3 Things Your Local Car Dealership Doesn’t Want You to Know

Two men in button ups speaking in the front seat of a vehicle at the car dealership
As springtime slowly comes into focus, car dealerships across the country are beginning to boom with business. At the first hint of warmer weather, car buyers begin to emerge from their cold weather hibernation in hopes of securing that perfect new or used vehicle. If you are a winter hermit looking to spread his car buying wings this spring, there are some things you should be aware of prior to heading down to your “trusted” car dealership. Whether it be Joseph Chevrolet vs online.cars or another brand dealership in the area, most new and used car lots have one thing in common – doing what it takes to secure their bottom line, and line their endlessly deep pockets.


Don’t Fall Into the Trap

Car shopping was once thought of as a fun, exciting experience. For young buyers, it was a rite of passage, a coming of age experience that would propel them from adolescence into adulthood. For others, it was a time in which they were able to openly exercise their negotiating skills and polish up their own version of The Price is Right. Today, sadly, the entire car buying industry has gotten a bad rap. Despite the fact that this poor reputation was mostly deserved, it remains a sad truth that well-meaning car buyers are paying the price. Without being certain of who they can trust or what dealerships are worthy of taking their hard-earned money in exchange for a new set of wheels, car shoppers are getting the short end of the stick in nearly every way imaginable.

Rather than fall victim of the trap set by most car dealerships out there, why not arm yourself with the information needed to make an informed and safe buying decision? Embarking on a car buying excursion without committing to a bit of prior research will surely lead you straight into the lion’s den – the trap set up by dealerships. online.cars don’t want you to fall into that trap, regardless of whether you utilize our badass web-based car finding service or not. We simply don’t want to see any more innocent car shoppers get sucked into the vortex of shady dealings and unethical sales tactics. To help combat the seedy car dealerships that riddle our country’s cities and states, we have compiled a handy guide that car dealers hope you don’t read. The tips we are about to share with you are not only controversial but are likely to turn the car buying industry on its head. Take them or leave them, but what we have to offer might mean the difference between an honestly straightforward car buying experience, and a complete and total nightmare.


3 Things Your Dealership Hopes You Don’t Know

Like most businesses, car dealerships are after one thing – your money. It is the necessary evil that exists in a capitalist society, and since Bernie Sanders got sidelined by Hillary Clinton, it’s a necessary evil we must continue to live with. Living with and accepting are two different things – just ask the #notmypresident people. Despite this, the reality remains the same. Donald Trump is the POTUS, and car dealerships continue in their resolve to get as much money out of your wallet as humanly possible. Without further ado, let’s take a look at three of the things your local car dealership hopes you never find out (#toobadsosad).

  • That Price is Padded – When you go into a car dealership and purchase a new car, don’t expect every one of your pennies to go toward the set of wheels you will be driving home. Dealerships operate with a bunch of overhead costs (someone has to pay to keep that brightly lit showroom aglow), not to mention the commission rate your salesman is likely to take home at the end of his very persuasive day. As much as you hope that your newly acquired car was paid for at a reasonable industry-acceptable price, know that it probably wasn’t. Whether your particular dollars went to funding the CEO’s new lake house, or toward keeping the water running in the sparkling bathrooms of the dealership, doesn’t really matter. The price you paid for your car was padded and you were none-the-wiser.
  • You Are Just A Number – While this might not be true at all car dealerships, it is certainly true at enough of them. When you walk through the door of a new car dealership declaring your intent to buy a vehicle, you become a number. While your salesman sees added figures on his commission check, the general manager sees his monthly sales numbers increase. Ticking upward on his clock of never-ending dollar signs, your new or used car purchase becomes a part of that business equation. You can’t blame him, really – he is a businessman after all. And it is one thing to know you are a number to your local car dealership, and to be treated like one. Some dealers are great at disguising their greed, while others aren’t. At the end of the day you are a number to the people at the car dealership, so do with that information what you will.
  • Your Needs Don’t Matter – The next time you walk into a car dealership, try having an honest conversation with your salesman about what matters to you most. Talk about your must-haves, and how important heated seats and hands-free phone connectivity actually are to you as a car shopper. Then, watch as he blatantly disregards your entire conversation because the car you desire isn’t in their inventory. Once you walk through those double doors, the only thing that matters to the dealership in question is that you roll off the lot in a newly purchased car. It’s where buyer’s remorse is born, and it’s where it continues to permeate the entire vehicle marketplace. To those dealerships, your needs don’t matter. But they should – so stand up for what you need and desire in your next automotive purchase, unapologetically.


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