Exploring Columbus

August 9th, 2019 by
The skyline of Columbus, OH is shown. An auto loan with bad credit in Columbus are an options for some drivers.

I remember reading in a travel blog that part of what makes Columbus charming is its affordability. The implication of the piece was that, with a span of more than 200 square miles, there were options for every resident and visitor, regardless of their budget. And while such things may not rank among everyone’s top…

Need a Vehicle with Bad Credit? – Columbus, OH

July 19th, 2019 by
A white 2018 Chevy Tahoe is shown parked on a patch of pavement with leafless trees in the background, auto loans with bad credit, Columbus, OH, you could be approved for this.

US cities are growing at a very rapid rate. Most of them are expanding outward, meaning getting around these cities is becoming more and more difficult. It is to the point that if you live in one of these cities, you need a vehicle of your own. That can be problematic for some that have…

How to Get the Best Auto Loan – Columbus, OH

July 12th, 2019 by
Auto loan application, auto loans with bad credit in Columbus, Ohio

Buying a car can be a thrilling experience. The feeling of getting behind the wheel of the car of your choosing is exhilarating, especially when the driving experience is everything you hoped it would be. Although the process of buying a car can be abruptly undercut by the discussion of finances. Even when the price is…

Looking For Ways to Finance a Vehicle with Bad Credit?

October 12th, 2018 by
A young couple leans out the window of their new car

Join the club. Millions of Americans are in the same situation as you, and it’s a difficult one for sure. It can undoubtedly be exhausting to deal with lenders who consistently tell you “no,” due to the fact that you have had some bumps in your credit history. For you, it feels like a hopeless…

Don’t Ignore Your Credit Score

February 9th, 2018 by
Auto Loan with Bad Credit Columbus

It may come as a shock to some, but according to VantageScore, more than 65 million Americans have credit scores below 601. In other words, more than one-fifth of all Americans have what would be considered bad credit. And what’s more shocking, in 2010 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that another 26 million Americans…

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