The Best Used Cars for Indianapolis Uber Drivers

November 8th, 2019 by

A man is driving one of the best used cars for an Uber driver with a woman in the back.

Although you can use a brand new car for Uber or other ridesharing services, it can be very difficult to make ends meet with those kinds of payments. A used car is typically your best choice for driving for Uber, but it is very important to pick the right one. There are a lot of options for used cars in Indianapolis, and not only do you need to make sure you pick one that meets Uber’s requirements, but you also need one that you can be successful in. There are a lot of issues to weigh and consider, and we’ll take a look at them to see how it all shakes out.

For one thing, you want to consider the price of any used car you want for Uber, because this will directly cut into your profits as a driver. Fuel economy or gas mileage is similarly a big concern and has the same impact on the money you make. Reliability is important as well, because a vehicle that can stay on the road with minimal maintenance is your best bet – and it needs to be able to handle the stress of Uber driving. Finally, you need to make sure your passengers are comfortable. Otherwise, they will give you a bad rating, which can seriously affect your profits.

So, with all of that in mind, here are some of the best used cars in Indianapolis, IN, for an Uber driver. We’ve scored them from 1 to 5 for how well they do in each category.

Nissan Rogue

A blue 2016 Nissan Rogue is driving past blurred trees.

Price: 3

In terms of price, the Nissan Rogue is quite reasonable considering its large size, but it can’t quite compete with some of the sedans out there.

Fuel Economy: 2

Although the Rogue gets excellent gas mileage in general, for an Uber driver, the fact that it’s not a hybrid means it’s not quite good enough.

Reliability: 3

Nissans are well known for reliability, and because you will probably choose a relatively new used car, you should be in good shape.

Passenger Comfort: 5

This is where the Rogue truly shines due to its large size. While not big enough to qualify for UberXL, your passengers will love the leg room.

Overall: 3.25

This is a pretty average vehicle among the very best used cars for UberX – so while the score might not be amazing, it is still better than many other options.

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

A grey 2018 Toyota Camry is driving on a city street.

Price: 3

The price of any Toyota Camry Hybrid you find will depend on the year you are looking at, and newer models can be on the high end of what you’re looking for.

Fuel Economy: 4

As a hybrid, this Camry is a great option for a used car in Indianapolis for Uber driving, but efficiency will also depend on its age.

Reliability: 4

Toyotas are well known for their reliability and being able to handle a lot of use, which is why they are a favorite among Uber drivers.

Passenger Comfort: 3

The interior is pretty spacious and quite comfortable, but often considered boring. Your passengers will be comfortable, but not necessarily impressed.

Overall: 3.5

In terms of cost to you, this is a great option due to its great gas mileage, but up-front costs will depend on the model you find.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

A white 2017 Ford Fusion is parked on a city street.

Price: 4

These vehicles can be very price-friendly, particularly if you go back a few years, though newer models will obviously cost more.

Fuel Economy: 4

As a hybrid, the fuel economy of the Fusion is excellent and makes it a great used car for Indianapolis Uber drivers.

Reliability: 3

Ford vehicles are pretty reliable but typically score a bit lower than Toyota models for overall reliability. This car can take some abuse, but nothing too severe.

Passenger Comfort: 4

The leg room and trunk space of the Fusion are excellent, so your passengers will be quite comfortable, and it is somewhat less common among Uber drivers than Toyota models, which can help impress.

Overall: 3.75

Overall, this is an excellent option for a used car in Indianapolis to use as an Uber driver, especially if you want something that can stand out among the sea of Toyotas.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

A red 2017 Toyota Prius is driving in the city at night.

Price: 4

These vehicles can be incredibly well-priced when used, though you might have to shop around a bit because they are in high demand.

Fuel Economy: 5

The Prius hybrids and plug-in models are some of the most fuel-efficient cars on the road, so you save a lot of money here in the long-run.

Reliability: 5

Prius models and other Toyotas are very reliable, which is part of why they are a favorite among Uber drivers in Indianapolis.

Passenger Comfort: 4

The Prius is comfortable enough, if not particularly amazing. One potential negative here is just how common these vehicles are among Uber drivers, so you certainly won’t stand out with it.

Overall: 4.5

This is the most popular car among Uber drivers for a reason: it does everything really well. The only downside at this point, however, is that level of popularity.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

A white 2016 Hyundai Sonata, popular among used cars in Indianapolis, IN, is parked on a city street.

Price: 5

This is one of the best-priced used cars in Indianapolis, particularly for Uber drivers. And because it is not as sought-after as the Prius, you can find it more easily.

Fuel Economy: 5

Its fuel economy is right up there with Prius models, especially when looking at used options, so you save a lot of money at the gas pump.

Reliability: 4

Although not quite on the same level as models from Toyota, the Sonata is incredibly close and will probably treat you just as well as a Prius.

Passenger Comfort: 5

The Sonata Hybrid has excellent leg room and comfort features for your passengers, plus it will stand out compared to so many Toyota models out there. That means you will make a good impression, which should lead to a high rating.

Overall: 4.75

This is just about the perfect used car in Indianapolis for an Uber driver, especially if you find yourself sharing the road with a lot of Toyotas and want to stand out.

Final Considerations

As you are shopping for used cars in Indianapolis to use as an Uber driver, just keep in mind the requirements that Uber has for vehicles used with their service. Your vehicle cannot be more than 15 years old to drive for Uber in Indianapolis, and you are better off looking for something no more than 10 years old. If you stick even closer, say within the last five years, then you will find better comfort and safety features. Your passengers might not say anything about it, but they will definitely appreciate comfort and amenities, as well as anything that keeps them safe.

Although these vehicles will all qualify for UberX, you will need to look at bigger models, such as SUVs and mini-vans, to drive for UberXL. Other services like Uber Select have stricter requirements, such as models being no more than 10 years old and having more luxurious interiors with leather or vegan leather seating. Ultimately, what you want is a used vehicle that you can get for a low price up-front, with great gas mileage to keep costs down over time, and that will keep your passengers happy. Find that, and you’re in business.

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