Understanding the True Value of Used Cars in Indianapolis

November 9th, 2018 by

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When it comes to understanding the value of used cars and the used car dealerships in Indianapolis, there can be a lot to take in and understand before you can truly feel ready to take on buying one of them. We can’t all be professional mechanics who live and breathe car knowledge, but we can learn the basics in order to determine the best possible pathway for us.

Used Cars

Used cars take up the largest portion of automotive sales and the simple reason for this is because their advantages highly outnumber their disadvantages. The tough thing about used cars though is knowing how to get the best ones and really push them to their limit when it comes to overall value. So in order to help, here is a bit of a crash course on used cars.

Advantages of Investing in a Used Car


There is no greater advantage to investing in a used car than the price. Not only is the actual vehicle at a discounted value but insurance rates are also much lower than they would be for any new car. In addition to that, the depreciation rate of used cars is much slower than the rapid rate at which a new car will depreciate once it gets off the lot.


While new cars are great, they are clearly limited to models of that year, and sometimes a good classic vehicle has the style and drive that you prefer. Used cars open up a plethora of options, and can make the boring process of car buying into an unexpected treasure hunt.

Disadvantages of Investing in a Used Car

Low on Brand New tech

Clearly used cars will not have the latest and greatest technology, and some of the more tech-savvy and safety-cautious drivers may not like that. That being said, technology upgrades and fun features can easily be implemented to most cars for a fair price if necessary.

Heavy Inspection and Research Often Required

Used cars are not traditionally trusted by most drivers so it is important that you take the time to carefully do your research in order to find that perfect vehicle. Once you do find that used car, you will want to make sure everything is in order through a careful inspection, test drive, professional analysis, and detailed history report. This will give you peace of mind, and the best chance at a successful buy.


Getting the Best Value from a Used Car

Research with Passion

For many, used cars are not exactly a hot topic that they love to research in their free time, but in this case, the best prizes go to those who put in the time and effort. Here are some of the key questions you should be trying to find to get the most satisfaction and best value from your used car dealership:

  • What you want in a used car
  • What you actually need in a used car
  • What is being offered on the used car market
  • What kind of dealership services are you interested in
  • How much are the used cars you like going for at multiple used car dealerships in your area
  • How will this process work
  • How will this process impact your finances

Don’t Get Too Caught Up On Extras

While people may enjoy a new built-in DVD player for the rear passengers, do you really need it? Honestly, the answer is probably no. When investing in a used car, it’s important to try and ignore all the glitz and glam and just focus on what you need more so than what you want. Just learn how to prioritize and you should be fine.

Reliability and Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to what you should focus on the first question should always be “how long you can make this used car work for you?” In order to get the most out of any vehicle, you will have to make sure it has a powerful engine, thick skin, and can run longer on less.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

The more efficient you are with the maintenance and cleaning schedule, the longer your used car will be able to run. Every car owner should strive to keep their vehicle running long and healthy, and the best way to achieve that goal is through reading the manual and finding out exactly what it needs and how often it needs it. In addition to knowing exactly when your vehicle needs maintenance you will also want to keep both the exterior and interior clean. This will not only keep your car in better condition, but it is much more enjoyable to drive a clean vehicle.


Even if you plan on getting your next car in the next month, you will want to make sure you start saving the second you are aware you are going to be investing in one. The more money you set aside and put down in cash at the beginning of a deal the better chances you have of getting a better overall value on the used car in the long run. Some people even suggestion always have a vehicle fund, if possible, that you can put about $5 a week in for future investments, upgrades, or maintenance.

Try a Newer Used Car

Just because it’s used doesn’t always mean that it has to be an antique. If you are able to save up the money, it is best to try to invest in a vehicle that is less than five years old in order to get the most value in the long run. As mentioned before, used cars have very slow depreciation rates compared to brand new vehicles, so investing in a newer used car will keep the overall resale value at its best. Also, it is common sense that the newer the car, the longer it will last and less likely it is that you will need to waste more money on repairs.

Several cars in a used car dealership showroom in Indianapolis

Used Car Dealerships

Everyone these days knows the format of traditional use car dealerships with their pushy salesmen and lots filled with all these used cars you need to go through, and honestly, while they get the job done there just has to be a better way. Luckily, if you are looking for used car dealerships in the Indianapolis area, you can now enjoy the convenience of a used car dealership that is completely online and is willing to deliver right to your house.

Todays used car dealerships are finally evolving in a way that allows the process to be as simple and clean as possible for all types of drivers. Everything at an online used car dealership in Indianapolis can be taken care of with the click of a button and have your quality-checked used car in no time at all. Nothing feels better than skimming through cars in your pajamas after all. You will also never find a service more personalized since many online used car dealerships will match you with only one salesperson that will be with you throughout the entire process to answer questions and lead the way to your satisfaction.