Why Consider Online Car Shopping?

May 14th, 2021 by

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Be honest – do you actually know anybody who enjoys car shopping? There might be a few people who find car shopping to be a fun adventure, but for the majority of us, it’s a hassle that we wish we could do without. Alas, we live in a world where having a car is pretty much a basic necessity of life, so whether we like it or not, car shopping we must go. Thankfully, we are also living in a time where online car shopping is easier and more convenient than it’s ever been before. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the best online car sales in Louisville from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Online.cars specializes in selling the very best used cars in a uniquely online format. No matter your income level or your lifestyle, you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping from Online.cars. We’ve got everything you need to make your car buying journey as simple and pain-free as possible. As online shopping for things like clothes and household items has become increasingly popular, many have wondered if large ticket items like cars and real estate will ever be as convenient to purchase online. The fact of the matter is that cars have become just as easy to purchase online as other regular everyday purchases. Isn’t it a great age that we live in?

Top 10 Benefits of Finding a Car Online

Imagine a world where car shopping is easy and fun instead of stressful and nerve-wracking! That’s what online car shopping has done for us. If you’re debating entering the world on online car sales, take a look at some of the top benefits of shopping for cars online.

#1 – Avoid Pushy Sales People

Perhaps the biggest reason people are gravitating towards online car shopping is the lack of pushy salespeople. No longer do you need to worry about anybody pressuring you into buying a car you don’t want. On the other hand, you might worry that the lack of a helpful salesperson could also mean you won’t have anybody there to answer all your questions.

When you go to a reputable online car shopping website such as Online.cars, this is not a problem. Instead of being left to your own devices, you will have a handy little chat feature that gives you an expert assistant with one click of your mouse or finger. This feature keeps information and answers to questions conveniently available for every online car shopper. Feel free to ask anything you like because that chat assistant is there to get you the answer you need – all without the pushy salesmanship.

#2 – Save Money

Did you know that when you shop for cars online, you have a higher likelihood of getting a better price on your car and therefore saving money? It’s always nice to save money, and because online car shopping locations such as Online.cars have less overhead than a traditional car lot, you can frequently get a better deal on the same vehicle online than you can at a traditional car lot. These savings are then passed on to you, the customer.

#3 – It’s Easy to Shop and Compare

When you’re shopping for cars online, it’s easy to shop around and compare. What we mean by this exactly is that if you know you want a sedan and you were shopping at local dealerships, you would normally have to hop around from dealership to dealership looking at all the different brands of sedans before finding one that gives you the best options. It can take hours, days, or even weeks just to narrow things down to an interesting brand, much less a model that will work for you.

When shopping online, you can customize your search so you are able to see hundreds upon hundreds of options within your chosen category, in this case, sedans. At the same time, you can easily narrow your search down to only include sedans that have a certain feature that you like. Once your chosen search results pop up, you can easily compare every vehicle in a matter of minutes without ever leaving your device.

#4 – Limitless Inventory

When you shop for cars in person, you are limited to the inventory of cars that will fit on that dealership’s lot. However, when you shop for cars online, you could potentially have a nationwide inventory right at your fingertips. This keeps you from having to travel all over your region just to find a vehicle that suits your needs, or worse, settling on a car you didn’t actually want just because it was close by. When you browse online car sales at Online.cars, your inventory of options is potentially limitless. Well, okay, we do have a limit, but that is to the tune of 200,000 vehicles when you use our Nationwide Search service.

#5 – Fantastic Warranties

When you buy a car from Online.cars, you will be getting a vehicle that comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty – at no extra charge! This means that every car you buy from our website is going to last you as long as you need it to, mechanically speaking, of course. Fixing up the mechanical components of your car is going to cost you nothing. This warranty comes with the purchase of your vehicle. You will be required to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance. This includes regular oil changes, brake checks, etc. If you keep your vehicle properly maintained, you will be able to drive it for the longest amount of time possible.

A man in a suit is shown going for a test drive in a vehicle.

#6 – More Time to Test Drive

When you shop from a dealership in person, you get to take your potential vehicles for a quick test drive before you decide if you want to buy one or not. This test drive typically lasts about 20 minutes, and in that short amount of time, they expect you to know for certain if that vehicle is going to make a good addition to your driveway. Unfortunately, this quick test drive can sometimes be unrealistic, and you won’t know for sure if you like the vehicle in question until you’ve driven it for several hours or even days.

Online.cars specifically has a 10-day / 1,000-mile money-back guarantee, which means you can test things such as if it fits in your garage or parking spot, fits any kids or car seats in the back comfortably, ease of use of controls and buttons, and so on. Twenty minutes is not enough time to get all this figured out, but 10 days will definitely give you enough time to test your vehicle out at home and work, as well as at the local shopping center.

#7 – Transparency

When you buy a vehicle from a neighbor or a local classifieds ad, the only thing you have to go on is the word of the person selling the car. It can be difficult to determine the actual quality of a vehicle based on that alone. However, when you buy a car from an online car sales website like Online.cars, you are getting complete transparency. Online.cars has a CarFax clean vehicle history guarantee. You will know whether or not your vehicle has been flooded, smashed, or even properly maintained throughout its entire history. When you buy through Online.cars, you will always know exactly what you’re getting, and that can offer a lot of peace of mind.

#8 – Credit Approval is Quick and Easy

When you shop from Online.cars, it’s easy to get credit approval. Online loan shopping is far more convenient than having to sit through potentially hours of having the dealership try to find you an offer. Online.cars even has a ‘shop by payment’ option so that after you get approved, you can shop based on the final, real numbers that you have to use. Additionally, keep in mind that when you shop from Online.cars, you can get your car delivered to you for free within a certain radius, so you should not need to put extra money aside just to get the car you want to the place you are at.

#9 – Vehicle Maintenance

One unique feature that Online.cars offers our customers is something called M-Bucks. These M-Bucks allow you to actually get some of your vehicle maintenance done for free if you earn enough of them. Everybody who purchases from Online.cars gets $100 worth of M-Bucks to start them off. After that, you can earn even more M-Bucks by doing simple things such as referring your friends to Online.cars. One referral of a friend or family member is actually worth $250 M-Bucks! Once you have enough M-Bucks, you can get everything from new tires to oil changes and more. All you have to do is go to an approved place that takes M-Bucks like McCluskey Chevrolet or Tire Discounters.

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#10 – It’s Easy and Worry-Free

Online.cars has a patented process for serving the online car shopping community. This process makes our cars the absolute best cars available. In fact, only 1 in 700 cars passes our exclusive test to even be available to purchase at Online.cars in the first place. One of the great things about our process is if we don’t have a particular vehicle that you want in stock, we will search nationwide for your ideal vehicle, and we will only bring a vehicle to you that meets our very strict standards. We will do all the grunt work for you, all the while you get to walk away with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new car is going to break down 32 days after you’ve brought it home.

Why Online.cars for Your Online Car Shopping?

Are you convinced yet? There is really no downside to shopping for cars online, especially when you through Online.cars. Our staff is highly trained to put the customer and their needs first, no matter what. You know you’re in good hands when you shop online from Online.cars. So what are you waiting for? Start your search for your next dream vehicle today!