How To Buy A Used Car Online

In today’s world, everyone is turning to the internet to make their purchases. Clothes, toys, food, pharmaceuticals, furniture, and even pets can be purchased online. Last year the Wall Street Journal reported that for the first time a majority of Americans–51% of shoppers—purchased their goods on the web. So why not buy a car online?

It may surprise you but shopping online for a new or used car is more popular than ever. And for good reason. Don’t we all cringe at the thought of some of our car dealership experiences? Rather than drive from car lot to car lot aimlessly looking for that best deal, savvy car buyers can search for that perfect vehicle at the touch of their fingertips and from the comfort of their homes.

What’s more, they are able to easily compare different vehicles, find valuable reviews, check financing options, and even research warranty specifications. Car shoppers are able to access new online tools that will educate them on the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), invoice price, trade-in values, financing, incentives, inventory, expert ratings, and even recent transactions. Whatever data you need, it is all available 24/7 online for you to access.

Car shoppers in today’s environment are more educated than ever before. This puts them ahead and in control of four main areas before they commit to a purchase: price, trade, financing, and down payment.


Why Buy From

So let us introduce to you This is a brand new, free-of-charge, resource for consumers who want to purchase a viable used vehicle and perhaps already have a specific vehicle in mind. You know who you are; ever since high school you’ve dreamed of owning a cherry red 1977 Corvette or a 1960 Ford Falcon droptop. Here’s the answer to your dreams. has been established to disrupt the traditional used car buying experience. It is a stable, yet trendy, online tool that offers an easy and efficient means for its users. Plus it stands out over a traditional dealership’s online tool by offering a number of unique capabilities.

Unlike other online sites, has a large inventory of used cars from all types of manufacturers with a variety of makes and models of cars that are updated on almost a daily basis. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. puts you literally and figuratively in the driver’s seat. You’ll be so educated with enough information from the site to make a knowledgeable deal; is praised for streamlining the entire purchasing process for you.

How Does it Work?

Now that you’ve learned how works, you might find yourself asking, what makes our site unique and special? Unlike other online sites, we offer a number of special incentives that put us above everyone else.

One of the biggest reasons that is superior to other used car buying sites is that we offer a nationwide vehicle search. Nowhere else will you find such an extensive array of used vehicles.

Once you’ve chosen your used vehicle, we offer free shipping. No matter where your vehicle is located, and that could be half way around the country— will purchase that vehicle and make sure it arrives in your driveway free of charge.

Secondly, we offer a guaranteed CARFAX Clean Vehicle History report for your used vehicle. CARFAX reports contain important information on vehicle registration, frame/structural damage, salvaged, junked or flood titles, accident indicators, odometer readings, service and repair information, lemon history, vehicle usage (taxi, rental, lease, etc.), total loss accident history, and recall information. We understand that car shoppers are wary when buying a used car, especially online. Is the potential purchase vehicle a lemon? Will I need to do a lot of repairs in a few months? Will the car break down on the side of the road? By partnering with, we take that stress away. A CARFAX report will guarantee that you’re purchasing a clean vehicle.

To underline our promise of purchasing a reliable used vehicle, we also offer a free lifetime mechanical protection warranty for all of our used vehicles. We also provide you with peace of mind by offering a 24-hour a day, seven days a week service center. No matter what time of day you need us, we’re here nights, weekends, and holidays.

What else sets us apart from our competition? We offer a three-day/300-mile money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your used vehicle. We realize that everyone has their heart set on a particular used vehicle but sometimes you change your mind when you begin to drive it. We understand and that’s why we offer this guarantee.

Let’s talk money. At we already feel that we offer the best prices on used vehicles. But to emphasize that offer, we will extend a $500 lower price guarantee if you find a better deal elsewhere on our used vehicle.

Once you’ve become a member of our family, we like to reward you for being a loyal customer. We’ve instituted a $250 M-Bucks referral program. In essence, that’s what you’ll receive for each individual referral.

Don’t be worried if you feel like you don’t have a good enough credit score. At, we can help you to improve it. By making monthly payments in a timely fashion, you’ll begin to boost your credit score.

Whether you are ready to purchase a particular used vehicle or are still looking over all of your options, our knowledgeable staff at is ready to help you. Our inventory changes often and we can bring you up-to-date on what is available, along with the most recent prices, options, and extras available. Even if you are traveling on business or on vacation with your family and you see a vehicle that interests you, is easily accessible 24-hours a day from anywhere in the world through an internet connection.o find the same vehicle for a lower price anywhere else.


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We invite you to visit us at to see our vast inventory and learn how our service works. We’re here to better serve you and your used car buying needs.

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