve as a reliable commuter, but many buyers will be dishing out thousands of dollars on the used vehicle… and they presumably want that purchase to feature all of the capabilities and features that they desire.



Thanks to online.cars’ ability to rely on a vast nationwide inventory, a customer will have more of an opportunity to find their desired car. The business will search through their database of any available vehicles that fit your requirements, and they can subsequently initiate the car-buying process once you’ve zeroed in on a specific target.

Customers can sort through a number of specifics as they’re searching for a vehicle via online.cars, including:

  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Price
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim
  • Color
  • Transmission

It’s always tricky to find your dream car on a used car lot. However, thanks to online.cars’ ability to access a vast database of available vehicles, your chances look a whole lot better.

If you’re seeking a used vehicle, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t at least explore the incentives that are provided by online.cars. While you might be inclined to visit a traditional dealership, it’s important to remember that when it comes to Superior Hyundai vs. online.cars, the non-traditional option provides more advantages.