What first-time Car Buyers Need to Know

October 12th, 2018 by

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As a first-time car buyer there are a lot of things you will need to understand before diving into the world of automotive ownership. Investing in any vehicle, especially your first, should be an exciting time in a driver’s life, but anyone who tells you it’s easy is either fooling you or fooling themselves. Luckily, there are ways to make the process go more smoothly and with less risk of ending up with something you don’t like. When it comes to cars, it’s all about knowing about knowing your stuff and having the confidence to invest in what you know. So, here are some things all first-time car buyers will need to know when attempting to buy a new, certified pre-owned, or used cars for sale in Indianapolis.

Know How to Do Your Research

The first thing that any first-time car buyer needs to understand is how to do their research and do it well. Through keen research skills everything else you will need to understand in order to ensure that you get the best car and car service possible can be learned along the way.

There are many sources that are open to any and all drivers that are looking to gain information, but the internet and personal statements are two of the most helpful. The internet is a fantastic human creation that will offer you countless sources that will give you an inside look into the automotive world. Look around and discover the sites you personally find to be the most reliable and easy to navigate. Sites can offer you all kinds of statistics on new and used cars as well as professional opinions from real life people with experience. That being said, if the internet isn’t your thing you can always just locate multiple people you feel you can trust to give you professional automotive advice that suits your needs.

When doing research you will want to make a checklist of everything you will need to know about the vehicle you want and the provider you want to buy it from. Things such as body type, mileage, horsepower, fuel economy, safety features, budget, and location are all examples of what drivers will often need to know about before investing in anything. Your list should be as personalized as you want, and what you prioritize should depend on your lifestyle.

Know What Type of Car Investment You Should Be Making

When it comes to investing in a car there are generally four types of investments you can make including used, new, leased, or certified pre-owned, but the one thing first-time buyers will often want to look into are used cars for sale. The core reason used cars are so popular among first-time buyers is because they are affordable, but there are many more advantages to them. Used cars for sale in Indianapolis are less expensive as well as more versatile in selection. Instead of only being able to choose from what is currently on the market, you will get a selection of practically any car from any year. With the lower upfront cost you can save up and use the extra cash to put towards a better investment next time. New cars, on the other hand, deprecate in value the second they drive off the lot, and over the first year that deprecation rate is pretty insane. You will also have to pay hefty insurance costs since a new car will take a lot more to fix than a used car. Sure newer may be better and full of bells and whistles, but the main question for you should be is “it worth it the financial burden just to get that new car smell?” Honestly, the only downside to a used car is the risk of getting a lemon, but if you do the proper research and inspect it well that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Know What You Can Live With and Live Without

It is important to understand that unless you are made of money, or planning on destroying your credit, you will not be able to get everything your heart desires as a first-time driver. That being said, you will need to decide on what you feel you can live with and live without before looking for a used car in your area. If you are struggling with this try to think of the most important things, like body type and power while working your way down to things like entertainment and technology. For example, starting with body type, if you can live with something small you may be able to up the power or mileage you can afford in your used car. Buying a used car is just about learning how to balance needs with wants.

Know About Where You Live

When investing in a car it is always important to think about your environment. For example, used cars for sale in Indianapolis must fit the Indianapolis area and the general lifestyle of those who call it home. Since it is a populous city, those trying to buy used cars for sale in Indianapolis should mainly be focused on things such as vehicles that offer smooth handling and have eco-friendly features in order to easily and cleanly maneuver around the city. If you travel into Indianapolis each day you may want a used car that also offers a little extra space for your belongings, such as a reasonably priced hatchback or SUV. City life is not very affordable either so a used car that can save you some cash will be a big help. That being said Indianapolis, is in the Midwest, which features some truly inspirational and beautiful natural landmarks, may require someone a little more adventure ready, so you probably would want to consider something with 4×4 tech. See how just the geological location alone can show you that you need something small, versatile in space, affordable, and powerful enough to handle a few rough roads now and then?

Know How to Observe Carefully

Being able to inspect used cars for sale is essential if you want to be sure that you won’t end up with a lemon. There are many tips on how to do this, but the best advice is to always always test drive it. Test driving a used vehicle is the best way to get a feeling for what may be good or bad about the vehicle. You will want to open all your senses to check for any and all unusual smells, sounds or vibrations. That being said, unless you are a mechanic you will not be able to spot every possible fault, so if the used vehicle passed the online history inspection, as well as the test drive, you will also want to ask to take it to a professional before putting down any money. Warning signs of a lemon can also be found in the dealer themselves. If they will not let you take the car to a professional you trust, even after agreeing to leave identification, then you may be dealing with someone who is trying to cover up a used car that is worth a lot less than the given value. Just be sure to always be on alert.

Know Who You are Buying From

So you are looking for used cars for sale in Indianapolis, but you don’t know where to get one. The dealership you buy from is nearly as important as the car you are buying, so just be sure it is one with a good reputation and a customer-centric attitude. Online.cars is a great place to begin your search for used cars in Indianapolis, especially from the comfort of your home!