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Whether you want a truck for work or play, purchasing online from Indianapolis used truck dealers like is the way to go. Not only will you get a great deal, but you will also get a high-quality pre-owned pickup that will serve your needs for years to come. You could even pass it down to the next generation once they get old enough to drive. No matter which brand you prefer, all trucks have one thing in common. They are incredibly useful.

However, the downside of purchasing a new truck is that it can be extremely expensive. You will save a lot of money by investing in a used truck from our online dealership. You’ll save a lot of time too since our representatives will deliver the vehicle right to your door. No hassle, no fuss, and no stress. You can get started on the process right now on our website.

A blue 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and a brown 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD are parked on a grassy hill facing each other.

The Benefits of Truck Ownership for Indianapolis Drivers

Trucks have been at the heart of American families and workers since their initial creation. Practical, versatile, and customizable, a good pickup is capable of doing a lot of things for you. Trucks have been becoming increasingly popular and important to Americans as their need for vehicles that can keep up with every facet of their life if becoming more and more prevalent. Americans don’t just need a vehicle, they need a car that can commute, store cargo, and fit the whole family, and a truck can do all of those things. The benefits of owning a used truck are almost endless, but we will try to outline the most important ones.

Most mid-size and full-size trucks come in multiple body styles. While the specific names of the cabin styles may vary depending on the automaker, the configuration is very similar across the board. Generally, there are two- and four-door options. A regular cab is a two-door model with front seating only that will fit two or three people maximum. This style of truck is perfect for drivers who want a commuter vehicle and don't have to worry about transporting passengers a lot. You'll love cruising down the roads of Indianapolis in these practical trucks.

Next, there is an extended cab. This model is also a two-door style, but the front seats fold forward to allow access to the rear seating. You can generally squeeze four or five people into these trucks. Finally, the third cab style is often referred to as a double cab. This four-door model offers seating for five or six people, and it’s an excellent choice for families and construction crews.

So, if you are a family in Indianapolis, you are going to want to consider a truck as your next vehicle. At this point, you may be wondering why families don’t just look at used SUVs for sale. Well, the answer is quite simple. An SUV does not have the capabilities of a pickup. While SUVs do offer covered cargo space in the back, the area is limited due to the enclosed body style of the vehicle. On the other hand, trucks offer a bed that’s only real limitation is the maximum payload weight it can hold.

You can fit a lot more into the back of a truck than you can in an SUV. Like the cab styles, bed lengths usually vary depending on the brand. However, there are general rules that they all follow. Typically, a standard bed is about 6 to 6.4-ft long, and it is most commonly equipped on regular and extended cabs. The short bed style is usually 5-ft long and equipped to double cabs. Sometimes there is also a long bed option, which measures about 8-ft. These are most commonly found attached to regular cabs.

Another benefit to choosing a used truck is the performance. Used trucks can be fitted with a wide range of powertrains. Generally, you will find V6 and V8 engines of varying sizes and outputs, but you may also be able to find the occasional 4-cylinder motor under the hood of mid-size used truck models. It just depends on the brand’s lineup for that particular production year.

With powerful engines comes even more powerful performance. The maximum towing capacity of a used truck will vary, but it’s usually somewhere around 7,000 pounds. Heavy-duty models can handle more weight. Some might even be able to tow upwards of 13,000 pounds. You can even get higher numbers if you scout around for more recent used models. So, if you need to tow and haul a lot of stuff for work, a truck is what you'll need.

Finally, used trucks can often go where no other vehicles dare to venture. This is because trucks usually have a higher ground clearance to travel over rough terrain. So, if you need to travel to a construction site for work or take an alternate route to your destination, you should consider a truck. So, when you are done with your hard work, you can easily adventure around Indianapolis or further beyond with your truck.

An orange 2019 Ford Ranger and a blue 2019 Ford F-150 are parked on a dirt road facing away from each other. is the Best Place to Find a Used Truck

Indianapolis drivers can trust our experts here at We offer the best selection of pre-owned trucks in the area, and our prices simply can’t be beaten. Plus, we can help you find the exact truck you are looking for, even if it isn't on our website yet, with our nationwide search feature.

When it comes to buying a truck, most shoppers already know what they want, and our experts are excited to help you find exactly the truck you need! Using our nationwide search tool, we can find specific models right down to the year and trim. With so many truck configurations available, it can seem overwhelming to try to find the one you want all by yourself.

That’s where we come in. Our search technology will scour the country looking for an exact match. We cross-examine any hits to ensure that only the best of the best make it through. You won’t have to worry about buying a lemon or being duped. We’ve got your back throughout the entire process.

Once you have found the perfect used truck, our experts will set up a date and time to have it delivered to you. Deliveries are usually completed within 48 hours, which means that you will be behind the wheel of your new-to-you truck as soon as possible. Plus, delivery is free for anyone within a 150-mile radius of our Loveland Headquarters!

We also have a 3-day / 300-mile return policy that will allow you to send the truck back if you aren’t completely satisfied. Keep in mind that your used truck from will come with a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. Just remember to get your oil changed every 6,000-miles to keep your vehicle running strong, and we will handle any mechanical issues that may arise.

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Our Brands

As an Indianapolis used truck dealer, we carry a wide range of brands. From American to foreign, you can find all types of pre-owned trucks at Some of the most popular are Chevrolet, Ford, and Ram. You can easily find a used Chevy Silverado 1500, Ford F-150, or Ram 1500 at any time throughout the year. Heavy-duty versions of these pickups are also popular.

Mid-size models like the Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger are also available to find on our website, and if there is a model you want but don't see, let us know, and we will find it for you. As for other truck brands you will see on our website, look for options from Toyota, Nissan, and even Honda.

Plus, we have more than just truck models if you want something a little different. Find models from brands like Audi, Cadillac, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and so much more. If there is a car brand that you favor, our website probably has it. 39.2988039, -84.307019.