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Some of us are old enough to remember the early days of e-commerce when the internet was primarily used to auction off potato chips that looked like Abe Lincoln. Things sure have changed, with everything from college degrees to your weekly groceries available at the click of a button, but there have been some holdouts. Consumers are historically wary about purchasing certain big-ticket items from online retailers, but a new generation of car buyers are driving online sales, causing dealerships to rethink their more local approach and make a play for a slice of this web-based business. At, your Louisville online car dealership, we're all-in on the future, streamlining the car-buying process while staying true to the winning formula that's served us so well throughout our years in the business.

We offer all the selection, expertise, and reliability of a traditional dealership while embracing some exciting new technology that allows us to better serve our customers. Our web-based platform allows us to offer our services to customers throughout the country, but we still retain that personal touch that our customers have come to appreciate. Whether you're shopping new or used, coast-to-coast, is here for you.

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What Kind of Cars Can Be Found Online?

Online car sales themself are nothing new - eBay motors had already sold 2 million vehicles through its website by 2006 - but there's still no substitute for an online dealership with the backing of an established brick-and-mortar retailer. It's an exciting time to be in the online car business; with 80 percent of car shoppers saying they'd consider an online purchase compared to just 50 percent a few years before, we know we're onto something good here at Many online car shoppers are younger and generally more tech-savvy, but as we make progress in addressing the concerns of those more familiar with the more traditional dealership experience, we think online car sales are poised to explode across all generations.

Traditionally, the online car market has skewed towards the used sector simply because used sales overshadow new car sales by a four-to-one margin, but there's another good reason for the lopsided representation. Most states have actually enacted regulations to prevent auto manufacturers from selling directly to the consumer. This is ultimately good for the individual car buyer, preventing major auto brands from undercutting dealerships, stifling competition, and ultimately raising prices once they're eliminated, but it can seem like a bit of an anachronism in our increasingly wired world. We offer the best of both worlds at with the convenience and speed of an online retailer combined with the expertise, reputation, and dependability of an established dealership.

At, you can find nearly any vehicle your heart desires: classic or cutting-edge, luxury or economy car. There's no limit to the selection we offer. With proprietary databases, web-based chat clients, instant credit approval tools, and innovative delivery methods, we've made it easier than ever to complete a vast majority of the car-buying process from the comfort of your own home.

Pro Tips for Online Car Shopping

There are a number of things you can do to make your online car search a little easier. The team here at is always here to chat about any questions you might have, but if you prefer to get started on your own, research and prep work are an essential part of ending up with a vehicle you're happy with. There is no shortage of websites and publications out there dedicated to giving in-depth, unbiased vehicle reviews, so read up a little and, most importantly, keep an open mind.

You might have your heart set on a certain model, but make sure you're also being receptive to competing vehicles that might offer a better price, amenities, or performance. We like to remind our customers that oftentimes the class leaders are successful for a reason, so there's usually little harm in going with one of the most well-known models. On the other hand, there are some under-the-radar favorites out there that might have never occurred to you, and we'd be more than happy to share some of our sleeper favorites.

We also recommended researching similar vehicles on the market, which can be a powerful negotiating tool once you're ready to make a purchase. Here are a couple of tips when it comes to researching prices. Remember to look for the sale price rather than the monthly payments, as it better reflects what you will actually pay for the vehicle. While online sales are typically a little smoother and quicker than in-person transactions, there's always room for negotiation, so be prepared with a list of recent sales of the exact make and model you're looking for. Comparing the price offered at an online or traditional dealership against some recent sales will give you a good idea if we're all in the same ballpark when it comes to cost.

Speaking of cost, it's important to set a budget right from the outset. While this isn't new advice, we suggest buyers factor in the additional cost of insurance and interest on the loan along with their monthly payment. Some cars also have significantly higher maintenance costs, so make sure you budget in a little extra if you're looking at something in that realm. Once you've got a number in mind, it's time to find some financing. Our finance team at is here to help you get a good rate. We're not in the business of saying no and will work with our buyers to find a payment solution that works for them.

