Car-Buyers Everywhere Are Deciding What Their Time is Worth

January 17th, 2018 by


When someone decides to pull the proverbial trigger on the purchase of a vehicle, their decision is usually prefaced by a fair amount of thought and research. From deciding whether to buy new or pre-owned to determining their preferred make, model, year and trim level, the entire process can be a drain on one’s time. And that’s before you even set foot on a dealer lot…


What’s your time worth to you?

Some dealerships could be accused of pursuing a sale with little regard to the time, energy and resources that you’ve invested. They may be less interested in helping you to buy the car that you want, and more interested in selling you a car that they have. And if you’re looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, the likelihood of this increases, while the chances of them carrying the exact vehicle you’re looking for may not.

So before you set your sights on your local dealership, ask yourself how much the time and effort you’ve invested in finding that perfect pre-owned car was worth. It might help you to put your choice into perspective when comparing a traditional dealership like Oxmoor Ford vs, a concierge car-buying service that does things a little bit differently.

Rest assured that we’re not here to criticize traditional dealerships (nor are we picking on any dealership in particular) it’s just the nature of the industry. A dealership’s pre-owned inventory is going to be limited to the vehicles it has access to through trade and purchase. But that does little to help those who have invested time to determine exactly what they’re looking for. That’s where comes in…


What is

Imagine a service designed around an appreciation of your time. One that recognizes the effort you’ve put in and says, “Don’t worry. We’ll take it from here.”

That’s exactly what does, by facilitating a nationwide search for your perfect pre-owned vehicle, based on the criteria that you enter. Providing a greater likelihood of finding your ideal make, model, year and trim, you can just sit back and await the results.

And you can do so with a number of assurances. First, all come with a clean CarFAX vehicle history report so that you can buy with confidence. Second, offers a pricing guarantee, which states that all vehicles will be offered for $500 less than if it were sold by a dealership. It will also be accompanied by a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty and receives free delivery to anywhere in the continental United States.

Still not convinced is worth considering? Aside from doing the legwork for you, and delivering your perfect vehicle with countless assurances, guarantees financing to every customer. How? Just as they utilize a nationwide network of dealerships to offer the widest possible selection of vehicles, they take the same approach with lenders. This means they can guarantee financing regardless of credit history (even to those with challenged credit).

And if you’re looking to offer a trade-in vehicle against your new purchase, no problem. is glad to help you value the vehicle, and will even arrange for pick-up (free of charge) once you finalize your purchase. What more could you ask?


A Scenario

Imagine that your research had let you to the Ford Escape, a popular crossover now in its third generation, and the right fit for the demands of your lifestyle. Knowing that a three-year-old model would put you at a great price point, you decide on a 2015 empowering yourself to get a top-of-the-line Titanium trim. And ideally, you’d like to get in Deep Impact Blue.

So you go down to your local Ford dealership in Louisville (or anywhere) to find yourself a 2015 Ford Escape Titanium in Deep Impact Blue. But guess what? That’s right, that is a very specific vehicle and (in all fairness) there was little likelihood that they’d have it there waiting for you.

They can offer you a 2015 Escape in the (base) S trim, but you were ready to spoil yourself with the Titanium’s features. There is a 2017 Titanium, but it’s way outside your price point and there’s the added disappointment that Deep Impact Blue was discontinued after the 2015 model year. At no fault of anybody’s, it looks as though you’ll have to spend more time searching or make some concessions, settling for something that you don’t really want.


Another Scenario

You’ve decided that 2015 Ford Escape Titanium (in Deep Impact Blue) is the right fit for the demands of your lifestyle. You log onto and enter the vehicle specifics for a coast-to-coast search, then sit back.

They find the 2015 Ford Escape Titanium (in Deep Impact Blue) with a clean CarFAX and offer it to you at a better price than you’d find at a dealership. Can it really be this easy? The answer is yes; and more importantly, it should be that easy. After all, your time is valuable; and any car-buyers who have taken the time to research and perform due diligence deserve to be satisfied with their purchase. Understands the Value of Your Time

The days of having to trek from dealership to dealership, exploring dealer inventories, enduring high-pressured sales tactics are over…but only if you want them to be. You deserve a better way to buy a car (everyone does) and that’s what we’re here for.

At we believe that you should only have to invest the time needed to decide exactly what you want in your next vehicle. Leave the rest to us, and let us help you to make that a reality. Unlike traditional dealerships, we have no interest in selling our vehicles to you, we are simply here to help you buy the car that you want.