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What does it mean to be a revolutionary? A revolutionary causes widespread change, hopefully for the better. But what does this have to do with your search for Chicago online car sales? Absolutely everything because it brought you to is revolutionizing the car-buying experience by bringing the entire process to you. As a result, Chicago drivers are quickly discovering that is the ultimate venue to find the perfect vehicle for getting around the city. Our nationwide inventory puts thousands of models at your fingertips, and our competitive pricing guarantees you’re getting the best deal available. But, more importantly, you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office!

As the brainchild of McCluskey Chevrolet, the leading Chevrolet dealer in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, is proud to redefine what it means to buy a car. Unlike other online used car dealers, we’re backed by a trusted dealership with decades of experience in the automotive industry. This experience and backing are the foundation of who we are and have put us on a trajectory of success as we serve customers like you from coast to coast.

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So, what does it mean to shop with an online dealership like What type of vehicles do we offer, and what quality standards do we require? What are the many benefits of shopping with us? We’re excited to answer these questions and show you every way we’re revolutionizing the car-buying experience for customers like you in the Windy City.

We Have the Car You’re Looking For

From tiny commuter cars to large SUVs and trucks perfect for the family, has the vehicle you’re looking for. But how can we make this guarantee? It’s easy with our nationwide inventory and Patented Nationwide Search tool.

When you shop at a traditional dealership, you’re usually limited to what they have on the lot. However, as an online dealership, our inventory is limitless. Our virtual showroom is updated daily, putting thousands of vehicles at your fingertips. This sheer volume must mean we add every used vehicle to our inventory, right? Fortunately, that’s not the case, which is yet another way we give you the confidence to shop our nationwide selection.

We want our customers to only have the best models to choose from, so we designed our Patented Search Software to guarantee as much. This technology filters every vehicle with title issues or excessive damage. For example, you won't find cars, trucks, or SUVs that have been salvaged, involved in major accidents, or experienced flood or electrical damage. By filtering out these vehicles, we maintain our higher quality standards, with only one model out of every 700 passing our comprehensive vetting process.

Along with holding every vehicle to higher standards, our patented software also expands your search from the Chicago area to dealerships across the nation. Our Patented Nationwide Search software puts over 200,000 vehicles at your fingertips, which means the car of your dreams is always within reach. In addition, you can use the tool to find a specific make and model or shop by price, giving you the freedom to shop within your budget and say “yes” to the perfect car to navigate your way around the city.

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Why Shop With Online.Cars Instead of Other Online Retailers?

Our nationwide inventory, high-quality standards, and competitive pricing are prime reasons to shop with us. But why else should you make your dealer of choice? Here’s every reason is better than your average dealership.

#1 Satisfaction, Guaranteed

How often have you purchased something only to realize you don’t like it once you get it home? For small items like a pair of shoes or jeans, it’s usually an easy return. But how do you combat buyer’s remorse on a larger investment like a vehicle? knows that buyer’s remorse causes many customers to hesitate before they shop for their next vehicle online. To mitigate this risk, we offer a 10-day moneyback guarantee that gives you the confidence to shop our inventory. If you find the vehicle isn’t the right fit for you, we promise a hassle-free return. Just reach out to your Vehicle Solutions Specialist within seven days, and we’ll schedule a free pick-up with no questions asked.

#2 Quality, Guaranteed

Every vehicle comes with a clean CARFAX vehicle history report; we guarantee it. This comprehensive report gives you a clear picture of the vehicle’s quality, ownership history, and operability. Our patented software excludes vehicles with title issues and significant accident involvement or airbag deployment, which is how we guarantee a clean vehicle history report. This report ensures you know what you’re getting before the sale is final.

#3 Lifetime Peace of Mind

When you purchase a vehicle with us, you can see firsthand how much confidence we have in our inventory. Every model comes with our lifetime mechanical warranty without any mileage restrictions. This is our way of proving that we’re always here for you, especially when the unthinkable happens and your vehicle needs repair.

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#4 Nationwide Service Network

We’re backed by one of the leading Chevrolet dealers in a tri-state area, which adds to our expertise and stellar reputation. It also means you always have a brick-and-mortar dealership to turn to when you need automotive repair. More importantly, it doesn’t limit you to a small network of service providers. Our nationwide service network guarantees you can get the repair or services you need, whether you’re in downtown Chicago or venturing south for your family’s annual summer vacation.

#5 Stress-Free Financing

The most stressful aspect of buying a car is figuring out how you will pay for it. We’re proud to offer a stress-free finance process that lets you get excited about your purchase. Because we have relationships with over 40 lenders, we work with all types of credit histories and guarantee approval so that you can get back on the road to financial freedom in a car you love. It’s as easy as working with one of our Vehicle Solution Specialists to get pre-approved and find a vehicle that fits within your budget.

#6 We Want Your Trade

Many first-time customers think that just because we’re on an online dealership means we don’t take trade-ins. Fortunately, that’s not the case. We accept every trade, even if your vehicle isn’t operable. Like the buying process, the trade-in process is straightforward and starts with completing the Trade-In Information form and submitting a few pictures of your vehicle. From there, we’ll value your trade and make you an offer. Then, if you accept, we’ll pick up your trade when we deliver your new vehicle.

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