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There’s no denying that the entire car-buying process can be particularly confusing and worrisome, especially when you’re required to pursue a bad credit car loan. Fortunately, will help you with your financial predicament, and they provide a number of additional reasons why you should pursue a vehicle from them.

Of course, before you dive into why you should be pursuing a vehicle from, you’ll want to have a better grasp on the entire loan process. This way, you’ll be able to secure the best deal despite having to pursue a bad credit car loan



So let us introduce to you This is a brand new, free-of-charge, resource for consumers who want to purchase a viable used vehicle and perhaps already have a specific vehicle in mind. You know who you are; ever since high school you’ve dreamed of owning a cherry red 1977 Corvette or a 1960 Ford Falcon droptop. Here’s the answer to your dreams. has been established to disrupt the traditional used car buying experience. It is a stable, yet trendy, online tool that offers an easy and efficient means for its users. Plus it stands out over a traditional dealership’s online tool by offering a number of unique capabilities.

Unlike other online sites, has a large inventory of used cars from all types of manufacturers with a variety of makes and models of cars that are updated on almost a daily basis. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. puts you literally and figuratively in the driver’s seat. You’ll be so educated with enough information from the site to make a knowledgeable deal; is praised for streamlining the entire purchasing process for you.

Determine Credit/Budget

While you may have an inkling that your credit score is currently struggling, you’ll truly have zero grasp of your rating until you actually do a bit of research. While we surely appreciate the opportunities that financing dealerships provide to their customers, there’s no denying that it’s more financially advantageous to pursue a vehicle without requiring a line of credit from the seller. Of course, if you go in to a dealership assuming that you need this credit (when that actually isn’t the case), there’s little chance that the car seller is going to refuse your service. Rather, they’re going to make you commit to higher-than-usual interest rates, which will ultimately cost you a pretty penny in the long run.

Furthermore, it’s essential that you have a firm understanding of your budget, especially when it comes to monthly payments. While you may have some extra money right now, you’ll want to recognize whether that extra dough will be available in several months. If it isn’t, then you’re eyeing a financial nightmare, as your credit will tumble and your car will likely be repossessed. This entire situation can be avoided if you’re relatively modest when you’re shopping around for a vehicle. Pursue a car that can comfortably fit into your budget, and you won’t be struggling to make those monthly payments down the road.

Understand Loans

When you pursue a car loan, you’ll be offered several different types of deals. Of course, these offerings aren’t all that enticing if you have no idea what each one entails.

For instance, an APR loan essentially adds the interest rate and any applicable fees to the principal loan amount. When all is said and done, this total is used to determine the customer’s monthly payments, as well as the longevity of the loan. This type of loan also accounts for a customer’s credit score, any relevant interest rates, deals or sales, and rival prices. Generally, if you’re going to head into a dealership to secure a loan, there’s a good chance that the sales team presents you with this type of offer.

Alternatively, customers can adjust the loan terms to better fit their financial situation, thus impacting the APR (although there are ways to retain this value). For instance, a longer loan term will predictably lead to lower monthly payments, although you’ll be paying a bit more thanks to the monthly interest rates. As a prospective buyer, you shouldn’t be afraid of negotiating with the dealership to find a fair deal that works for both sides.

Be Prepared

Even when dealing with a reputable dealership (including an internet-based car seller like, you still might come across a sales person who is clearly prioritizing the potential sale over the well-being of the customer. So, if you head into a dealership unprepared, there’s a good chance that the sales team will try to pounce on the opportunity and take advantage.

Now, we’re not necessarily discussing the understanding of your own specific credit and budget. Rather, you should also have an understanding of which vehicle you want to pursue, and understand what type of amenities you’re willing or unwilling to spend extra money. By being tentative and unsure, the salesperson will surely try to get you to jump on (for instance) an amenity that might not necessarily jive with your requirements or budget. However, by being prepared, you can hold all the leverage during these nerve-wracking negotiations.




Traditional dealerships are beginning to be a thing of the past, and online car buying is starting to become the go-to method for many prospective buyers. In this situation, it’s in your best interest to pursue a vehicle from How does this dealership differ from traditional sellers? Well, provides a number of financial and convenience incentives, confirming why this is the proper choice for potential buyers.


Many consumers may assume that the benefits of online car buying solely impact convenience, but actually provides their customers with many financial incentives when opting for their services. For starters, the company promises a $500 lower price guarantee, meaning you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal on a particular vehicle elsewhere. The dealership also provides their customers with free delivery. Therefore, even if you end up opting for a vehicle that’s sitting on a car lot half way across the country, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get it delivered to your front door.

Perhaps most importantly (at least in regards to auto loans) is the ability to gradually improve your credit score. Due to’ ability to work with dealerships across the country, they can use their standing to leverage a better financial deal for their customers. Therefore, if you’ve been finding that SUVs are just out of your budget, will surely be able to find an applicable vehicle that you can actually afford. In fact, touts that you’ll get approved for any potential loans regardless of your financial situation, so there really isn’t a reason to not opt for a vehicle from this online car seller.


Of course, is naturally convenient, as customers can complete the majority of the car-buying process from the comfort of their own couch. However, once you have explored the other advantages that this car seller provides, you’ll recognize that the convenience applies to more than the ability to shop for cars in your pajamas.

For instance, the dealership promises that their customers can return a recently-purchased vehicle for no financial penalty as long as it’s within three days or 150 miles of purchase. Online car buying has its fair share of risks, including the fact that many buyers don’t have a chance to see the vehicle until they’ve completed the transaction. Thanks to this program at, drivers won’t have to settle for a vehicle that doesn’t fit their requirements.

Furthermore, each of’ vehicles is accompanied by a free lifetime mechanical warranty, so you’ll rarely have to dish out money on any repairs. Of course, you shouldn’t find yourself in need of costly repairs, anyway, as also provides each of their customers with a clean CARFAX vehicle history report.


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