We also now offer a convenient in-browser chat application, allowing you to speak directly with a staff member. This can be a very valuable tool in the car-buying process, as it gives you the opportunity to pick our brains without any awkwardness or sense of commitment around making a purchase. A test drive is still as important as ever, though it can be a little tricky to pull off in the case of distant dealerships. makes it easy with our three-day/300-mile guarantee, but not all online dealers are so accommodating.

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We Bust the Online Car Buying Obstacles

At, we've perfected the online car-buying process. We've done our research, heard what our customers did and didn't like about buying a car online, and created an entirely new system from the ground up. There are four major complaints with the web-based car-buying process, and we've addressed each and every one here at Let's break those down one by one and show you how we've covered our bases to give our customers the best online shopping experience possible.

1. Not Being Able to Test Before Purchase

We get it! We wouldn't buy a car we couldn't test out either. That's why at, we offer a three-day/300-mile money-back guarantee on all the vehicles we sell. We want you to be certain you've made the right choice, so forget that rushed 20-min test drive that most dealerships give you. You can't even tell if you like a new pair of shoes after 20 min, much less a car that you might be depending on for the next decade. With our three-day/300-mile policy, drivers can really get a feel for their new vehicle, putting it through its paces with the specific routes and type of driving you prefer. If you decide it's not for you, after all, we're just one call away, offering a full money-back guarantee and immediately going back to work to find you some more great options.

2. Shipping Costs

We not only have this one covered, we've sort of reinvented the whole game. At, we believe that car buying isn't a chore; it's a celebration. That's why we want to make the day your new vehicle arrives one you'll remember for years to come. With our traveling glass showroom, your new vehicle arrives in style in a clear glass box hauled on the back of one of our trucks directly to your home or office. Providing a new vehicle and an Instagram-worthy moment to boot, the traveling glass showroom is just one way we try to make the car buying process a little more magical. And the best part? It's free if you live within a 150-mile radius of our location.

Rather pick up your vehicle in person at our dealership in Loveland, Ohio? That doesn't mean you're not entitled to a little celebration of your own. Upon completion of the sale, every customer who shops in-store will receive a $150 gift card to Montgomery Inn Rib House, a national award-winning barbecue restaurant located just a couple miles down the road. If there's a better way to celebrate a new vehicle than by digging into a plate of Montgomery Inn's original world-famous pork loin back ribs, we don't know about it.

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3. Maintenance

We're here for the entire lifespan of your vehicle, from the day you drive it off the lot until it's time to trade-in. We want to see that vehicle roll back onto the lot one day so that we can help you find your next dream car; that's why we offer a lifetime mechanical warranty at no extra charge. Just get your oil changed every 6,000 miles at one of trusted service partners nationwide, and we'll cover you against major mechanical failure for life, with no limits on miles of years. Our M Bucks program helps to defray any maintenance costs you might incur, with a free $100 M Bucks credit to start you off that can be used at Tire Discounter's occasions across the country. Earn an additional $250 M Bucks for every referral you make that ends in a sale, and before you know it, you'll have that maintenance bill covered until the odometer rolls over to the next 100k.

4. Full Vehicle History and Photos

You never know exactly what you're getting when you shop online, except when you do. At, we've worked hard to take that notorious uncertainty out of the online buying process. Every vehicle we sell comes with a CARFAX Clean Vehicle History Guarantee, ensuring there are no nasty surprises in store down the road. Too often, major accidents, salvage history, odometer fraud, airbag deployment, and electrical issues caused by flood damage go undetected by buyer and dealership alike, but with the CARFAX Clean Vehicle History Guarantee, we never let those types of vehicles on our lot. We're so rigorous that only 1 out of every 700 vehicles we inspect meets our exacting standards, giving our customers something more valuable than anything they'll find on our lot: peace of mind.

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