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We know you’ve got better things to do than trek all around to all the Columbus used car dealers. That’s time and effort you shouldn’t have to expend, especially since most people don’t research major purchases in person anymore either. Think about buying a new laptop or a new household appliance. You probably do your research online and quite possibly even make your final purchase from the same site. 8 in 10 Americans shop online now, and we think you should be able to do your research and shopping for used cars in Columbus online too! Why waste time driving around from dealership to dealership and still not finding exactly the car you’re looking for when you can sit back and relax at home with a cup of coffee and find the perfect car you’ve been dreaming of!? On Online.Cars, we’re revolutionizing the Columbus used car dealer experience and we’re confident you’ll never go back to the mundanity of in-person Columbus used car dealers ever again. Read on to learn more about the Online.Cars difference!

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Car Buying In-Person vs Online

At Online.Cars, we believe that technology is the future. Fewer people are sticking to traditional methods to do their shopping. Now, instead of heading to a big box store to shop, people can order online for home delivery, pickup in store, use a mobile app, subscribe to a service, or any other modern shopping method. The auto industry is modernizing around us too, there are more fuel-efficient cars than ever, electric vehicles are on the rise, cars with intelligent safety features and entertainment functions are becoming mainstream! So why hasn’t the car buying experience revolutionized around it? At Online.Cars, it has.

When you buy a car in-person at a Columbus used car dealer, you might have to travel to several different places and still not find what you’re looking for. You probably wasted your entire day off and left feeling frustrated with a pushy salesperson or the lack of selection. You might have even been turned away because of your poor credit score. At Online.Cars, you don’t have to sacrifice your day off to shop for a great used car and you won’t be turned away because of your less-than-ideal credit history. Instead, you can shop at your leisure in your spare time and have fun with the process!

So instead of sifting through dozens of sites to research vehicles and still having to drive around to Columbus used car dealers to check out vehicles, do all your research and car buying on one site. This will save you time, money, and make the process more fun and customizable!

We’ve Got the Goods

As an online seller of used cars in the Columbus and Cincinnati area, we aren’t limited just to the tri-state area. Instead, we source our quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs from all over, meaning that we can give you a bigger, better selection to choose from. At any one time, we have over 1,500 great used vehicles for you to choose from, all of which are ready to drive and can be delivered right to your home. Since our selection is so much bigger than other Columbus used car dealers, you have much more flexibility to customize the exact car you’re looking for. We know that making a choice to buy a new car is a big decision, so feel free to be picky with what you buy!

Unlike many Columbus used car dealers, our selection of used cars is quite impressive. What’s even more impressive is the high quality of each and every car that we sell. Our Patented Nationwide Search software lets us scour over 200,000 used vehicles on an ongoing basis until we find only the best cars. The technology automatically filters out any vehicles that don’t meet our high standards. This means our cars are guaranteed to have never been in a fire, flood, hail, be a lemon, salvage, junk, or rebuilt. We use CARFAX Guaranteed Clean Vehicle History Certificates to certify that each vehicle we sell is in great condition. If the car’s been in a bad accident or had previous title problems, then it doesn’t make the cut. In fact, less than 1% of all used cars pass our extremely stringent requirements.

Since our customers have the freedom to be choosy, they can take advantage of our Search Experts who will work tirelessly to find them the exact car to match their requirements. Our team will comb through our unique database and show you only the ones that are good fits, which means no more wasting your time looking at cars that don’t match your budget or have more miles than you require. Before we qualify a used car for our customers, it has to pass a stringent 172-point inspection. That’s no joke. Once we find you the perfect car, we’re so confident that it will be a great car for you that each and every one of our vehicles comes with a Free Lifetime Warranty. You read that correctly, it’s free! This warranty will give you peace of mind knowing it’s guaranteed to be in excellent shape when it’s delivered to your home. How many Columbus used car dealers can say that?!

Low Prices and Guaranteed Financing

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One of the first concerns for anyone stepping into (metaphorically or otherwise) a Columbus used car dealer is the price of the vehicles for sale. At, we have a low price guarantee that our customers have come to trust and rely on. When you buy from us, you’ll be getting the absolute lowest price on your used car, truck, or SUV guaranteed. Our team works around the clock to make sure you can afford the car you buy, otherwise, we won’t try to sell it to you. Car buying shouldn’t be stressful and taking the issue of having to negotiate to a fair price out of the equation will make your used car buying experience just that much better!

Getting a great used car at a great price is a high priority, but making sure you qualify for the vehicle financing you need is just as high up that list. Since we sell so many cars, we have high-volume relationships with all the top banks and lenders. That means that we have great financing options for people with all kinds of credit. At Online.Cars, we have a guaranteed approval program that will get you into the new ride you deserve!

At Online.Cars, we don’t stand for traps or gimmicks. When you begin your used car buying search with us, you can rest assured that we have No Obligation Shopping. There is absolutely no up-front cost or any hidden fees to be wary of and we only ask for a refundable deposit to secure your vehicle and bring it to Columbus once our team has found it for you. If the car doesn’t meet your expectations once you check it out, we’ll refund your deposit so that you can be on your way worry-free!


Online.Cars - Modern Used Car Shopping

When you shop for your next used car, truck, or SUV on Online.Cars, you’ll open up your used car search to an entire nationwide inventory selection. This gives you the freedom to be more selective in your choice of car to purchase, which seems like a no-brainer to us. If you’re going to make a major purchase you should be able to get exactly what you want after all! Discover why Columbus used car dealers are getting left in the dust and let us start a search for the perfect used car at a great price just for you!

Technology is changing virtually every industry, use it to your advantage when you shop on Online.Cars for your next used car! Browse our online inventory or contact us to get started today.

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