This Holiday Season, Buy Yourself a New Car – You Deserve it!

December 23rd, 2016 by

While you’ve likely already gone broke buying holiday gifts, and probably even incurred a few injuries from the crazy people storming top retailers, I’m sure the last thing you want to read is some random desk-jockey on the internet telling you to go out and buy a car. First of all, I resent whatever derogatory term of choice infuriatingly exploded in your head when you read the words “buy a car.”

Just trust me because this pencil-pusher is on to something. What’s the hardest time for dealerships to sell their goods? The holiday season in general, but from the almighty Turkey Day until the end of New Year’s Day is especially difficult. Why is it difficult? Because, everyone is buying everything but a car this time of year. Plus, it’s cold. No one wants to go look at cars in the cold. Not to mention, dealerships are panicking because they need to meet annual sales goals.

See where he-who-is-sewed-to-a-chair is going with this?

You Need a Car, Annual Sales Goals Need to Be Met

You need or want to buy a car this holiday season, and annual sales goals need to be met by dealerships. It’s like a match that was made in Heaven, Nirvana, e-Harmony, or whatever other nice place pops to mind.

The stars have aligned, and it’s time to get serious about car buying. December tends to deliver the best discounts of the year. Yeah, you read that right. Buyers can often receive an average of 7.7% off the MSRP of a new vehicle this month, as opposed to 6.8% in January. That equates to more than $300 in savings, just for deciding to shop in December when the prices of cars drop. Those stats are according to, by the way. Just in case you think this office-peasant is lying to you.

Why the discount on MSRP? Like the title says, man, dealerships and automotive manufacturers are scrambling to meet their annual sales goals. To do that, many of them are offering rich incentives. Not to mention, the prices get slashed as next year’s models start to enter the lot.

*In my best Morpheus from the Matrix meme impression* But, what if I told you there was a way to save even more money on a car this holiday season?


Go On a Cold, Snowy Day. Haggle Your Way to Victory

Yes, it sounds like you’re a wolf pouncing on a cute bunny. But it’s true! If you go on a day where there is snow blowing all over the place, it’s 1-degree F, and the car dealers are all inside longingly gazing out into the blizzard, you will get a better deal if you bring your haggling game. Even if you aren’t good at haggling, December is the time to do it. These dealers want to move cars, especially new cars, off their lots this time of year. So, make sure you take advantage of that.

Start at the invoice price and haggle your way up towards the sticker price. Don’t start at the sticker price and haggle down. The dealership is more likely to scoff if you start high and go low, rather than start low and try to go high. Even though “high” to you is still most likely middle-ground between the invoice price and sticker price. Ultimately, it ends up being a good deal for you. See what I’m saying?

So, yes! Buy yourself a car this holiday season. After all, you really do deserve it.