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Finding a Budget-Friendly Used Vehicle is Easier than You Might Think

The prospect of owning a brand new car is intoxicating as well as exhilarating; you can almost smell that new car as you sit at your laptop contemplating whether you should get a sedan, truck, or SUV. We get it, everything about owning a new car is great, but you had better think this through before making a hasty decision. You see, after you have signed all of the papers, called the insurance company, and hung an air freshener on the rearview mirror, now is when reality sets in, and it comes in the form of several years of a hefty car payment. Instead, consider searching for high-quality Louisville used cars. Buying a used car from Online.cars is a convenient way to get a reliable vehicle that won't leave you making car payments for the better part of a decade.

A gray 2019 Chevy Cruze sedan and a red hatchback are parked in front of a Louisville used car dealer.

Finding a Budget-Friendly Car

Even if you have the funds to dole out on a new car, it still makes financial sense to check out the used car market. Buying a reliable and comfortable car is important, but it is also important to pay your rent, buy groceries, and save for the future. All of this is easier when you buy a budget-friendly used car. Finding such a vehicle isn't as difficult as you might think, especially if you read our tips.

When shopping for a used car online, there are a few things to look for. For example, you might spot a vehicle that looks to suit your needs, but it has a lot of miles on it, and that causes you to hesitate. Well, check to see what kind of miles the car has because it might be highway miles. Highway miles are better because city driving requires frequent starting and stopping, which means the engine is always working hard without a break. In addition, city roads are often in worse condition than highway roads and therefore a lot easier on the car.

How do you go about determining if a used car has a lot of highway miles? The best way is simply to compare the mileage to the age of the vehicle - if it racked up 10,000 miles or more a year, the odds are most of those were highway miles. It is also a good idea to look for a car that had one owner. Single-owner cars, particularly older ones, were more likely to have seen regular maintenance. If you look through vehicle history reports, you can get a great deal on a budget-friendly used car that was treated with kid's gloves.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't be overly concerned about the paint color and leather seats when you are looking for a deal. Sure, it can be nice to buy a used car that just happens to have a cool paint color, heated seats, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, but those are all things you really don't need. If anything, they are all features that you may have to fix after buying the car. A base model car is a deal when it is new, just as it is a better deal when it goes up for sale used. Remember, you are looking for a clean, reliable used car, not a cool car full of amenities you don't really need. For example, a base Hyundai Accent with roll-down windows, a simple AM/FM stereo, and no cruise control is a great buy because Hyundais are reliable cars and a base Accent is certainly budget-friendly.

Two teens are about to get into a red 2018 Chevy Equinox.

Finding Cars for Teen Drivers

As a parent, you want the first car you buy for your teenager to be safe, reliable, and affordable. You will also want a vehicle with a good safety record, and that has plenty of safety features as teenagers are the nation's riskiest drivers. There are several used cars on the market that will meet your stringent criteria, here are just a few.

The Honda Accord is a popular car and has earned quite the reputation for its reliability, driving dynamics, and safety. The Accord is offered as a sedan, but you can also find two-door coupes, which might be more appealing to an image-conscious teenager. Either way, the Accord boasts a roomy interior, Honda quality, and solid fuel efficiency, which any cash-strapped teen will appreciate.

The Ford Escape is another good choice when shopping for vehicles for a teenager. The Escape offers good looks, sporty appeal, and decent fuel economy. Ford packed a four-cylinder under the hood with an automatic transmission, making it easy and affordable to drive. Front-wheel drive is standard, but you can find used Escapes with all-wheel drive for staying safe in bad weather. All in all, the Escape is a great choice for a teenager honing their driving skills.

A family is walking away from a gray 2020 Chevy Bolt EV in a garage.

Used Vehicles for Families

Some people think buying a used car for the family is a difficult task, but we'll let you in on a little secret: when you know what you are looking for, buying a family car is quite easy, fun even. Here are a few choices for those in the market for an ideal family ride.

The Ford Fusion is a good choice as a family car for several reasons. For starters, the Fusion is a versatile car that wears many hats. The Fusion offers luxury, great gas mileage, and you don't feel like you are driving a family car. The Fusion fits five, so you can take the kids with you when running errands, and the truck offers plenty of cargo space.

The Kia Sorento is an excellent choice for families who enjoy weekend adventures. The affordable Kia is a sporty SUV that can seat up to seven, is fuel-efficient, and offers plenty of cargo space. Should you find one in a higher trim, you can enjoy a more powerful engine with a little more zip.

The Subaru Outback has evolved from something akin to a station wagon to a spacious and reliable SUV alternative designed for families. Subaru is well-known for manufacturing dependable and reliable vehicles that can hold their own in all weather conditions, and this holds especially true with the Outback. Like all Subaru models, the Outback comes standard with all-wheel drive, so winter driving is a lot safer.

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