Why You Should By Your Next Car Online

May 21st, 2021 by

A woman is entering her credit card information into her laptop while looking at Online car sales in Indianapolis.

Online car sales in Indianapolis have never been easier or more straightforward than now. In years past, you would have to go to a dealership, deal with salespeople, haggle out pricing, and then deal with nickel and diming as the details are hashed out. Then comes the same process with financing, and if you manage to get far enough through the quagmire to leave the lot with a car, you may realize the folly of trusting your vehicle to any old service department. Now with Online.cars, there is a new paradigm. All that hassle and hand-wringing is done away with, and in its place is a fair no-haggle pricing system and an all-online experience that is both smooth and seamless. Purchasing a car from your couch and having it delivered to your door is the best way to get your new vehicle.

Pricing and Purchasing

Online.cars differs from traditional car buying from the very start, with easy online browsing and haggle-free pricing shown upfront. We show the fair price of a vehicle immediately and automatically as you are browsing through their large inventory, and that is the price overall, without any tricks or haggling required. Instead of spending days to figure out what a car would actually cost you at the dealership, at Online.cars, you know as you browse.

Financing is also made straightforward and easy. Whether you can pay for your purchase completely in cash, need a significant loan, or anything in between, Online.cars has the experience and tools to get you on the road. They work with dozens of lenders and will make sure you get the best possible financing for your transaction. That includes people with less than stellar credit, no credit, or good credit, and those capable of putting varying amounts down upfront.

These days, nothing says safety and convenience like contactless delivery. With a standard dealership, you would need to travel to the physical location several times and deal with everyone there and the wait times that entailed. With contactless delivery, your vehicle is literally brought straight to your driveway or work. No need to go anywhere to get your car or truck, as it is simply brought to you.

Another uncommon feature of online vehicle purchases is the ability to do a vehicle return. If, for any reason, you don’t like your vehicle, Online.cars will come and pick it up for free. As long as it has been less than ten days or a thousand driven miles, the car will be taken off your hands free of charge. Standard dealerships don’t even come close to that level of service and customer focus.

A blue 2021 Chevy Colorado is driving down a two way road past a lake.

Servicing and Maintenance

A facet of the car ownership experience not often considered ahead of time is the upkeep of the vehicle over time. This is a very important part of ownership, as eventually, a car without maintenance won’t be much more than a paperweight. We offer a broad warranty on our vehicles, including complete mechanical coverage on every vehicle we sell. Our vehicles are also covered through Guaranteed Asset Protection and are thoroughly checked over prior to sale. The best start to have with vehicle ownership is to start with a vehicle in the best possible condition.

Over time, however, it is prudent to do regular scheduled maintenance. Unlike a standard dealer, vehicles from Online.cars have a service network beyond a single location. Any McCluskey Chevrolet dealership or Tire Discounters shop will be able to handle your service needs. This flexibility allows you to even get maintenance done when far from home in certain situations.

Since it is best to start with a car or truck that needs no repairs, to begin with, we work hard to vet every vehicle before it is posted on the site. Included in this process is a Carfax report that comes with every vehicle, so you know exactly what the history of the car is before you buy it. This is a level of transparency and trustworthiness that not all used car dealerships can muster.

Nationwide Vehicle Search

One of the most powerful tools in our arsenal, especially when compared to a standard dealership, is our patented Nationwide Search. If you are looking for a specific make or model that we don’t already have, our team of Search Experts will comb through an inventory of over 200,000 vehicles to find the one you are looking for. It is like a vehicle concierge, except Online.cars will also deliver the discovered vehicle to your door.

For example, the new C8 Corvette is an extremely popular vehicle that doesn’t stay long on dealer lots, especially with certain specific options packages. Finding a C8 Corvette for less than 100,000 dollars might be child’s play, but finding one with the Z51 package that includes the performance exhaust and also has the super high-tech magnetic ride control installed could be an uphill battle. That’s where the Nationwide Vehicle Search comes in. We can find the vehicle you are looking for and help facilitate a quick sale once we do. The capabilities of our search are incredibly valuable to those who want any particular model vehicle, whether that be in a certain price or mileage range, or any other set of parameters.

The C8 Corvette is a common car with uncommon options, but the Chevy SS is an uncommon car full stop. The V8 powered four-door sleeper is one of those cars where “if you know, you know,” and enthusiasts would love to be handed the keys and title to one. The nationwide search can help find this kind of car too and will put it into the same rigorous evaluation all Online.cars vehicles go through before they are purchased.

Even trucks like the ZR2 Colorado can be purchased online, with all the desired options and colors. Simply put, the Nationwide Search system allows you to look everywhere at once, but with the extra knowledge and capability to ensure that the rare vehicle you choose still winds up being a reliable daily driver for years to come. How do we know that? Because our Nationwide Search automatically filters out any vehicles that have been in a bad accident or had previous title issues. You won’t find any fire, flood, salvage, lemon, hail, or rebuilt designations on these vehicles.

A red 2021 Chevy Corvette is shown parked in a lot under a blue sky.

Shop the Modern Way With Online.cars

There is a new paradigm in car sales, and that paradigm is online. More convenient, more straightforward, and easier than ever before, this system of automobile purchasing allows anyone to buy cars as if they were royalty, without having to leave their couch. Excellent vehicles, extensive warranties, digital concierge service, and home delivery are all available now. Buying a car online removes the pain from the experience while making the moment of seeing your vehicle delivered all the more awesome.

If you are ready to buy your next used vehicle in a new way, and have it delivered to you, then you need to check out our inventory now. Have a dream car you are looking for? Let us know the details, and we will search through our extensive, extended nationwide inventory to find it. When you shop with us, you get all of the conveniences of modern online shopping and none of the hassles that come from spending hours at a dealership. It’s a winning situation for everyone.