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A gold 2022 Acura TLX is shown from the rear after visiting a Jeffersontown online car dealer.

Acura has quickly established itself as one of the top luxury automakers in the world since it was formed by Honda 35 years ago. It has done this by producing some of the top sedans and SUVs that you can now find at your Jeffersontown online car dealer. That’s right—you can find a used Acura model without having to leave the comfort of your own home. At, we give you the ability to search for used cars like Acura sedans and SUVs using our patented Nationwide Search Engine. This allows you to leverage the power of the internet to locate a used vehicle to find the exact make, model, trim, and engine type that you prefer.

If you call Jeffersontown home or live anywhere else in the greater Louisville area, then you can appreciate the benefits of driving a sporty, dependable, and luxurious Acura model. The company has always done an excellent job of using cutting-edge technology to boost its vehicles’ performance, safety, and connectivity. It has also always had an attention to detail, which is why Acura vehicles are some of the most abundant models available today.

#1 Acura NSX

Acura put its stamp on popular culture when Harvey Keitel’s character Winston Wolf was seen driving an Acura NSX in Pulp Fiction. This 1994 classic introduced so many viewers to this sports car. The Acura NSX was introduced to drivers in 1990 and is currently in its second generation.

This is the Acura to get if you are looking to push the limits in an affordable supercar. Designed to compete with the hyper-expensive, mid-engine supercars coming out of Europe, the Acura NSX more than holds its own, going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.1 seconds, topping out the speedometer at a blazing 190 miles per hour. Clearly, a used Acura NSX is not for the faint of heart.

The thing about the Acura NSX is that it can match those European sports cars for performance, but not for price. The NSX is considerably more affordable, especially if you buy one used. This Acura sports car won’t hurt you at the gas pump either. Unlike other super thirsty two-seat sports cars, the NSX provides solid fuel economy due to its use of a hybrid drivetrain. Acura has given the NSX a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 gas engine with a 9-speed dual clutch transmission. This conventional gas engine is combined with an electric Direct Drive Motor assisted by a Twin Motor Unit attached at the front axle that utilizes the NSX’s torque-vectoring system to assist with steering and braking. Imagine that—a high-performance, used sports car that’s also easy on the environment!

A white 2022 Acura ILX is shown from the side driving through a city.

#2 Acura ILX

The ILX is Acura’s entry into the subcompact car market. Introduced for the 2013 model year, the ILX has remained a fairly consistent model, undergoing minor modifications in 2016 and 2019. This model is perfect for someone who wants to commute to work in style. The 2.4-liter I-4 gas engine featured on the 2019 ILX will give you an excellent 34 miles per gallon when highway driving. It also has an 8-speed twin-clutch transmission that will make you feel in control of your car.

But the ILX is not just about efficient performance. It also outclasses the competition with creature comforts that make this model a great car for heading out for the evening during the weekend. The ILX offers plenty of luxury finishes, such as a twin-screen infotainment system on the Premium trim that features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, the seating is comfortable for up to 5 passengers, making a used ILX an excellent car for a young family here in Kentucky.

Although Acura has announced that it is discontinuing the ILX after the 2022 model year, you can still get a great deal on a used ILX model. The decision to discontinue production was based on declining sales due to a shift in personal tastes, as opposed to any problems with the model.

#3 Acura RDX

Compact SUVs and crossovers have become some of the most popular models available today. These combine the fuel economy of a sedan with the roominess of an SUV, but tend to be more maneuverable than larger SUVs. As the name implies, the crossover provides something for two different customer bases—those who drive sedans and those who are more at home in an SUV. However, most of the models available in the crossover category can be a little lacking in luxury finishes. Most automakers chose pretty utilitarian designs, leaving styling and creature comforts an afterthought. Fortunately, you can get the luxurious interior you desire in an Acura RDX without losing the performance and fuel efficiency you seek in a crossover.

Acura introduced the RDX in 2007, and it has quickly taken its stop atop the ladder of luxury compact SUVs. The current model is the third generation, which was introduced in 2019. This features a 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 gas engine paired with a highly efficient 10-speed automatic transmission. In addition, Acura offers the RDX with a choice of front-wheel drive for better fuel economy and all-wheel drive for improved traction. Whichever you choose, you will be knocked out by the exceptional value you will find in a used Acura RDX.

#4 Acura TLX

While many other automakers are abandoning the midsize sedan vehicle category, Acura wholeheartedly embraces the drivers who want a luxurious car with exceptional performance and plenty of standard safety features. The Acura TLX is a fairly new model, first hitting the road in 2015. Those first generation models offered drivers a choice of a 2.4-liter I-4 and a 3.5-liter V6. The I-4 provided better fuel economy, but was only offered on the front-wheel drive TLX model. Meanwhile, the 3.5-liter V6 gives the TLX better acceleration, available for both front-wheel or all-wheel drive. The current generation was introduced in 2021, so you should be able to find earlier models available used at a great price.

The interior space on the TLX is quite luxurious, with either leather seats or a very impressive synthetic approximation. There are over 14 cubic feet of space in the trunk of the TLX, making it an ideal choice for a small family planning a road trip vacation.

A red 2022 Acura MDX is shown driving on an open road.

#5 Acura MDX

The midsize 3-row SUV has become the go-to choice for many families, replacing the once ubiquitous minivan. If you want one that blows away the competition, then you should consider a used Acura MDX.

The MDX first hit the streets in 2001, becoming the first SUV in its class to offer standard three-row seating. As a result, it set a trend of having room for up to 7 passengers, a key feature for many large families. The key difference between the RDX and many other three-row midsize SUVs is the same thing that sets Acura apart from most other affordable automakers—luxury details. When you open the door and step inside a used MDX, you will see interior finishes and seating fabric that you usually only find on the top trim level of most other models from other makes.

Acura just released the fourth generation of the MDX in time for the 2022 model year. As a result, third-generation models that date to 2014 will be more affordable than ever. In addition, you should be able to find many used third-generation MDX models with either a conventional gas or hybrid powertrain. The used MDX with the gas engine has a 3.5-liter V6 with a 9-speed automatic transmission. Drivers have a choice of front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The used MDX Hybrid features a 3.0-liter V6 gas engine with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, similar to the one on the NSX, as well as three electric motors. One powers the front axle, while a dual-motor adds power to the rear axle, making the MDX Hybrid a true all-wheel drive model. This also provides exceptional fuel economy for a three-row SUV, an impressive 26 miles per gallon while driving on the highway. The used Acura MDX Hybrid is not just a great family SUV but also one that can be excellent for a commuter looking to save money on gas.

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