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Do you and your family put off trips to the local brick and mortar auto dealership even though you need a new vehicle? Do you feel the entire auto shopping experience is too cumbersome and too hard to understand? Have you suspected, following past auto shopping trips, that you drove away with a vehicle that wasn’t everything you actually wanted? Well, those trips do not have to be your typical auto shopping experience anymore. 

Now you can easily shop for a new car in the privacy of your home and have the largest selection available to you. That’s the difference between and Jake Sweeney Mazda. While Jake Sweeney Mazda has an impressive inventory of vehicles, a brick-and-mortar dealership can’t compete with the nationwide inventory afforded by 

No matter what vehicle you need, there’s no question that using saves time and stress. When buyers shop in person at a dealership, they might make costly, quick decisions on financing or additional products, such as extended warranties.’s friendly sales department minimizes that risk. It also alleviates the stress of negotiating in person.

What makes better than a local dealership? At, you’ll find a variety of reasons to choose this new method of finding your next vehicle. Our automobile search encompasses the entire U.S. To aid in your decision, we provide you with a guaranteed CARFAX clean vehicle history report. You’ll be pleased to know that we offer a 10-day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your choice. We will also give you $500 if you find a lower price at any other dealership. Once you own one of our vehicles, we offer a free lifetime mechanical warranty on all of our cars. If you ever need us, we’re available seven days and nights each week for you. And if you refer our firm to a family member or friend, we’ll give you $250 M-bucks.

Oftentimes, you and your family are searching for a particular vehicle for your needs. That particular vehicle might not be available at a traditional dealership. Rather than compromising on the specs, trim, or item on your wish list, such as color, packages, and specific features, visit where their personal sales shoppers will conduct a nationwide search for you and help to find your particular vehicle.


Let’s Go on a Trip

Everyone likes to go on vacation and usually that involves your vehicle. It’s important to have a practical car for your trip. You’ll want to find one that gets great gas mileage, has an abundant amount of windows and a sunroof, and plenty of cargo space for your luggage. During your search, you’ll want to know how much interior cabin room you have in order to stretch your legs and what type of infotainment system you’ll get for those long hours between destinations.


Towing a Boat or Camper

Perhaps that vacation involves towing a boat or camper. Certain pickup trucks are the perfect way to get your camper or boat safely to its final destination. It all depends on the size of your boat or camper and how much power and cargo space your vehicle can handle. Make sure that the vehicle can be equipped with a hitch. If you are bringing along rafts and fishing rods, you’ll want to designate that the truck or SUV or crossover has plenty of space for those accessories.



So many families in the U.S. own a pet and they like to take their pet with them to the store, to run errands, visit dog parks, the veterinarian, or a nearby spot to just run and play. You’ll want to ensure that your vehicle can adequately handle whatever size your pet might be. If you transport your pet in a crate, make sure that your new vehicle can fit it in the trunk or back seat.


Own Your Business

Perhaps you own your own business and need to carry your tools and other assorted equipment to your customers’ homes or building sites. Carpenters and plumbers prefer particular types of pickup trucks with certain capabilities because it allows them to easily carry long pipes or stacks of lumber. When specifying a vehicle with, you’ll be able to choose the vehicle’s bed size, cargo capacity, and interior cabin function.


Outdoor Enthusiasts

Have you and your family begun to enjoy the great outdoors and off-roading? If so, you might not find the particular vehicle for your situation at a local dealership. Turn to to pinpoint a rugged truck or SUV. You’ll want to find a vehicle that has the power to get you and your family over rocky roads, muddy paths, narrow back country lanes, and snowy fields. Ask to find a vehicle based on requests like a roomy, comfortable interior for extra gear or a hunter’s Labrador retriever, air conditioning or heat for outdoor weather, outlets in the front and back for electrical supply systems, and 4WD. If you’re a proud hunter and want to drive a vehicle that shows off your passion, locate a truck specifically decorated with camouflage. Some families opt to use their vehicle as a covered tent for the family; in that case you’ll need to research which vehicles will accommodate a certain amount of people in the cargo bed.


Facing a Mid-Life Crisis?

Some consumers who have chosen to use are people who are facing a mid-life crisis. During their entire life, they’ve always wanted a specific sports coupe to drive. Now is the time to find it. Have you always dreamed of owning that shiny bright red sports car but could never find it at your local dealership? Now you can with Maybe you and your spouse are empty-nesters and can choose a cute two-seater vehicle that was never practical before.


Special Needs Vehicles

If your family is in need of a particular vehicle to transport a child or grandparent who is ill or disabled, you’ll have certain cars that work best for your situation. You might need cargo space for a wheelchair or the ability to add a lift. In that case, turn to – dedicated to finding the right vehicle to make your travel and vehicle adaptation easier for people with special needs. Perhaps a certain crossover can be equipped with gentle ramps or lifts.