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Looking for Financing Alternatives for Auto Loans with Bad Credit?

If you have poor credit, you might think that somewhere offering Buy Here Pay Here in Indianapolis is your only option. However, this is typically not the case! There are many alternatives to Buy Here Pay Here, even if you have bad credit. At, we are proud to offer such alternatives by providing auto loans for drivers of all credit situations. We make it easy to get pre-approved and secure financing for your next vehicle right from the comfort of your own home. So, stay in your pajamas, start browsing our extensive inventory, and say good-bye to Buy Here Pay Here programs.

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Ease of Qualifying

When you choose to shop as an alternative to Buy Here Pay Here, you will notice that there are many benefits from utilizing our car purchasing option to help you go from “challenged credit to excellent credit.” This is what we specialize in...that and excellent vehicles for excellent prices but we will get to that later on.

Are you wondering how you might get qualified with all of your credit baggage? We are there to help you with this situation and have many options available to help customers with all kinds of credit to purchase their new vehicles. We are sensitive to the fact that someone who already has issues with credit does not need a company making credit inquiries that would also cause their credit to dip even lower. Consequently, through our helpful website you are able to get qualified for the purchase of a new vehicle without entering your social security number or date of birth. With the simple information that we ask of you, our experts are able to put together a great deal for financing for your next vehicle.

Information Needed to Get You Pre-Qualified

The information that is needed to get you pre-qualified is not overwhelming nor is it unreasonable. It is in this manner that is able to evaluate your situation and help you to get the credit that you need without any hard credit inquiries that would negatively impact your credit. Below is the information needed to get you pre-qualified:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Gross monthly income

Ease of Navigation Website

We recommend that you utilize our website tools to develop a plan for your next car loan. It is a convenient way to shop for your next vehicle in the comfort of your own home and you can tailor your plan to suit your lifestyle and budget. There are four options available on our website that you can click on and will help you to get qualified for your next vehicle purchase:

Get Prequalified

The information that you need to get pre-qualified are your name, address, phone number, email address and gross monthly income. Enter this information in and one of our sales experts will contact you.

Shop By Payment

Do you have a payment range in mind that is comfortable for you? understands that your comfort level is crucial to making certain that your payment plan is going to be successful. This tool enables you to have an awareness of exactly what you will need to put down for a deposit, the price range of the vehicle, interest rate and terms and how it will influence your payment. The information that this option gives enables you to plan and develop your own plan so that it is comfortable for you.

Trade in Valuation

This tool will help you to determine exactly what you can count on for an amount that you will be able to receive for your trade. All you need to enter for this tool is the Vehicle Identification Number for your vehicle.

Payment Calculator

Enter your information and then choose the style vehicle that you are looking for in prices and financing that works for you.

No Pushy Sales Tactics

You may find that when you purchase a car in the comfort of your own home that you are able to make better decisions in all aspects of your car buying experience. One of the best benefits of utilizing as an alternative to Buy Here Pay Here in Indianapolis is that you can be assured that you will not encounter any pushy sales tactics. realizes that it is crucial to your success and overall satisfaction that you are comfortable at every stage of your car buying experience. We are true to our motto “We change lives… car at a time” and every effort to make certain that you are comfortable and satisfied is taken into consideration when you look to them to purchase your next vehicle.

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Quality Vehicles Available in Every Make and Model at Competitive Prices

Through our website, you are able to choose the body type preference that you have for a vehicle and then scroll through the options available. All our vehicles are thoroughly inspected for quality to ensure that the vehicle that you purchase is in excellent working condition and that you will remain a satisfied customer for many years. We have every make and model to suit just about every taste, lifestyle and budget. Do you have any questions about the vehicle that you choose? Our caring and competent sales personnel can answer any questions that you might have in a prompt and dependable manner that will make certain that you are completely satisfied. We have gone through a great deal of effort to get to know our customer in an effort to be able to provide the quality, price, and financing that they are looking for in the Buy Here Pay Here Indianapolis experience.


Visit Today!

So, when you are in need of creative financing to get into your next vehicle, checkout We have truly great options as an alternative to Buy Here Pay Here in Indianapolis and are certain to have just the reliable vehicle that you are looking for at a great price. We intend to make certain that by helping you to go from “challenged credit to excellent credit” that we are helping to “change lives….one car at a time.” Drivers are pleased to discover that we can help to change their lives by putting them into the car they need. With the purchase of a car from, drivers are able to have the opportunity to be able to get a quality car, with a comfortable payment that will ultimately help to improve their credit score. This solution to Buy Here Pay Here in Indianapolis gives drivers the opportunity to step away from thinking that in-house financing is their only option.

So, when you’re ready to start shopping for a new vehicle, visit We have a great selection of vehicles in the Indianapolis area that are sure to meet and exceed your automotive needs. With the convenience of an all-online experience, you can avoid a day at the dealership and complete the entire car-buying process from your couch or home office. But don’t worry, if you do need help during any point in the process, our customer service will be readily available. So, don’t wait! Visit today and pick out your next vehicle!

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