See Why Range Anxiety Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

January 20th, 2017 by

What is stopping you from purchasing an all-electric vehicle? Thanks to the creation of the Chevy Bolt, your hesitation can no longer be due to the traditionally higher cost of EV cars. The 2017 Bolt will end up costing you just shy of $30,000 after government tax incentives, which makes it the most affordable electric car on the market. Maybe your reluctance doesn’t stem from the financial aspect, but rather from the misconception that electric vehicles are only sold in certain states like California and Oregon. Again, this notion is nothing more than a misconception and is no longer true today.

With those two major electric-car doubts pushed out of the way, the only thing that might be keeping you from swapping out your gasoline-powered car with an electric vehicle is what we like to call – range anxiety. If the Volkswagen diesel scandal hasn’t entirely deterred you from gasoline engines, perhaps the fact that range anxiety is quickly disappearing will be enough to sway you over to the green side.


Saying Goodbye to Range Anxiety

Thanks to the new 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, range anxiety is already well on its way out the door. With an estimated range of 238 miles on a full charge – drivers don’t need to concern themselves with whether or not they can get to the office before their car powers down and leaves them stranded. For now, we will leave that to Nissan, Toyota, and Tesla.

As it turns out, the majority of people who are on the fence about switching over to an all-electric car are worried about range anxiety. Once a legitimate concern, the increase in EV production here in the United States has all but solved this perceived problem. MIT recently released a study that challenges consumer assumptions regarding electric cars and found that the average daily driving habits of Americans are very much in line with electric-car capabilities. Researchers at MIT concluded their study by finding that nearly 90 percent of trips made in gasoline cars could be handled by today’s electric cars. It also revealed that out of those average trips, drivers would not be required to stop and recharge during the day. The findings aren’t just for densely populated urban cities but also translate into more sprawling areas that require more mileage between destinations. According to the researchers at MIT who conducted this study, the ultimate conclusion is that range anxiety is “overblown” and not at all in line with the actual reality of today’s electric cars.


How to Calm Range Anxiety Concerns

Despite the findings at MIT, regarding range anxiety, the fact that drivers are still concerned with this potential issue is still today’s reality. With the widespread availability of affordable long-range electric cars, comes an increased level of technology that will help subdue the concerns of EV drivers. Take a look at how our world is changing in order to better accommodate all-electric car owners in the United States.

  • Public Charging Stations: In the past, and perhaps even now, depending on where you live, public charging stations for electric cars are sparse. The fear of running low on a charge while out and about and not being able to locate a charging station is very real for some drivers. Drivers of traditional gasoline-powered cars don’t live in fear of running out of gas because fuel pumps are on every corner. As electric vehicles increase in popularity, more charging stations will pop up across the country. Rather than worry about whether you will be able to charge your car while shopping for groceries, you will be able to easily locate charging stations wherever you end up going.
  • Portable EV Charging Stations: For EV drivers who are especially concerned with running out of charge prior to making it back home for the night, portable EV charging stations are now available. Many different companies offer this quick and easy solution to end range-anxiety, and you can even snag one on Amazon Prime for free shipping. The cost of these portable charging stations are on the higher end, but when compared with the cost of fuel for traditional cars, the price pales in comparison. As always, be sure to confirm with your car’s manufacturer whether or not an aftermarket portable charger is safe to use, and won’t void a new vehicle warranty.
  • Need to Charge? There’s an App for That: It shouldn’t be surprising that technology companies are jumping at the opportunity to cash in on your need to find a conveniently located charging station for your EV. There are numerous smartphone applications available that can help direct drivers to the nearest EV charging station, and provide increased peace of mind while on the road, and when traveling in less familiar territory. The three most popular smartphone apps for finding charging stations for your all-electric car, are PlugShare, Open Charge Map, and Green Charge. Most of these apps don’t cost any money and deliver confidence that would still be well worth a small investment if they did.
  • Increased EVs On the Road: The surest way to help mitigate concerns over range anxiety is to increase the amount of all-electric cars on the road. As first generation EV models begin to make their way to the used car market, buyers who were unable to afford a new EV will have the opportunity to drive one. As more all-electric vehicles are introduced in cities across the United States, an increased number of charging stations will naturally follow.


Don’t Let Range Anxiety Take Over

If you have always wanted to own a capable and fuel-saving electric car, go for it. Don’t let range anxiety and the fear of running out of gas rule your life and dictate your car shopping decisions. All-electric vehicles are on the rise, and the only way for you to benefit from the increase in affordable long-range options is to dive in head first and purchase an EV of your very own.

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