Buy A Used Car Online In Indianapolis

How many vehicles have you owned in your lifetime thus far? Now, for every vehicle you’ve owned, think about your experience buying it and the hours you spent at the dealership. Chances are pretty high that you spent several hours, if not most of the day at the dealership navigating the car-buying process from valuing your trade-in and applying for a loan to finalizing the paperwork. What if we told you that we’re here to change that experience and help you buy a used car online in Indianapolis from the comfort of your couch?

Here at, we’re changing the car-buying experience to better meet your needs because we know that your time is valuable. That’s why the greatest place to find a used car in Indianapolis is online with us. Instead of spending your entire day at a dealership haggling over prices, applying for credit, and finalizing the paperwork, we’ve taken the entire process online. Through our nationwide inventory, you can find your dream car at the touch of a button. We even offer free home delivery to make the deal even sweeter!

Does it sound too good to be true? We get that, too, which is why we’ve put together a few benefits of shopping with From shopping from the comfort of your home to an unmatched inventory and beyond, here’s a sneak peek of everything we have to offer!

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Still in Your PJs? No Problem! Shop from Home

We are revolutionizing the car-buying process by taking it entirely online. Instead of getting dressed and heading to a local dealership, you can shop for a used vehicle from the comfort of your own home with your favorite beverage in hand while you binge-watch your favorite television series. This is the best benefit of shopping with us because it means you can shop from anywhere on your terms and on your time! So, how does it work?

While you reap the benefits of shopping online for a used car in your sweatpants or pajamas, our team works behind the scenes at our headquarters north of Cincinnati in Loveland, Ohio. After you’ve searched our inventory and found the perfect vehicle, you can reach out to our team online with any questions. Your Vehicle Solution Specialist will guide you through the process, from answering questions about the vehicle and helping you complete the online forms to explaining the vehicle’s warranties and scheduling delivery. All of this is handled online or over the phone, which means you can buy a used car wherever you are!

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Looking for a Specific Model? Shop Our Unmatched Inventory

While shopping from the comfort of your home sounds nice, you’re probably wondering, “Is the inventory going to be limited?” Not at all. The greatest benefit of shopping with us is our unmatched selection of used cars. Unlike traditional dealerships with limited inventory, by taking the process online, we have extended our inventory nationwide. Here’s how!

We are owned by McCluskey Chevrolet, which is the top volume Chevrolet dealership in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. McCluskey Chevrolet has a rich history that spans 90 years in the automotive business with customers across all 50 states. So, why does this matter? Because as part of the McCluskey brand, guarantees the same award-winning customer service and high-quality vehicles. We’re not reinventing the wheel, so to speak; we’re just making the process virtual!

When you shop with, you can search our inventory by vehicle or payment, which allows you to tailor your search to your budget or driving needs. For even more options, we have access to thousands of vehicles through our Nationwide Search. Our patented Nationwide Search software allows us to browse through an extended inventory of over 200,000 vehicles across the country, all of which meet our strict standards of quality. For example, the software removes every vehicle that’s been in a severe accident or has title issues such as salvage, junk, or rebuild models as well as those damaged by fire, flood, or hail. We eliminate all lemons from the search to ensure you have only the best vehicles to choose from.

We are confident that you’ll find the vehicle you’re looking for in our inventory. In fact, we guarantee it through our patented process and our team of Search Experts. If you’re having trouble finding a vehicle, you can reach out to the search team for assistance. If our search team can’t find the exact vehicle you’re looking for, we’ll give you a $200 American Express Gift Card. What do you have to lose? It’s a win-win.

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So Many Benefits

Beyond shopping our extensive nationwide inventory from the comfort of your home, there are many other benefits to shopping for a used car in Indianapolis with We know that one of the biggest stressors of the car-buying process is financing, especially if you don’t have a strong credit history. That’s why we eliminate that stress by guaranteeing credit approval right from the beginning. You can pre-qualify, calculate your payments, shop our inventory by payment, and value your trade-in online to take the guesswork out of knowing what you can afford.

Another great benefit to shopping with us is our exceptional warranties that are designed to give you peace of mind. For starters, you’ll receive the same manufacturer warranties that you would if you purchased a vehicle at any of our McCluskey Chevrolet dealerships. We add to this with a fully insured Lifetime Mechanical Warranty that is free with your purchase and remains active as long as you get your vehicle’s oil changed every 6,000 miles.

In addition to our lifetime warranty, we also want to ensure you are confident in your purchase. To do this, we offer a 10-day or 1,000-mile money-back guarantee that begins the day of delivery. When your vehicle is delivered, you’ll finalize the paperwork, and the delivery person will log the vehicle’s odometer reading. From there, you’ll have 10 days or 1,000 miles to determine if the vehicle is the right fit for you. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can contact your Vehicle Solution Specialist and arrange for the vehicle’s return at no cost to you!

If you find that you love the vehicle, then all you have to worry about is your next adventure! With our free lifetime mechanical warranty, you can drive with confidence knowing that we’ve got you covered. And, when it’s time for an oil change or routine maintenance, you can rest assured because we’re here to help with that too. Just head on over to a McCluskey Chevrolet dealership or to a Tire Discounters, where you’ll find a team of expert service techs ready to handle all your maintenance and repairs needs. 39.2988039, -84.307019.