Used Ford F-150

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  • Overview

    White Used Ford F-150

    In Columbus — or anywhere in the nation, really — the Ford F-Series enjoys a heralded place as one of the kings of the truck world. Ford’s 12th generation of F-150 vehicles (2009-2014) held up the company’s legacy and promise of robust engineering, strong performance, and alpha top-dog looks.
    Finding a used Ford F-150 from the 12th generation is like uncovering a gold nugget in a stream. Not only do you know that it’s going to get you where you want to go, but you’ll pay less due to its pre-owned and pre-loved status.

    Want a truck that you’ll be happy to show off in your driveway? Need superior towing capability in a good-looking truck capable of off-road showmanship? A used Ford F-150 is a great starting point, and your search begins now.

    The Ford F-Series of vehicles hasn’t just stood the test of time — it’s created a timeline standard that other truck manufacturers can’t help but admire.

    The F-Series’ humble beginnings started in the late 1940s with its first generation of trucks. Looking at the initial stylings of the inaugural “Bonus-Built,” you’ll see some classic Ford characteristics: the sturdy chassis, careful aesthetic placement, and obvious ruggedness.Fast forward to the 21st century, and you’ll find the 12th generation of Ford F-150s, the great-great-great (many times over!) children of the “Bonus-Built.”

    Used Ford F-150s from 2009-2014 show an obvious evolution from their heritage. At the same time, they continue to offer sparks of technology, newness, and exciting add-ons for owners. All the while, they remain a go-to staple of American and global truck lovers in need of a drive that’s tough-as-nails while retaining a sense of handsome charm.

  • 2009

    Red 2009 Used Ford F-150 on the mountains

    The Ford F-150’s first model of its 12th generation came on the heels of a worldwide economic downturn. Yet that didn’t keep the manufacturer from enticing buyers with serious step-ups in capabilities for the 2009 Ford F-150.

    Headlining some of the attributes of this year’s model include a re-created chassis that mimics its predecessors but offers new styling inside and out. Its towing capacity has increased by roughly 33 percent from 8,500 to 11,300 pounds. Tow what you like — its trailer brake controller keeps sway to a minimum even when you’re towing seriously big trailers. Plus, it rides like a smooth dream — and not a standard full-sized truck that shudders and spits at high speeds.

    Not surprisingly, the Ford F-150 2009 has a variety of more than a dozen trim levels. This means your used Ford F-150 could sport a number of attributes that didn’t originally come standard, but add some icing on this cake for a savvy pre-owned truck buyer.

  • 2010

    Black 2010 Used Ford F-150 in the mountains

    Think that a truck can’t promise improved fuel economy? The Ford F-150 2010 breaks the mold and defies logic by enhancing its ability to take small sips — rather than big gulps — of gasoline. At the same time, if you’re craving a diesel engine, you’ll have to look at a different Ford truck model: The F-150 from 2010 only offers a gasoline engine.

    Similar to the 2009 F-150, this full-sized truck delivers smooth sedan-like driving even at higher speeds. Accelerate with confidence and never feel the odd shudders or tremors that so many trucks experience.

    New offerings for the 2010 Ford F-150 include a standard programmable key (MyKey) on all models except the XL. Platinum and King Ranch F-150 trims pamper second-row passengers with heated seats, and give drivers a defrost-ready sliding rear window.

  • 2011

    Red 2011 Used Ford F-150 on muddy terrain

    At this point, the Ford F-150 entered the middle of its 12th generation of trucks and made it clear that the manufacturer was ready to break barriers without losing ground. That’s why Ford announced four new engines and a new six-speed auto transmission to leave the competition in the dust. The company pumped its chest that the powertrain overhaul was its most daring. Driving any used Ford F-150 2011 proves this to be true.

    Like the 2010 Ford F-150, the 2011 model keeps its fuel efficiency high without losing the Ford tenacity. And the makers still found time to add luxurious elements to the variety of trims, keeping it fun for owners to design their preferred rides.

    This era of Ford F-150 began to enter the technological phase, offering an LCD message center as part of its features. Additionally, 2011 Ford F-150s promise improved rear cameras and power-assist steering.

  • 2012

    Black 2012 Used Ford F-150 driving on the road in the mountains

    Improvements highlight the Ford F-150 2012, which has retained the powerful new engines it received in the upgraded 2011 model. Some of the latest features owners of Ford F-150s from 2012 can expect to include Hill Start Assist, a nice way to improve the performance on steeper terrain.

    Like all 12th generation F-150 models, the 2012 offers plenty of trims and packages. Choose a used F-150 with an FX Luxury package, and you get front driver and passenger seats that not only keep you toasty but can cool you down. Find a pre-owned F-150 with an FX Appearance option? You’ll see black leather and red-piping seats and black accents on the wheels.

    Most truck critics have agreed that the Ford F-150 2012 is about as perfect a truck as Ford has delivered, with the exception of its boxy (and therefore not aesthetically pleasing to everyone) silhouette.

  • 2013

    White 2013 Used Ford F-150 in a parking lot during the summer

    By 2013, Ford had the right to claim itself as the leader in truck sales for more than three decades. Is it any surprise, then, that the Ford F-150 2013 models continue to wow drivers from Columbus to Colombia?

    Not a vehicle to be kept in the corner, the 2013 F-150 enjoys a bold presence and a lofty sense of luxuriousness mingled with strength. In addition to an updated grille, this F-150 gains HID headlights, rain-sensing wipers, and more as the package and trim levels increase. Seeking a 2013 F-150 with Hill Descent Control? You’ll want an SX4 or Raptor version.

  • 2014

    Silver 2014 Used Ford F-150 driving on a mountain highway

    Rounding out the 12th generation of Ford F-150s, the 2014 model aims to keep it real. Still, it hasn’t yet given in to the diesel engine desires of some drivers. Yet its gasoline engine performs just fine under all test-drive conditions, so is a diesel absolutely necessary? You can be the judge.

    The 2014 F-150 doesn’t hold back, but pushes its weight around — not to mention tows other weight like a champ. It’s big, so be sure your garage has enough room to accommodate this darling of the full-size truck world.

    Once again, the 2014 model, like the 2013 one, gains a different grille. It also boasts HID headlines, 17-inch wheels, and more depending upon the trims. Looking for blue leather to spruce up your interior? When seeking a used Ford F-150 2014, make sure to opt for a Limited trim and see what you can find.

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