How to Buy a Car Online

As it gets easier and easier to find everything you're searching for online from the comfort of your home, it just makes sense to be able to find your next car there as well. Whether you're excited to begin your first online car buying journey or a little unsure of what to expect, we are ready to help you with everything you need to know about how to buy a car online. You see, makes it simple to find what you're looking for, whether it's a dependable sedan or an off-road warrior, complete the proper paperwork, and have it delivered right to you. It really is as easy as 1-2-3, and with our dedicated Vehicle Solution Specialists at your service, you'll have no problem getting the right car for the absolute best price, all without having to spend hours in a dealership haggling over prices and wasting an entire day. If you're ready to take your car buying experience to the next level, is ready to get started, so let's begin with a few of the basics.

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Your First Step: Decide What You Want

Some shoppers know exactly what they want; however, some need help with finding the right car for them. That's where our team comes in to help you locate exactly what you need, combined with the features that will make your drive better. The process is quite simple to get started. Once you connect with us online or even over the phone, your Vehicle Solution Specialist will be assigned to help you find the perfect car.

It's nice to have someone who can help you throughout the process, answering all of your questions along the way. With our team helping you bring your next car home, it leaves you feeling more confident that you've not only chosen the right car for your needs and budget, but you designed the payment plan that fits perfectly into your finances. Getting set up with one of our professionals is the first step to ensuring you're going to find the vehicle that suits your needs, so let's move on to the fun part...selecting your ideal vehicle.

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Search for Your Vehicle

The best part about is the fact that you're able to customize your search to really find exactly what you need during your travels. From being able to search for your dream car or one that fits your budget perfectly, anything is possible with our Patented Nationwide Search tool. Search from over 200,000 used vehicles across the country, sifting out the vehicles that won't work for you, making this the easiest and most fun car buying experience ever. Talk about having a ton of options. You literally have hundreds of thousands of cars to choose from, which is why more and more shoppers are turning to to help them find the car they've always wanted.

Together with your dedicated Vehicle Solution Specialist, you'll be able to find the vehicle that will make every aspect of your daily routine better in every possible way. You're not limited by dealership hours or a packed schedule. When you choose to shop for your car with, you're able to do so on your own time, without having to sacrifice your downtime to go car shopping. And with an inventory that is updated daily, your options are unbelievable. Whether you find your dream car locally or across the country, it's no problem getting it to you in a matter of days because at, we believe everyone should be able to get their absolute perfect vehicle.

Another great aspect of buying with us is the fact that you're searching for top-of-the-line models in impeccable condition. Through our Patented Search technology, we only offer you vehicles that are in superior condition, so you're not disappointed with your purchase when you see it in person. And rest assured that all vehicles come with vehicle history reports, so you know exactly what you're getting.

The Paperwork

So, how do you go through the whole process without filling out countless pieces of documentation for hours? We've simplified that too. Get approved for financing by filling out our convenient pre-approval form, calculate your payments with our online tool, and even get a value for your trade, all without stepping foot on a dealership's lot. And don't forget, your helpful Vehicle Solution Specialist will be there every step of the way, helping you fill out the correct paperwork and move along in the process. Once your vehicle is delivered, there will be a few forms to fill out, including legal and financial documents, to complete the process.

As you can see, makes the process extremely straight-forward, so there's no guesswork, no games, and no gray area. We believe that buying a car should be as easy as buying anything online, bringing convenience and enjoyment back to the process. For too long, shoppers have dreaded the car buying process, knowing that they were about to spend hours upon hours filling out form after form, hoping to get a good deal on a car and haggling for a better price. makes this experience as easy as ever, especially when it comes to the paperwork, much of which you'll be able to do on your own time.

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When the day arrives to have your car delivered, you'll be ecstatic rather than exhausted with the whole process, like many typically are at traditional dealerships. Once all parts of the deal are finalized, you can typically expect delivery of your vehicle within 24-48 hours, and when it comes to what to expect for a delivery fee, you'll be even more excited to know that there isn't one! We provide free delivery to customers within a 150-mile radius of our headquarters in Loveland, making it even more effortless to get the car you want without the hassle.

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your delivery. Have your car delivered right to your driveway or in the office parking lot, and you can even pick it up at our amazing facility. Stay for a quick tour of our facility and meet the team. We'll even give you a gift card for dinner to celebrate your purchase when you stop in to pick up your vehicle.

This all sounds unbelievably wonderful, but what if you're not in love with the vehicle you choose? The great thing about the entire process is that you're able to return it within ten days or within 1,000 miles, and won't hesitate to pick it up for free. 39.2988039, -84.307019.