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Are you preparing to purchase a Chevy vehicle? Well, that’s a great decision. However, we’d warn against pursuing that vehicle from a traditional dealership. After all, these businesses don’t offer many incentives for opting for their cars. Furthermore, there are seemingly better buying options out there.

For instance, takes the buying process to a whole new level thanks to their convenience, vast inventory, and monetary incentives. While you may be apprehensive about purchasing a vehicle that you’ve never laid an eye on, the various benefits are undeniable. Plus, it makes the entire ordeal a lot easier to tolerate!

If you’re in the market for a Chevy, see how these two options compare. Once you’ve determined the obvious winner in the battle between a Chevy dealership vs., you’ll understand why you’ll want to opt for the unconventional route…




When purchasing a car, customers will ultimately be most focused on the impending financial obligation. However, you’re presumably also seeking a convenient, stress-free buying experience. That definitely isn’t possible when it comes to a traditional Chevy dealership, but provides a number of useful services that will improve the entire endeavor.

If you’ve even purchased a vehicle, then you’re presumably familiar with how tedious the buying process can actually be. However, if you ignore the dealership in favor of, you’ll quickly find that this entire endeavor is made a whole lot easier and convenient. That’s because the car-seller allows the customer to complete the majority of the purchase from the comfort of their own house, letting them avoid the hours-long journey to the traditional dealership.

Of course, also provides their customers with an array of additional convenience factors that will positively influence the buying process. For starters, the seller doesn’t expect you to fully commit to a vehicle you’ve never driven. If you realize that the vehicle isn’t an ideal fit before hitting three days or 150 miles on the road, then you can return the car with zero hassle. This way, you won’t be forced to tolerate the financial burden of a vehicle you’re not a fan of.

Furthermore, the “dealership” also accompanies each of their vehicles with a free lifetime mechanical warranty. It can always be scary purchasing a used a car, and you’ll presumably be even more apprehensive when you’ve never even seen the vehicle in person. Fortunately, provides their customers with some protections, as they can rely on this warranty for any sudden maintenance or repairs. The seller also includes a CARFAX vehicle history report with each of their cars, so you should be able to anticipate any potential issues.

Chevy Dealership

As we mentioned, it’s quite the hassle having to visit a dealership and initiate the car-buying process. While most businesses allow customers to slightly prepare for the experience by viewing their available inventory online, there’s still no way to prevent the stress and aggravation that accompanies the entire ordeal. It can take hours viewing all of your targets in person, and a salesperson will surely slow down negotiations in an attempt to secure the best possible deal.

Furthermore, sales are often final at these traditional Chevy dealerships. Therefore, after you’ve made your purchase, you might find that the vehicle actually isn’t a proper fit. While will allow you to easily swap the car for another, a traditional Chevy dealership will presumably say that you’re stuck with the car.




You’re going to be investing some money into your impending car purchase, so you’ll presumably want to buy your picture-perfect vehicle. That might not be possible at a traditional dealership, as you’re limited to the inventory on their lot. However, thanks to’ ability to pull from a nation-wide database, the customer will have significantly more options.

At a traditional dealership, a customer with be limited to the vehicles that are currently sitting on the car lot. However, with, customers will have access to vehicles from around the country. The business’s ability to rely on a nationwide database of applicable vehicles will significantly increase your number of options.

Plus, makes it incredibly easy to zero in on a desired vehicle. When submitting the initial form, customers can require a number of different attributes, including year, mileage marker, price, make, model, trim, color, and transmission. It’s unlikely that a vehicle containing all of your desired features will be sitting on a traditional car lot. However, by opting for a vehicle from’ vast database, there will be a significantly greater chance that you land on your picture-perfect ride.

Chevy Dealership

As we mentioned, can pull vehicles from a nationwide database, meaning a customer’s options are essentially endless. While some traditional Chevy dealerships have the ability to guide you to a vehicle from another business, it’s more likely that you’ll be limited to the specific seller’s inventory. Therefore, if you were looking for a specific feature or capability, there’s a chance that the ideal vehicle isn’t available. As a result, you’ll have to settle for an alternative, which can be a bummer when you’re making such a hefty financial investment.


Financial Incentives


At the end of the day, customers will be most focused on their impending financial investment. Fortunately, provides a number of monetary incentives for opting for their services. These deals will surely save a customer a chunk of money, and these offerings usually aren’t available at traditional Chevy dealerships.

You might already be inclined to pursue your new vehicle via because of the convenience and options. However, you’ll be even more enticed when you start to learn of the business’s monetary benefits. For starters, there shouldn’t be any second thoughts about whether you secured the best possible deal. After all, promises that their prices with be $500 lower than competitors’ prices, essentially guaranteeing that you’re opting for the best possible deal. Furthermore, despite the fact that might find a matching vehicle in another state, you won’t be charged any fee to have the car delivered directly to your house. This isn’t even an advantage that traditional dealerships provide, and they’re often located in the same town as their customers.

Finally, is still a logical option if you’re struggling with a poor credit score. The seller is willing to help you finance any purchase, an opportunity that few traditional dealerships will provide. Plus, assuming you can make the impending payments on time, you’ll find that this opportunity is a great way of boosting your lackluster credit standing.

Chevy Dealership

The financial benefits that are offered by traditional dealerships can truly be found anywhere, meaning the “exclusive” deal really isn’t that unique. Sure, a Chevy dealership may be willing to attach some type of warranty to their vehicle, and perhaps they’re willing to match a rival dealership’s offer. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a traditional dealership that will ship a vehicle for free, and it’s unlikely that these “traditional” financial benefits will play that much of a role in reducing the price of the targeted ride.

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