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When in search of used Chevrolet Cincinnati drivers have made a wise decision, not simply because of the decision to buy a Chevy, but because of the decision to consider a pre-owned vehicle. Whether you prefer to call them ‘pre-owned’ (as a more polished term) or ‘used’, the simple fact is that today’s offerings have evolved immensely from the stigma-ridden used cars of the past.



Buying Pre-Owned With Confidence


When deciding to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, there a wide range of benefits to be enjoyed. Consider first the fact that you are able to get more vehicle for your money. That’s right. By doing so, you have allowed the previous owner to shoulder the vast majority of the depreciation. For example, a 3-year old vehicle could be worth up to 46% less than the price at which it had been bought new.
This is a powerful statement, especially considering the fact that vehicles (as a whole) appear to be better maintained than ever. Current statistics show that drivers are holding onto their vehicles up to 10.8 years, longer than ever before reported. With the mileage on many vehicles reaching well into the 200,000-300,000 mile range, the implication is that manufacturer warranties are being put to good use and that many owners are diligent with vehicle maintenance. While that doesn’t mean that a blemish-free existence should be expected on all pre-owned vehicles, it does provide certain assurances.
Speaking of assurance, the growing prevalence of Certified Pre-Owned programs provide car buyers with increased security in their decision to opt away from buying ‘new’. By providing certain front-end guarantees and extended warranties, customers can buy with confidence. And contractual maintenance agreements bind the owner, dealership, and manufacturer together in shared accountability to ensure that vehicles can enjoy their full potential.
Ultimately, these are just some of the considerations that make pre-owned vehicles worth exploring. Granted, some vehicles are more likely than others to experience a long life or fewer issues. But regardless of which of the points above we’re discussing, Chevy earns one of the highest seats in terms of automaker acclaim. What is it about a Chevy that earns such high regard in terms of longevity and reliability?


Great Moments in Chevy


Only a handful of vehicles have been documented (and verified) as having passed the 1 million mile mark, in terms of odometer readings. Of those, two have been Chevy’s (Silverado’s, in fact).
The first was a 2006 Chevy Silverado, driven approx. 500 miles daily for long-haul commercial use over the span of seven years. Having already passed the 1 million mile mark, the odometer had been reset with an additional 200,000 miles added after the fact. Even more impressive is that fact that, aside from an oil leak, the Silverado was still running strong.
The second example came from a 1991 Chevy Silverado. Purchased in 1996, with 41,000 miles on the odometer, this pre-owned Silverado was also used for commercial purposes. The trucks ascension into the 1 million mile club took place in Wisconsin in 2008 and was documented by National Public Radio.
While these are certainly extreme examples, both sets of owners had one thing in common. They credit the longevity of their Chevy vehicles with proper maintenance. That said, it doesn’t diminish the fact that both vehicles happened to be Chevy’s.
In fact, an audit of used vehicles with 200,000 miles or more determined that Chevy offerings have a stronger foot-hold than expected, in terms of market share. The most common examples included the Silverado 2500HD (approx. 3.6%), Suburban (approx. 3.6%), Tahoe (approx. 2.1%) and the Silverado 1500 (approx. 1.4%). Accounting for over 10%, this doesn’t even take into consideration Chevy’s crossover, SUV, sedan or compact offerings, implying an even greater representation overall.
This speaks volumes as to the comfort with which someone might consider a pre-owned Chevy. If the buyer has performed their due diligence, is comfortable with the assurances offered (vehicle history report, maintenance history, etc) then they should have little in the way of hesitation.


GM Certified Pre-Owned


As mentioned above, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs provide a certain degree of assurance. While no program is created equal, GM Certified rates as one of the most comprehensive in terms of value, further incentivizing the decision to buy a pre-owned Chevy.
To earn GM Certified status a pre-owned Chevy must first meet certain core criteria. Specifically, it must have:

  • Been produced within the last five model years
  • Been driven less than 75,000 miles
  • A clean CarFAX vehicle history report

This alone provides ample assurance, and yet it’s just the beginning.
Eligible vehicles undergo a rigorous 172-point inspection, performed by GM Certified technicians. Any parts or major systems that do not meet factory standards are repaired, refurbished or replaced, as needed.
Once awarded CPO status, the vehicle receives two extended warranties, each with a $0 deductible. First, a transferable Powertrain Limited Warranty, lasting 6-Years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first). This is in addition to a Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty, lasting 12-Months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first).
All vehicles receive a scheduled maintenance program, designed to ensure longevity.
Not satisfied with your purchase? GM Certified vehicles can be returned to the dealer within 3 days or 150 miles (whichever comes first) and exchanged for a more suitable vehicle.
Combined, there are countless reasons to consider a GM Certified Pre-owned Chevy.


Once you acknowledge the value of buying a used vehicle, why not explore just how easy car buying could be. Rather than restricting yourself to dealer inventories, and subjecting yourself to the chore of traversing their lots, side-stepping high pressured sales tactics, ask yourself…is it all really necessary?
It isn’t. Visit and find out for yourself how simple it can be to find the pre-owned vehicle that you want, without any of the stress of traditional car buying.


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