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May 24th, 2017 by

Used cars for sale in the Ohio area are too many to number. How is a person to find not only the car they want, but the right price to suit their budget?

One could spend days on end scouring used car dealership lots, walking for what can seem like miles through a sea of vehicles. This is the traditional way to search and is, frankly, dated.

Also available is the option of waiting for the Sunday newspaper in the hopes that the marketing team at the used car dealers have dedicated their precious time, money and resources to creating, printing, and advertising local flyers listing the cars for sale, as well as the weekly and monthly specials available. The only problem here is that sometimes the car that jumps out at you, the one you have dreamed about, could have already been snatched up by another consumer who got the jump on you.

The Old Way to Shop for a Used Car

The long days of the used car buying process in the past are coming to an end.

The old way, required a consumer to request time off from work or school, all to spend the whole day wandering in the blistering sun or pouring rain, back and forth, on an enormous exhaust filled used car lot. Once an objectively nice looking used car was found, after sometimes hours of searching, finding out about the purhcase options was almost embarrassing.

You would have to put your hand over your forehead to shield out the sun or the rain depending on the day, and press your face tight to the glass of a vehicle which you have no idea who previously owned, and read a single sheet of paper with options listed up and down it, searching to see if the specific one that you require is on that sheet.

If you couldn’t find your desired options, it was back to pacing the used car blacktop. A process which had to be repeated over and over again until finally, catching a lucky glimpse of that mythical unicorn, (the model car with those certain options, color, and trim style specific to your needs.)

Why So Pushy?

After locating your dream vehicle, a salesperson had to be found, although this was usually the easy part, (most often they are like ants at a picnic).

You and the salesperson would then exchange an extremely short dialog of pleasantries. Sales associates seem to be all business and want to get right to the point, quickly. Usually, the conversation would go something like this.

“So I see you’re looking at the 2010 Chrysler Sebring convertible. Nice Choice. Have you ever thought about becoming the proud owner of a brand new F150? Okay, maybe not brand new, but it is gently used with just under 50,000 miles! Let me go and grab the keys for you and we will take a test drive. I won’t take no for an answer. What do you have to lose? It’s right over here!”

Notice how many things are wrong with that one sided dialog?

First of all, how do you get from a convertible to a full-size pickup truck? Secondly, is 50,000 miles gently used? Finally, you have your money, that’s what you have to lose!

Reality Check

Unfortunately, this scenario is not at all far-fetched. Circumstances like this used to happen all the time, and still do. People would go to a lot with a specific car in mind and be pushed into a much more expensive one that eventually puts them over their head, potentially causing late payments, budget mismanagement, and unfortunately even vehicle repossession. Many people fall for this act, or are just, “too nice” to say no and stand up for themselves. We want to put an end to this.

Enter online.Cars wants to put an end to the pushy salespeople, and bring joy back to the used car purchasing process. is a totally online shopping platform that has connected hundreds of people already to the used car that’s right for them – the consumer, not the salesperson. This has been done for all these customers without them even setting a foot in the door of a dealership unless they wanted to. online.Cars has so many different benefits that it is hard to fit them all in here. Features is totally online and it creates a shopping experience which is second to none. Consumers can easily locate any specific make, model, year, body style, and options with the click of a button from the convenience of their home, office, or even while on the go. Many of the inventoried cars, trucks, and SUVs are available for same day delivery.

A consumer based option, is available to help anybody find, shop, locate and purchase the used car they have been waiting for, all without the condescending dealership anywhere in sight.

No haggling. A smooth talking salesperson will no longer get you in a vehicle that you cannot afford or even want. Also, the price that you will receive on a vehicle through the used car platform, is the final and lowest price there is. You can’t low ball a car through because all of the cars are priced to sell at low costs already. Sorry, salespeople!

It is a money saver. has a minimal overhead. Almost no business expenses mean that all cars bought through the platform will be the lowest price around. No brick and mortar building means no utility, payments, mortgage costs, and miles long payrolls.

What Do You Have to Lose?

Using the slogan from aforementioned salespeople, trying the service is free, accurate, and fun to use. Simply fill out the online web form, dot all the i’s, cross all the t’s and a representative from will be in contact through email with vehicles that fit your specific needs. Give it a try! You may never go back to a used car lot in Ohio, or anywhere else ever again.